Psychic Colette: Get Empowered in Your Relationship

Taking Back the Power in Your Relationship

Colette ext. 5035 was born with the ability to channel information from angels and guides. Colette receives information that will help eliminate obstacles that keep you from fulfilling your potential. Using her clairaudient, clairsentient and empathic gifts, she can tap into your soul path while providing clarity and relief from confusion and pain. As a medium, she can also connect you to loved ones on the other side. A reading with Colette offers a deeper understanding of your role in this world and will awaken your sense of hope for the future.

We sat down to talk with Colette, and she shared some great client success stories with us!

“One person was in a three-year relationship where she was in a standstill. The person she was in the relationship with had all the power and control. The woman I was working with was suffering from extreme issues of trust being projected out into relationship. The more she pushed or clung, the further away they wanted to be. At the same time the person she was in the relationship with is one of her soul mates. That person also has issues of trust, forever working out a perpetuation of trust and abandonment issues. That’s a lot of pain. I asked her if she wanted healing on the issue coming up, which was a couple of past life occurrences in which she was severely abandoned, which was traumatizing because she was a young girl. She was excited to get healing on that, an abandonment issue causing her to feel she would always be abandoned in this life. I was able to help her release all that old karma, she was ready to let go of those issues.

“So we started working together, just pulling at the clogged-up heart chakra and other chakras, and there were a few tangled energetic cords of pain, emotional blockages. Through the course of releasing those blocks and providing healing, she was able to start to feel free of that path, becoming very clear of who she is now and what she really wants now, empowered to ask for what she needs and wants. In the meantime, the person she was dealing with, when I connected to his aura by permission, that person was still in a certain place, a certain speed of growth; he was just growing a little bit slower in comparison, just his own pace, making his own choices. His own choice at that time was that he was only able to give so much. Not a mistake, just a choice. It gave the person I was working with the freedom to say ‘I’m willing to wait X amount of time or go on and manifest what she really wants at this point in time.’

“Through working through this, she could then decide ‘I want this now’ instead of just waiting. It’s about being empowered, not making the other person wrong. Asking for what you need and then allowing yourself to receive it. We removed the contradiction, which was ‘I want this loving reciprocal relationship with a committed partner,’ but what she was receiving and attracting was a relationship in which she would be abandoned because of her karmic belief before healing, which was ‘I will always be abandoned.’ After healing, it was ‘I can attract a beautiful soul-loving relationship with someone who loves me as much as I love them,’ and was able to make that choice. Sometimes healing can be a matter of simply empowering someone to make free choices instead of being forced by a unconscious belief system. Instead of feeling traumatized or heartbroken, she felt empowered and strong and very peaceful about making a decision that was better for her. It was about healing herself from old trauma so she could walk freely.

“Another success was with someone who was waiting for someone caught in another relationship, which was quite abusive, and through guidance and healing for both of them, that person was able to leave the relationship and realize that they were in love with the person I was working with. It was an amazing process of empowerment and clarity. The person trying to leave the relationship was trying to play out the victim role, able to let that go, and see what love really looks like instead of being in the relationship out of addiction or abuse. This took several weeks, because it’s a slow process—the process of letting old belief systems get lifted, clarifying communication, and lending the strength to one partner to be in their own space without pushing so hard. It’s the fear we were able to remove that causes a person to grasp and feel desperate, which causes the other person to walk away. They’re able to stand in their own space, and communication becomes very clear after that.”

If she could help people in the world realize one thing, what would it be?

“I would wish for them to realize that they have their own god self within, that they are fully empowered and completely free. They are perfect within themselves.”

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