Psychic Success Story: A Dream Wedding

A Dream Wedding

A Little Misunderstanding Almost Ruined a Relationship

We want to love and be loved. Our minds, bodies and spirits sing of love. It’s a simple joy that leads to faith and trust as it grows between two people. But love is a process of enduring change. I have been a psychic for over 30 years. I could tell you many stories, but this one in particular sticks out in my mind.

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Planning a Wedding

A young lady called me seeking advice. She was in her mid-30s and very much in love. In fact, she was about to get married. She and her fiance were looking at wedding ceremony locations, but he had embarrassed her in public and now her feelings were hurt. She wasn’t sure if she should go through with the wedding planning and get married, or leave him.

Money vs. Romance

As she listened, I told her that men and women think differently. I told her that when it comes to love, men don’t always think with a romantic mind. And when it comes to planning a wedding, most men focus on the cost above anything else.

Her Dream Wedding

She had picked out her dream wedding package and she was so excited to tell me all about it. Her fiance liked that package too, but then he found other wedding packages and showed her one that was cheaper. In fact, he announced to her (and to everyone in the room) that the package he picked was cheaper and she felt embarrassed. It was completely innocent, but she was still hurt and she ran out of the room. He chased her, but she pushed him away and now she was afraid that they were going to break up.

Be a Team

I told her that if she was going to get married, she needed to learn to work through issues, rather than run away from them. I told her if she wanted the relationship to last, she should work to make the relationship balanced. One person doesn’t have to be right and the other person doesn’t have to be wrong. The goal is to be on the same team. I also told her that her fiance would talk to her again.

A Huge Misunderstanding

Sure enough I got another phone call, but this time it was from the fiance! He had gotten my number from the bride-to-be. He wanted to know what he could do to fix things between them. He explained that he wasn’t trying to pick another wedding package. He was just letting her know that they had options. After all, they were just shopping around. It was a huge misunderstanding. I told him to go back to the wedding location, pick the package they were both initially excited about, and present it to the bride-to-be. A few days later, they both called me and shared that they had booked their dream wedding. I blessed their journey together.

A Valentine’s Day Wedding

They called me once again to share that they got married on Valentine’s Day. I got all the details of their grand affair. They realized that it was better to hold on to each other and continue their journey together than to let a misunderstanding lead them to a breakup.

Patience Required

Relationships require patience. It’s wise not to jump to conclusions. I love when couples call me because they both benefit from my insight and I can give them advice directly. If you and your partner are struggling, call me for a reading.

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Success Story: A Dream Wedding

  1. Jean

    I had a reading in July 2014, and he is a gifted psychic, but so far nothing happened he told me. I’m also
    a gifted psyche but can’t read myself.
    I had to move twice and living with a woman that was my best client…but I hope to go to Hawaii and start a
    healing place..saw in the sky years ago..
    I been told I win th e lottery but nothing so far..
    It can be discouraging..also lost my manuscript so have to get it back on the computer..
    My cat teeth needs cleaning and it’s very expensive..
    I need more money do to my purpose.

    Thank you, Jean and Angel my cat…


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