Do You Believe These 5 Myths About Men’s Sexuality?

Men’s Sexuality Myths

When it comes to men’s sexuality, there are a lot of myths. And chances are, you believe at least a few. Whether your belief is based on actual experience, or on something you’ve heard from a friend, there’s a good chance there’s little-to-no truth to it. Do you think men don’t want monogamous relationships? Do you think they need more sex than women? Do you think they reach their sexual peak at a young age? And do you think you know the average size of their “happy sticks”?

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It’s time we set things straight! Here’s the truth behind five common men’s sexuality myths.

Men’s Sexuality Myth #1: They Are Having More Sex Than Women

Most surveys suggest that men think about sex more than women. However, most surveys also suggest that single women are having more sex than single men. In fact, single women are more likely to have sex within any given year than the average bachelor. There is also evidence that men are more likely to lie while taking sex surveys.

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While a woman may have no problem admitting that sex is not an absolute priority in her life, a man may not feel like he has that same option. The truth is, most men assume everyone is having sex. But the actual data suggests it’s closer to 75% (25% of college-aged men could be virgins.), according to surveys conducted by the University of Alberta and Playboy magazine.

Men’s Sexuality Myth #2: They Don’t Value Monogamous Relationships

Before you point fingers at all the men cheating on their partners, know that there are a good number of women cheating on their partners too. And when it comes to surveys about cheating, the women who take them aren’t necessarily being truthful about the affairs they’ve had. And even more interesting is the opinion among some that women are better able to juggle multiple lovers, keep them a secret from their partners, and have less guilt after cheating.

Men’s Sexuality Myth #3: The Average “Happy Stick” is Six Inches 

When it comes to size, men lie. They lie about how many partners they’ve had, their height and the size of their “Happy Stick.” Sure, six inches seems like a good size—average even—but the truth is that six inches is actually above average. When surveyed, men claimed they rang in somewhere between 5.6 and 6.4 inches. But when they were actually measured, their results were significantly shorter. It turns out that average is somewhere between 4.7 and 5.1 inches. The national average is a lot shorter than most men (and many women) realize.

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Men’s Sexuality Myth #4: Men With Big Feet…

There is no scientific evidence that proves big feet mean a big “Happy Stick” (and a happier partner). However, there is a small amount of evidence that suggests a connection between finger length and “Happy Stick” length. I’m not saying you should be measuring his fingers instead of inquiring about his shoe size. It’s probably just better not to date someone based on what you think their size could be.

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Men’s Sexuality Myth #5: They Reach Their Sexual Peak at 18

Men hit peak testosterone levels at 18 years of age, while a woman’s estrogen level peaks in her mid-20s. But this data has no bearing on sexual peak. Some people claim they were having the best sex of their lives in their teens and early 20s, while other claim they’re having better sex in their 30s, 40s, 50s and older! So stop worrying about false data and don’t let it rule your sex life. And don’t think a man in his “golden years” can’t satisfy your sexual needs.

12 thoughts on “Do You Believe These 5 Myths About Men’s Sexuality?

  1. Linda

    both have to be truthful about the situation.if he or she not satifying you then tell them then try to fix,if it’s beyond repair then walk away,because this is a beautiful thing..making Love,it’s an ART.


    Yes, some are true (especially the happy stick) and some of false.
    Yes, more and more men and women cheat no matter what age. I have had my share,
    that’s why you can’t find any good men or women they have all been hurt in some
    way or another and don’t want to date anymore.
    For myself I am going to concentrate on myself and retire from dating. Its too draining.

  3. Chass Wiant

    I, truly enjoyed your article and survey. I’m not completely sure about the data from the woman’s point of view, but let me share, my thoughts on your comments about what you said about the men, as I am one and prefer dating them. First, on the myth of the ‘Happy Stick’, all I can say, from experience and an excellent Anatomy Professor, is that like most things in life, there is a natural balance and equilibrium to the world and it’s inhabitants. Just like a flower with a large bloom has a large stem, a large or bigger man, in proportion, is going to have a larger ‘Happy Stick’, as well as, larger feet, bigger hands, bigger ears and noses. All extremities are going to be in proportion to the size of the base(torso). That’s just plain physics, And second, common sense tells me, that if woman are admitting to having more sex, or cheating more. Then there are men out there, that are getting more sex and doing just as much, if not more cheating, unless these woman are cheating with other woman. As for Sexual Peak, I think it’s different for each individual. I know that I, hit mine, the first time, when I was about 12 with a 30+ woman. And again, at 16 with a 24 yr. old man, or was that, just fusion sex? And there is, no such thing as an average ‘Happy Stick’. Only average men. We must remember the truth that it’s not the size ,but the motion of the ocean. There are also, many other ways at stimulating your partner, where size does NOT matter. Find them and use them, to your advantage.

  4. Marc from the Uk

    I think this subject matter is great and correct, Eric is truly a wise man, and all he writes is with wisdom and experience. ;}

  5. Jaswinder

    I don’t think love stick or other thing more important than involvement of both partner . As normally ladies starts discharging too early, that makes movement loose and witty.

  6. Cobalt violet

    I love the line in Woody Allen’s film Annie Hall. Annie says to him “Sex without love is just an empty experience.” His response is “Yeah, but as empty experiences go, it’s one of the best!”

  7. john

    It’s the women that do all the lying with the myth’s. Always wanting facelift, tummy tuck, bigger boobs. All wasted cash. sincerely Dear john

  8. angel f

    could be true but every man and woman are different so I don’t really believe surveys most of the people taking surveys are not telling the whole truth


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