Painfully Shy Guy

Gajendra writes:

I am a very shy person and so far I haven’t even kissed a girl so far. Girls say to me that I am too innocent. I don’t have the guts and wits to approach a girl even. Although I crack jokes a lot and girls say to me that I am quite funny. Girls like my company but they say that you don’t know anything about sex and life. What do I do now?

Liam’s Response:

Greetings, Gajendra, and thank you for sharing your experiences with us. There is certainly no crime in being shy. And many a shy fellow, once he finds the right sort of lady, has become a master in the art of love. I feel you are a sensual sort of man, one who truly understands the nuances and subtle vibrations of the female even though you’re a bit short on practical experience. In other words, if given the right instruction, you’re a natural. You just don’t know it yet. Your barrier to the opposite sex is, ironically, an ardent respect for females and empowerment. Good on you, Gajendra! You revere the majesty of what women represent. This is not an aversion but a desperate fascination. That pretty girl in the lunchroom that you might have a crush on is akin to a sultry Goddess to you. And naturally your shyness kicks in. No matter, you’ve got massive raw material, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

Your biggest mistake is that you are associating with “good girls.” These women are pretty and also pretty average. They fancy themselves sophisticated creatures when in reality, they are anything but. They have no ability to spot a fine sexual opportunity. Nor would they know how to train you the way you need to be trained by a woman, by a Goddess.

They say that girls only like bad boys. But I would refine that a bit to say that good girls only like bad boys. What we so often forget to mention is that bad girls like good boys. And bad girls are the ones with the innate ability to spot hidden talent. They also prefer men who will work with them. Men willing to learn a woman’s body and take delight in a sweat-drenched education. They appreciate a man who is not ego inflated, one who is worshipful of female energy. Good girls can have their abusers and self absorbed man-children. A bad girl will take a sensitive male anytime, and be quite happy with her choice.

Naughty girls came in all forms so go forth, and hunt one down. You won’t have to hunt hard and you won’t have to worry about being shy. You just have to alter your own attitude about the matter. Start watching women and fix your attention on the ladies with more life experience, the more sexually expressive and sensually attired. Quit chasing those so-called “respectable” types altogether. Your shyness won’t be a barrier when a bad girl decides to pounce. She’ll find it utterly sexy that you’re nervous, and then she’ll ravish the nervousness right out of your system. It’s all about finding the person to compliment your own style. You’ll get there.

Good luck.


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