Mistakes Women Make Before a First Date

Are Your Guilty of Making These Mistakes Before a First Date?

A lot of women worry about the first date, but forget about all the blunders that can happen before they even step out the door. These are the five biggest mistakes women make before their first date. If you’re worried about making a mistake before you go out with them for the first time, get a love reading and find out how the date will go!

Texting 1-2-3

Texting 1-2-3 happens when you knock yourself out before you even have a chance to get in the ring. For example, you may delay your responses to his texts because you don’t want to seem desperate, but there is a difference between playing hard-to-get and being unavailable. If you wait too long to respond to his texts, he may lose interest. Another example is when some women make their life seem boring as a way of hinting to a guy that he needs to bring some excitement to it. They may say things like, “I’m tired” or “I have to go to this family thing, but I don’t want to.” If you say that, all you are really doing is looking for pity and making yourself seem boring. Guys are drawn to interesting women, so be interesting. Have interesting plans and friends and make your life exciting. Don’t expect a man to make it exciting for you.

Not Confirming Your Date

It’s common courtesy for a guy to confirm your date several hours before you’re supposed to meet up. If he doesn’t do this, don’t assume anything’s wrong or fly of the handle. Reach out to him to confirm the date. If there was nothing keeping him from confirming with you, that’s a red flag. It shows that he isn’t enthusiastic about getting together with you.

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Not Dressing  Appropriately

Guys like a woman who dresses sexy, but don’t wear stiletto heels to a corn maze or a mini skirt to go ice skating. Dressing sexy isn’t as important as acting sexy though. Charm him with your words, not your body. If you wear provocative clothing on a first date, you’re giving him the impression that he might get lucky later that night. And if that’s something you’re not interested in on a first date, you may want to tone down the wardrobe.

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Not Telling the Truth

This happens a lot, especially when people meet online. They’ll tell lies about their age, profession, relationship status and even their gender. The hope here is that when they meet the person they’ve been talking too, all will be forgiven. But you don’t need to lie and you shouldn’t. If a man isn’t mature enough to accept the real you, you don’t need to waste your time with him. And don’t get too excited about anyone you meet online. They could be lying to you.

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Not Bringing Money

One a first date, who is expected to pay? Some people believe that the person who does the asking for the date pays. Others believe that the man should always pay. Most men appreciate it when a woman offers to pay for her half though. And a lot of women prefer to pay their way. It makes them feel independent and it keeps men from feeling entitled to sex later. So bring money and if you offer to pay for your half, be sincere about it. Don’t slowly reach into your purse hoping your date will offer to cover everything. The cash you bring should also cover a taxi ride home if he picked you up in his car and the date’s not going well.

14 thoughts on “Mistakes Women Make Before a First Date

  1. Oni

    What is with women these days where they are paying on a date? I am 34yo and have never paid for anything on a date! Any man that would ask me to do so would not be someone i would deal with. But i do honestly state that before i even accept a date with a guy. If a guy is too cash stricken to buy the meal or drinks or whatever then he should not be dating!

    A guy is asking for me to give him the opportunity to get to know me that is how it works. If he is not that interested then why would a woman bother?

    As far as confirming an hour in advance, that is not needed. You both should be people of your word. I just think a quick call that he is on his way or whatever is just fine.

  2. Blackie

    Oh my goodness I’m a guy and I’m lost so why don’t you girls look for guys like me. I have no Idea why anyone would try mislead anyone. On my first date I could use a little guidance like the lady that says she is 60. I mean if you are looking for a partner or just someone to get to know who you can trust and maybe there just for you to talk with would be great, heck I don’t even know any rule that has to made for a date. Coffee and conversation could lead to anything or maybe keep you safe. Like I said I’m going to be new at this and I’m 56 so maybe just would like for someone to tell me what is going on. Oh my goodness these girls that are half my age make me sick and that is for sure. I’m into someone who my like a movie go to the casino and see who loses the most or whatever you know have a good time doing her ting and don’t worry about what she wears as long as it is appealing and then there is no way your going to feal bad about him or yourself. By the way thanks for this article and I hope people come back and read what I had to say from a guy. We don’t just like the cloths it’s what is in them and there ideas that attracts guys anyway.

  3. Bella

    Lol lol As 4 someone who works in the legal profession I could argue both sides of the cases until “” JESUS comes back – “” or when pigs fly – “” cows jump over the moon “” yata – yata lol lol I see both sides yes they both DO have a valued points on both sides – with that being said – 2 each is there own way of thinking – free will speaking lol lol … I’m all about free speech !!!! 4 my own self I would do the paying of my own way 4 at least the 1 st few dates – times – AS well AS meet them OUT & in my own car 2 … Call me crazy or not why BCZ I do a lot of 10000% FREE bono legal work AND yes I get paid a lot of $$$ 4 being suspicious of folks when there’s is NATA 2 be suspicious OF lol my Capricorn minds is so ahead in thinking plans – stragedy – by me taking a ilot of precautions – In these days – times it would be crazy not 2 be a very careful person, why BCZ this worlds getting really crazy OUT there IN this – the dating world why BCZ who can you really trust out there “” it ISA what it is “” == that would be why …. BCZ with my of thinking is that NO woman or man 4 that natter of fact should not need 2 heed 2 a bit of caution it would be crazy not 2 .. I would rather think of my own personal safety 1 st, pay 4 my own way 2 or @ 1s BCZ no you don’t ever know @ 1st, you no what I DO mean !!!! That’s just me you can call me crazy or not lol however it is 2014 after all lol lol 😉 … Plz Be blessed have a good day 2 all 🙂

  4. j.

    Eric, I always enjoy your articles and you make some good points in this one. As to “common courtesy” to confirm the date, that’s never been the case among my friends and acquaintances. Sometimes someone will confirm, but I’ve never known it to be expected. I’m from a generation where people keep their plans. I’ve known younger people who are quite flighty and can understand confirming with any flighty person! But I don’t think a lack of confirmation indicates a lack of interest.

  5. christina riley

    When my man takes me on a date he pays for me and im so thankful my man pays he is a kind loving supportive man and we have 2 kids and supports us more than anything im so blessed to have a man like him

  6. LORI

    The idea that a woman should pay for a date is ridiculous and
    petty. If a guy doesn’t like you enough to TAKE YOU ON A DATE,
    then forget it. It shows they don’t have a generous nature.

    It would be different of both people were students or truly poverty
    stricken. OK then both contribute. But ordinarily, if a man expects
    me to pay for anything that will be the last time he sees me.
    There are many men who would be embarrassed to ask a woman to
    pay. And women don’t need “buddies” they want romance. And paying
    for a date is not romantic.

  7. maude

    After reading all these comments …….. I have had a lot of nice dates .. with men I’ve met on line … some times tho .. once or twice I have talked to a man for weeks on line or phone .. then when we finally meet .. then I don’t hear from them for ….sometimes weeks … … I try to be myself .. dress nice smell good no sex not even once … what is going on here .. we laugh talk try to get to know each other // I do know that one guy was still crazy about his old gf .. that understandable I thought ….but she broke up with him again he called me I told him we could only be friends … I do not stand in line … I try to lay the cards on the table so .. he knows what I’M all about and looking for …. your thoughts on this one

  8. gsdmom

    I think it is unrealistic to say that a man who doesn’t confirm your date isn’t enthusiastic about meeting you. While it should be common courtesy to do so, someone might not have been taught that it is. People are not nearly as formal with communication as they used to be! If the man said he would pick her up, he most likely means just that.

    As for the statement that most men appreciate it if a woman offers to pay her way on a date, I question just how old the author of this article is? Why in the world should she offer to pay if he did not make it clear in the beginning that that is what he expects? I happen to know men who would be offended by that. It can appear that she is assuming he doesn’t have the means to pay for the date. Or that she isn’t interested in him when she very well might me. It could be insulting.

    If I ask a man out, I would phrase it “I would like to treat you to …..” That lets him know up front that I intend to pay for the date. It is his choice to accept or not. Ladies, if you do intend to pay for your part of the date, why not tell him that when you accept his invitation? Just be clear upfront. It can stop a lot of confusion in the long run and leave you free to enjoy (or not) the man and the date.

  9. Betty

    great advice . Need all the help I can get
    Starting over at 60 leaves a lot of questions about the “new ” rules .
    My best advice is be real don’t pretend to be someone or something you aren’t
    They’ll find out sooner or later anyway and tink you were just playing with them . Not a good idea

  10. Sandra Neutz

    mistake editors make to ruin the trust of the readers
    would be a good headline –
    so sorry to say this but the way this site looks is superficial and not real – it does not get me to trust this service any more – here is why – the way articles are full of advertisment is repulsive-
    like – a different photo of person who has nothing to do with this article at all – or the suggestion to call a psychic in the first sentence – it feels highly manipulating and cheap – Sorry CP – you could do better than this
    People who use a service like this seek integrity and not shopping channel behaviour – the article would be helpful and interesting, as it is written by a good author, but the way it is presented leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth

  11. Thando

    Wow this is so true, i wish this topic could be turned nto a serious young Adult workshop when we have the youth at our disposal. good content

  12. Chrissi

    On that last point I would say make sure to bring enough to be able to leave -and pay your half of the meal too or whatever the date was I had a date was so bad- he only wanted a woman for sex and made that very clear by his actions I left only for him to follow me along the road insisting he was going to take me home- to find that he took me miles away from anywhere familiar and dump me out when I made it clear he was not and never would get sex from me as he was a repulsive character


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