What May and December Mean for Your Love Life

What May and December Mean for Your Love Life

 The Seasonality of Your Love Life

As those spring flings pack their bags in expectation of those soon-to-be hot summer nights, it kind of makes you wonder how “hot” those summer nights can really get? And then what happens to those nights as fall begins to whisper a bit of chill into the air? Do the seasons really affect your relationships that much? According to research, yes, indeed they do. Lets discuss both the pros and cons of being in a relationship between May and December and how they impact your love life.

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Love and Sex

Multiple research articles suggest that the romantic bliss of love and sex seems to be a bi-annual occurrence. Around the months of May and December, men and women are likely to be at their peak interest for finding someone to get freaky with and improve their love life. More people are looking for a companion of some type, so if you’re looking to try online dating, your dating card will likely fill up faster during these months (although not necessarily for the right reasons).

Romantic Red Flags

Researchers like to think of this phenomenon as a “summer vacation” jolt to the love life that tappers off in the late summer and fall and then springs back into action in time for the “winter vacation” holiday. Keep in mind, this peak is likely to be sexual in nature, so it may mean some great sex for you, but not necessarily the best relationship. In other words, keep an eye out for those red flags in romance.

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Fertility and Libido

It is interesting to note that menopause seems to take on a wait-and-see attitude in spring, summer (to a lesser degree) and fall, meaning that its onset is more likely to occur in winter than any other season. Men, on the other hand, are less fertile during the summer months. This is considering both the quality and quantity of his seed (to put it delicately). The absolute worst time for a man’s fertility appears to be in late summer and early fall. The intense summer heat and longer days also appear to wreak havoc on a man’s libido, meaning that his testosterone will taper off during the summer through early fall. But in case you were wondering (and I know you are) it will make a heroic recovery around the months of October through December, according to the research of Svartberg.

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Testosterone Hibernation

Facebook studies suggest that the months of May through August are not very active in dating compared to the winter season. Many experts suggest that loneliness during the holidays could account for the increased interest in relationships. And according to the research of Pawlowski and Sorokowski in 2008, men rate the attractiveness of women the highest during the winter. This phenomenon could be due to the higher ratio of skin that is revealed in the Summer (making men less picky in the winter), or perhaps just because their testosterone is not quite up to par.

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Seasonal Cheating

According to the research of Effrosyni Adamopoulou with the Bank of Italy, those sexual feelings in early summer tend to give way to more sexual flings during mid-to-late summer. Adamopoulou suggests it could be because summer travel opens up more possibilities for working couples who are spending more time apart. It is also true that many travelers will be a good distance away from their partner, making it less likely they will get caught (in other words, more tempting). But whatever the reason is for this noted increase in cheating during the summer, there are strategies you can use to help keep you and your partner from falling to temptation.

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