8 Mistakes Men Make And Why You Should Forgive Them

Learning to Let it Go

“A mistake is always forgivable, rarely excusable, and always unacceptable.” – Robert Fripp

This quote is very appropriate for relationships, as it reminds us that the person who is most permanently damaged from a mistake, is often the person who dished it out. It may appear as if men don’t care sometimes. However, in the end, nobody is hurt worse than them, as they must live with the regret of knowing that they were the only ones who could have changed the outcome. Ladies, please forgive men for these eight mistakes in romance; if for nothing else, because “nothing [will annoy them] so much” (Oscar Wilde).

1. Can’t Express His Feelings

Men struggle to share their feelings with women, whether in marriage or friendship. While only 20 percent of a man’s regrets involve his relationships, a good portion of these are due to his inability to tell a woman how he really felt. The woman may eventually move on with her life. However, she should have forgiven him, as men are taught to avoid their feelings, which leads many of them down a very solitary road.

2. Sorry is Not a Part of His Vocabulary

Guys rarely admit being at fault for their actions when they hurt you. Forgive him, as guys have a different idea about what constitutes bad behavior.

3. Assumes That His Woman Will Always Be There for Him

Guys often take women for granted. They assume that she will always be around when he needs her. This is because a good woman gives love unconditionally. She is not a doormat; however, and the day will come when she leaves him for a better life. Forgive him, as these men have a very big lesson to learn. If he fails to understand the reality of what it means to “give and take,” he will discover that his solitary road only narrows with age. Ask a psychic about your situation today!

4. Forgets He is Part of the Conversation

Mr. “Nope,” “Yup,” “Maybe,” and “Fine” can be a frustrating bunch of guys to most women. Why can’t he just open up and tell you what he really thinks about something? Forgive him, as these guys are often insecure about their words.

5. Doesn’t Know What to Do When You’re Upset

Guys are born to be problem solvers. However, their expertise is often limited to plugged toilets, dead batteries, and squeaky doors. Women complain that their men often avoid them whenever they break down and cry. Forgive him, as all men don’t know how to fix problems that don’t require tools and elbow grease. It never occurs to him, that a simple hug may be all that you really need.

6. He Hears You; However, He Doesn’t Always Listen

Women tell men many wonderful things. However, we often don’t hear them, because we are too distracted by other things in life. Forgive him, as sometimes late at night when he can’t sleep, as he recaps the highlights to his day, he remembers your words, and smiles.

7. Lies to Your Face

Men lie to your face in order to save face, avoid a scene, or escape from an uncomfortable situation. Men live for the present, which means they rarely consider the consequences of their actions in the future. Forgive him, as these lies will eventually catch up with him, and when they do, he will have told so many falsehoods, he will begin to question what the truth really is.

8. Because Your Hatchet is Out of its Sheath; He Thinks It’s Aimed at Him

Men often become defensive when a woman is upset, because they assume that she must be distressed over something he did. You tell him that you just need to release your frustration. However, he becomes annoyed and won’t hear it. Forgive him, as the day will come when he remembers all those missed opportunities to be there for you. He will understand what you really needed from him, and feel like less of a man because of it.

“Relationships magnify the human experience.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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16 thoughts on “8 Mistakes Men Make And Why You Should Forgive Them

  1. magdalena

    men are men and they will never change.We have to live with that,it is either you take him or leave him…
    The principle is never change a person but show him the good sides of you and accept his good sides too..the negative side are always there but compromise on it..make the best out of things…nobody want to be changed,we are born like that,we had no choice……changes must come from yourself.nobody is perfect and we will never be perfect, so both must accept each other as you are…..
    who does not want to be perfect?

  2. lm

    “However, in the end, nobody is hurt worse than them, as they must live with the regret of knowing that they were the only ones who could have changed the outcome.”

    Then they should have thought of that before they did whatever horrible thing they did that hurt the woman in their lives.

    “Men have different ideas about bad behavior”? That’s all very well. However, some of those ideas are just wrong.

    I get really tired of men who *explain* male behavior, with the idea behind their lame explanations being that those explanations are actually an acceptable or decent *excuse* for what they did. They’re really not.

  3. Jerry

    To hear all of these gals talk about how badly they are treated by there man here is a insight on how to keep him from treating you so horrible. Respect is the answer. Show your man respect, make love to him, and look past yourself and listen when he does open up and start talking to you about how he feels. Then you wont have to worry about him wanting the slut down the road or at the office.

  4. Tracy

    Great article, you hit the nail on the head with this one. It sounds like you are talking about my boyfriend. It is so frustrating sometimes and we are just to forgive and forget. Forgive them ladies, for they don’t know any better. Do men ever grow up? They expect us to listen to them but they never listen to us. The only way relationships work is if you listen to each other. Communication and respect is key in a relationship.

  5. Jimmy

    I just happen to b one of the men who cheated on my woman & I live with it every day every man thats in this world thinks about what they did on life rong we all do its only human but I love my wife & if I could take it all back I would but I cant & it hurts so bad I changed the woman I love & she will never b the same bcuz of me & sometimes it makes me want to die …

  6. Cheyenne

    All of these “mistakes” boil down to COMMUNICATION. While I agree that men are TAUGHT this as little boys, when you become an adult and are involved in relationships, THERE IS NO EXCUSE, not to learn communication of feelings in a relationship BETWEEN them as partners. Doesn’t mean he has to be a sucky tit with the guys. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE in a relationship if communication is not there or not being worked on. It’s the enrichment of relationships. Communication is the essence of the foundation of humanity.

  7. Randy

    Well I’m not going to argue about something that doesn’t make sense, What i will tell you is women have always asked me for things and when I gave them what they asked for? well they realy didn’t have to have that. You want to talk about lies well my first love was the best at it and then I got married to some else. Well after our daughter came along she realy got good at running around on me while I was on the job making aliving and if that wouldn’t enough she ran around while vacation while I worked. Well I spent 8yrs on my own for I tried this stupid thing on again thinking oh she was deferent. In some aspects I she was, she is still living in the house I paid for and I am now disabled and she has a house suv and all paid for so the next time someone wants to critisize a man tell them to just get what they want by themseleves.

  8. LCash

    Yes and No..seems there’s a lot of “it’s just the way they are” mentality here. I can understand many, however, if the relationship is one sided and almost mothering in it’s forgiveness, it’s doomed. It seems as if some of these gender stereotypes are right out of a 1950’s Redbook marriage article.

    Perhaps the focus should be on joint communication rather than accept at all costs. IF a man is unable to communicate he’s sorry, can’t admit a woman gets upset and rants just like he might, forgets he’s part of the conversation? seriously depending on the conversation that’s a deal breaker, i.e. huge difference between gossip sharing and something about his children, and always expects you to be there? In little ways maybe but when the expectation is you will always be there for them and them no so much for you, some serious counseling is in order if you still love the guy.

    Personally I’ve been there and if I have to wait to be gone before my partner realizes what he lost, he’s not worth it.

  9. Lisa

    A very fine insight into the male’s solitary mental lair. Again, thank you for giving up the club’s secrets in order that we women might be able to deal with our frustration more productively and compassionately. The hopeful byproduct of our understanding is that we may assist our men in the process.

    I rarely read such truth + humour in the popular press. Thanks again.

  10. Terrie

    seems to me there is a lot of ” forgive him” in this article… I think men should try to rewire themselves. and women should teach there son’s not to behave this way. it has gone on far too long… the more you forgive a man for his bad behavior, the less likely he will learn anything.

  11. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric,

    Well, Eric….another thought provoking article……

    Hmmmmmm…….I can forgive #’s 1, 4, 5, 8, and sometimes # 6.

    But , no way, 2, 3, & 7.
    Nobody likes being taken for granted or lied to………and being able to say those 2 little , simple words : ” I’m sorry ” , is important in any relationship.

  12. Sally

    I have read many articles here and this one is truly excellant. I’d like to print it to keep but the article will not appear on the printed pages. This is a keeper and a great reminder.

  13. -quinn ext.5484

    dear eric, very interesting article – makes ya think though do man evolve or are they to remain boys until in a new life-time when they come back as a woman…:)

    if for nothing else, because “nothing [will annoy them] so much” (Oscar Wilde).

    i found that statement funny, kinda like poking the bear. if you (gals) do nothing for the sake of annoying the guy then doesn’t that keep the negative energy flowing. where is the intent of right action?

    it pains me to think that men are so absent in relationships and as the old song goes “you don’t know what you got till its gone” comes to mind. living proof of this – i have seen first hand.
    your article is so valid it hurts.
    sure hope the guys read it, and the gals print it out to give their guys as and evolution gift.
    with metta,

  14. Lori

    This article could not be more true. I do however, find this continuing gender excuse a bit old at times. I just left someone I love more than any man I have ever known, for just these exact reasons. His emotional distance and lack of caring ruined what could have been a very loving relationship. I am nobody’s door mat, nor should any woman or man be for anyone. There are billions of people on the planet, if someone cannot, or most likely will not, show you and tell you how they feel, then find someone who will. Even though I will always love him, and I stayed as long as I could, there comes a time when letting go is all that is left to do. Time is precious do not waste it on someone not worthy of who you are.

  15. Marc from the UK

    I am sure we are not all like that!!!??? How about the follow up? The eight mistakes Ladies make please??


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