Psychic Answers: Marriage Past Lives

Getting in touch with past lives can offer a vital perspective on current relationships, in some cases past spousal contact leads directly to a soul mate in this life. This is why we recently asked our Psychics to delve into the question of Marriage and Past Lives. Are you ready to discover your own fascinating past-love? Find out now.

According to Psychic Nevaeh ext. 5203 her past soul mate was “a soldier in the war in France in the late 1800’s. He was 20 and I was 19. His name was Jean du Mouchel. He was a Pisces, tall and had dark hair. “Our home was invaded by troops and my husband was taken prisoner. It took 20 years before we were reunited. I now look at photos of France and see exactly where I lived and which river I crossed to flee from the soldiers at the time,” Nevaeh recounted.

Nevaeh even gained a soulmate in this life thanks to help from a past life lover, the French soldier she knew as Jean, who led her to her current love, Ron.”I had been married for 20 years and just divorced, explained Nevaeh. I was on the computer working for the show America’s Most Wanted doing research. Alarm bells went off, because a psychic had told me I would find my past life husband Jean while researching ‘Adam, John Walsh’s little boy who died.’ And she told me Adam would help me ‘find Jean in the trees.’ This did not make much sense at the time. But not long after this, while online looking up John Walsh’s son Adam, my computer froze. I rebooted and I saw a strange screen name: La Selvaman. Then I realized La Selvaman means Jungle man in Spanish, and I remembered my pet name for Jean was “Jungle man.” I immediately wrote to La Selvaman. He answered me back in 3 days. His name was Ron. Long story short, Ron and I have been together for 8 years now.”

Examining how many similar past lives and marriages you have had can also help you see what’s coming in the future of your current relationship, not to mention great loves you can look forward to in future lives.

To the point, Psychic Leo ext. 5265 offered some interesting “karmic” insights into the question of being married to one person in one lifetime, and repeating the relationship again in this or another lifetime. He says that when a past marriage doesn’t work out, couples are given another chance in a new life. On a soul level, marriages in this lifetime can fulfill unrequited past soul needs and different life lessons. By the same token, when both people have learned what they needed to learn on a soul level overall for many lifetimes they finally can be at peace and just enjoy each other’s connection in this lifetime.

Past lives are about achieving a “higher understand of and a deeper connection with a spouse — that’s what it is all about, says Psychic Jacqueline ext. 9472.

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