Psychic Amelia’s Guidance on Extramarital Affairs

Get Psychic Guidance to Love Your Love Life

Psychic Amelia ext. 9772 receives information based on listening to the caller’s voice, and incorporates a wide knowledge of astrology in her readings. As one of her specialties is love and relationships, she can help her clients make better decisions in many aspects of their love life. Her unique insights in the area of extramarital affairs can help her callers navigate this challenging, emotionally-charged area. Check out the video clip below to learn how Amelia helps people understand the emotions and motives at play when dealing with affairs.

Psychic Amelia discusses some specific ways she can help you better understand and resolve your relationship questions when you’ve had an affair, or when the possibility of having an affair has entered your life. If you’re having doubts about your relationship Psychic Amelia ext. 9772 will give you the insights you need to resolve your relationship issues.

Will He or She Leave Their Spouse? What Are Their Motives?

“It always shows up in the cards. Using astrology, I quickly do a summation of how the planets are playing in the lives of the person. I can pick up in the voice, where their emotions are going and coming from and what is triggering the infatuation. Usually there are unresolved issues or unfulfillment with the person they’re presently married to. Maybe they’re not married for the right reasons, or they thought it was love. The only constant in life is change. Even today even more so, with technology, such as email, Facebook, etc., and with people being more true to themselves, it’s amazing that many couples stay together as long as they do.” Do you have unresolved issues in your relationship? Psychic Amelia ext. 9772 can help you work through them. 

Am I Making a Good Decision?

“The trick is to be honest and say, do I really love this person? What is love? We need to be true to ourselves and love ourselves. When you think about all the dynamics that occur in one person’s life, when two people stay together forever, it’s amazing. When you do find someone you can be together with, try to help each other along, step out of the husband and wife role and look at each other as people. When you get past little petty stuff, then you allow each other to be a real person.” Are you really in love with your partner? Psychic Amelia ext. 9772 can help you make better decisions about your love life. Call today!

If You Want to Leave

“Know that you are being honest with yourself and know that you are leaving for the right reasons. Use creative visualization and visualize the life you will have without that person. It depends on the particular situation, but be realistic that it’s not going to be a fairy tale. Ask yourself, ‘If my marriage isn’t working, what does that marriage consist of?’ The answer is that it consists of two people. If you say it’s a bad marriage, have you acknowledged both your role and your partner’s role in this, and tried to work through any difficulties together? It always shows up in the astrological chart—what’s hidden comes to light.” – Let Psychic Amelia’s gifts help guide you through your difficult time. Call Today!

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18 thoughts on “Psychic Amelia’s Guidance on Extramarital Affairs

  1. Chavie

    Hi I’ve been married for 3yrs and my husband has had an affair ever since. We have been separated twice the 1st time for 3months and again this time 6 months. My husband is living with the other women now and has mention getting a divorce. Till this day he has not filed. I’ve have excepted that he is not willing to change his dirty habits and I don’t want to pay for the divorce… Here in Texas what is your advise…

  2. Betty

    Ive almost gotten my lover caught at home by texting him late…ive said cruel things to him & even thought I was pregnant & he always forgave me although hes not in love with me…thats why im confused about his feelings for me.

  3. Betty

    Ive been having a 3 year affair with my also married 1st love. We reconnected after 20 years & I still love him but he says hes in love with his wife..not me. I dont know if hes lying when he says he doesnt love me because he has said he would never admit it. I broke his heart
    when we were 17. Could he be lying or does he love me?diedoes dies he have

  4. Jessica

    I have been in an affair with a married man for almost 2 years. We connected on a forum online and were attracted to each other almost immediately. I was married when we first met and really didnt have any intentions of anything happening in the beginning…I suppose I just needed the attention…I had been married for over 30 yrs and my husband was a difficult man to live with … My husband became ill with a rare disease and passed away …during this time I grew closer to this man and two months after my husband passed away we met and have been meeting once or twice a month for a week or a few days at a time. He ( the man I am having an affair with) has been unhappy in his marriage for quite sometime…he has had a couple of online affairs and was going to meet one woman and her husband caught her and called the man I am seeings wife. So, although he has (supposedly) not had another affair like ours he was online.. I do understand this as I did something similar and then I met him and was talking with him intimately before my husband died…although my husband knew we were friends on a forum and even talked to him a few times indirectly..(long story)
    We are planning to live together and he has a plan in place to leave very soon… Because of the things I said earlier I find myself not trusting him… I know this sounds ironic, but I am the other woman he is cheating with and I know how he can and does things and he lies so well.. I also knew he was on dating sites and such in the past…receiving all kinds of communications from women…and I have been with him on trips out of town where we stayed together as a couple and I watched him looking at other women… He says he is in love with me and has begged me to stay with him…. Will this work out? I have had other psychic readings and they have been extremely possitive that it will…I suppose I dont trust myself …but I’d like to hear what you have to say…

  5. TR

    I find that people that are in unhappy marriages tend to stay together for security reasons. Whether it be financial, for the children, lifestyle, etc. Love for one another, unfortunately may not be reason enough to want to work things out with your spouse/partner. So instinct tells you..”ok, instead of dealing with this, I am just going to find fulfillment with someone else.” It’s sad to say, but now a days people don’t value the sacrament of marriage anymore and don’t want to invest the time and work it takes to have a fullfilling and loving marriage. So before deciding to be unfaithful…you should first ask yourself why.

  6. leslie

    I love the man I am with and I am in love with him. The attraction is immense on both sides however I have my doubtful moments because he distances himself from my child. He recently moved out because of the outside interferences such as financial stress, his health issues, and legal stress. I want to know if we will work through this trying to take a break from the stress and see if our relationship will heal. We are trying to be considerate of each other’s feelings and thoughts. There is no affair on either side. Wandering if this will end or heal soon. It is hard to have feelings in limbo. I am aware that I do deserve to be loved by the right person. I am aware that the other person will complement me not complete me. I am aware that the other person should love my child as much as he loves me. I do want a family life and know blended families can be very successful as well. I am keeping myself busy and trying not to stay focused on my feelings for him. I am there for him and he knows I care but my mind is open because life’s constant is change. Just tired of breakups and trying to put myself out there in the dating world. Any advice would be great.

  7. barbara

    my husband of 33 years had an affair with a girl our daughters age ( 25 year age difference ) ….he turned into someone i do not know do not know if he will want to reconnect but Karma is great.
    You think you know a person and then they disappear and pretend you never existed

  8. Traci

    I am involved in a phone affair. After years of not having my emotional needs met by my husband I started talking to another man. I now question myself and if this was a smart thing to do as I have strong feelings for my phone/internet friend but over phone and internet you can be who ever you want. So is it real? Just the questions I ask myself daily. Think I need to make a call to Amelia!

  9. Alise

    This is complete B.S. It’s NOT about love.. at all!! Its about a selfish person who thinks that messing around on their spouse will make them happy. It might TEMPORARILY!! But let’s get real.. someone who screws around once is going to do it again.Its only a matter of time. This is a complete JOKE.. and it seems to justify messing arond when youre married . Stop trying to be physcic and look at how thing REALLY are.. WAKE UP!

  10. curtis

    As much as i appreciate the advice amelia,im affraid i only have the energy for one relationship at a time these days 🙂

  11. lily lightborne

    After 5 years of trying to heal my present partner’s emotional wounds (and mine as well-losing my beloved husband & sould mate after 28 blissful years together), I realize that my love is not that powerful (my ego trip, wanting to “win”).

    Now, we’re working through a way to redefine our relationship because we do have love for each other. Stay friends (always!), be roommates for awhile (may be crazy but I’m game, since neither one of us wants to be the one to move out of our great location).

    Thanks for the reassurance that love really is a guiding light.

  12. Sare'

    I’m wanting to know more about my future and how things will turn out. I love the guy that I’m in a relationship. He means everything to me and i’ve been here for him even when he needed me the most. His mom passed away a few months ago. I just want to know if we are going to be getting married and have kids within the next few years?

  13. chloeChloe ext. 9421


    So true! I think it’s great that you pointed out the deeper question that so many of our caller often have; whether or not, they are worthy of love?

    Sometimes we need to be reminded that all of us are worthy of love.

    And your so right “The whole world IS about love”

    Love & Light,

    ~Chloe (ext. 9421)

  14. jean

    If i give him attention and seduce him.Will he let me or push me away..i tryed to hug him and he showed no responce.he just stood there..

  15. jawed

    HI there,
    I am from Pakistan,married since Feb,2,1979.even though our relationship are very poor,having four adult kid,two son & two daughter,all are university graduate.Due to our social pressure I can not get separate,Now I have in mind to move some other country
    means just disappear.
    I am confides its a right move or not,I am 63 Yrs old retired man.Please send me good advice.Further,more my wife is a schizophrenic,three time had medical treatment but now
    no treatment in my mind.Hopeless.I have no love any more.


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