Psychic Anasela: The Golden Rule

Psychic Anasela Shares Her Wisdom

Anasela ext. 5154 has been reading professionally for 38 years, with the belief that she inherited her gifts to help others. She is easy to talk to, hypersensitive, clairaudient and reads Tarot cards. A psychic’s psychic, Anasela is often asked to read for other intuitives. She does her work with a deep sense of heartfelt truth and compassion. Anasela can speak Spanish fluently.

We recently had a chat with Anasela (while she was in the midst of sandbagging to prepare for an approaching hurricane!) and got some incredible insight.

How did you become a psychic?

“There was no actual preparation,” she explained. “I came from a heritage of mediums and psychics. I can remember when I was a child knowing things for no reason and as I got older I became more inclined to metaphysics. I taught myself the Tarot. I always had guides. The preparation itself came as natural as speaking and breathing. It wasn’t very fancy; it was just like having a conversation. When one says a child has a fake playmate or imaginary friend, it’s not that—that’s how they prepare at a young age.”

“Everybody has a gift, and when you’re a child, since you’re not entangled by do’s and don’ts, and your spirit is very raw, you’re in a sensitive,neutral state. It’s where the spiritual has an opportunity to come in and start preparing. As you get older, they determine how fast you evolve. It’s an ongoing process. I always had my guides. Guides or playmates, it’s the same thing (depending on age).”

“I became an RN and lived a normal life, but strangers would come to me, and as I started talking to them I would hear things and relay the messages, and at first it was a little startling because they would look at me like ‘how do you know?’ It took me a little bit of evolving and understanding to deal with that.”

She also passed on some incredible success stories.

“I have a client I’ve been working with who was wondering when her man would come back to her. I told her, relax, he’s going to call, he’s going to show up at your door. She would always reach out to him first, but I said the last time she called not to reach out to him. She was acting desperate. I said be patient—he’s going to show up at your door. She said she was through, she was crying, upset—then I go offline to charge my phone and later take my last call and it’s her, excited, screaming that he showed up at the door.”

“I asked if she talked to him, and she said no. I said, ‘You didn’t get the door because you don’t think you’re pretty enough,’ and she said that’s true, and she reached out to him and they’re going out again.”

Does she have any general advice for those hoping to reconnect with a partner?

“The first thing is, take a deep breath. Take your hands off it. Let the universe do the difficult stuff. You’re overwhelming this other essence. Just relax. You can’t have the same energy and expect a different result. One of you has to change. Being that you want this as bad as you do, you have to take your hands off it. If you call or text, and he doesn’t respond, don’t follow it up with 20. Do something else. Give him a chance to miss you. Less is best.”

Anasela adds that her philosophy of life can be summed up by the Golden Rule:

“It’s as old as breathing: Treat others as you would like them to treat you. It’s simple but complicated. We live in a very fast- paced, immediate society. No patience. Within that, we lose that commonality. It’s as simple as backtracking and treating someone else the way you’d want them to treat you. If one takes a minute to absorb that, there’s a lot of good in it. You can’t receive what you don’t have to give.”

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