Psychic Isabella: The Poisoned Relationship Remedy

Shifting Your Perspective to See the Truth

Sometimes, we’re not the best judge of characters, especially when we’re deeply in love with someone. We tend to overlook their imperfections and love them entirely. However, love can truly be blind. When you start excusing their behavior more than supporting them and you don’t see you’re doing it, you’ve gone blind to the truth. Over time, these excuses and issues become like little bits of poison that you ingest. Small doses aren’t deadly. It’s when we continue to take the poison that our spirit becomes sick.

Psychic Isabella ext. 9402 has lots of insights where poisoned relationships are concerned. By using the Tarot, Isabella can dive into the energies of the relationship and see what’s going on. Typically, if she sees lots of cards with swords, she knows to dig even deeper. These cards tend to tell her that there are some negative energies in the relationship and possibly cheating.

However, seeing it is one thing and breaking the news to the caller is something completely different. When someone isn’t seeing the truth Isabella is seeing, she responds with, “You’re obviously an Egyptian, because you’re bathing in denial.” The shadowy hand of doubt slowly shifts during the call and then they begin to see their relationship in a different view. This is the beginning of the caller’s paradigm shift.

Have you ever seen someone in one way and after learning some information, you see them completely differently? That’s the shift. It can take an instant to see, but it may take a lot longer to get to that point. Until you’re ready to see, you won’t see it. You’ve all heard that before. And that’s where Isabella steps in. She can help you get rid of the poison in your system and take off the blinders to see the truth. She is brutally honest!

Here are few remedies she recommends for ridding yourself of that poison:

1. Time is a most precious commodity. See where your partner is spending their time (with you, in front of the TV, away from you).

2. Actions always speak louder than words. As Isabella says, “People lie like rugs all the time. Even if they don’t say ‘I love you’, but will clear the snow off your car, have coffee in the morning and fix your car… but does he love me? Yes, his actions show you.”

3. Write it down. Write what you feel about that person, the good, bad, and the ugly. Put it all down. This helps you to see what your mind is thinking about. You can take a more direct look at it and see patterns.

4. Fill the emptiness. Once the poison is gone, fill the hole with something positive! Whether it’s an affirmation, mantra or loads of good feelings. Fill in the hole!

One of her callers told her that she was still in love with the poisonous man. Isabella saw a better relationship waiting. But it wouldn’t happen until the caller let go of the current poison she was drinking. She ran in circles for awhile giving excuses, and Isabella told continuing in this relationship was like, “…putting gasoline in marinara.” The caller laughed herself silly and finally got it.

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