Psychic Fiona: How to be Real and Find Love

Are you struggling to find love? Maybe you are doing the wrong things to find that special someone.

He Isn’t Looking for a Beauty Queen

Every year that passes where you haven’t met your soulmate has probably got you wondering. Perhaps you scrutinize yourself in the mirror, thinking you could be thinner, taller, blonder, and more feminine. You could like sports more, or hunting, or follow the stock market—whatever it takes to get a man to love you. Well, all those things you could be aren’t who you really are or who you’re necessarily meant to be. Psychic Fiona ext. 5178 says you’re going about it all wrong, because all men want is a woman who is real. She says, “You don’t have to be beautiful to be loved or perfect to be loved. A man is looking for someone who is real. A man wants a woman with a good heart.” And it doesn’t matter that your heart doesn’t come in the body of a tanned Victoria’s Secret model with fake breasts larger than her IQ. Are you struggling with being yourself and are always trying to be someone else. Let one of the many psychics at California psychics help you right now.

So what about all those men who seem to want those perfect-looking women? Fiona says, “Most of the men who want that have self-esteem issues and they need to talk to me!” It makes sense, right? To men with low self-esteem, a beautiful woman symbolizes success to them, as well as to other men. He must be successful and worthy if he has this beautiful (and most likely much younger) woman on his arm. She is his prize for doing so well in this world. Well, did you ever wonder what happens when her beauty fades, or when he loses his money? Men who marry women for looks deserve women who marry them for money. And once her looks fade, he moves on to someone younger and prettier and once he loses his money, she’s out the door. You never want someone to love you just for the way you look, because old age always wins. Having a good heart and being real are your best bets for finding true, lasting love. How close are you to finding your true and lasting love? Fiona knows, and she can help you get there with a detailed, one-on-one reading.

So how can women be more real? Fiona offers this advice: “Show them your feminine side, and it isn’t a clinging vine. Be strong and tell your opinions—he won’t perish. Men want a soft place to land, but they don’t want a pushover. So stand up, but don’t be too hard. Men want someone they can let their hair down and relax with. They also don’t mind being babied a little.” She also offers: “Some women are meant to be in a traditional life while others are meant for the boardroom.” You need to know which one you are, and live authentically as that woman. Don’t pretend to be one or the other just to please a man. Fiona adds: “If a woman has to resort to changing who she is (being inauthentic) for a man, then it isn’t love. Love cannot be artificially induced. It has to flow from the heart. Most of what happens in a relationship is invisible and everything converts to energy.” If you live as your authentic self, the energy you create is real. If you work hard at being someone you’re not, for the sake of someone else, the energy you create is false, and you are living a lie. Are you living a lie? It’s not the best way to start a romantic relationship. So before the next one comes along, get more tips on living authentically from Fiona.

Fiona wants you to “Know that you are enough, just as you are.” Whatever flaws you think you have, they’re not unique. You share some of the same flaws with the most successful, most beautiful women, and their love lives aren’t necessarily better than yours. And any man you meet will have flaws of his own, so why should you attempt to be “perfect” for someone who isn’t perfect themselves?

People can tell how you feel about yourself. It’s no secret. If you don’t love yourself and if you dwell on your flaws, those feelings will come out in the way you carry yourself and in the way you treat yourself, and in how you let others treat you. So stop it. Need more guidance? Fiona has been a reader for 45 years, and she loves helping people when it comes to matters of the heart. She is waiting to help you learn to be true to yourself and find love.

11 thoughts on “Psychic Fiona: How to be Real and Find Love

  1. Cheryl Klein

    I have been married for 20 years and I can tell you my husband still loves me and looks at me the same way since we met. Love should never make you insecure if you are with the right person. My husband tells me I am beautiful almost everyday.

  2. mags

    love is to please someone ,make the other person happy and to feel that you do a great job to be loved back…that is how love feels….

  3. maggie

    fiona is right on again fiona thats the truth we have to be ourselves . because eventually the real you will come out wont it .. thanks again fiona you make sense totally thanks


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