Materialism Kills Marriages

Keep an Eye on Your Marriage, Not Your Wallet

It’s no secret than money can’t buy love. But what many miss is that once you have love, worrying too much about money can easily kill your partnership. If you want to keep your love going, it might be time to put away your concern over dollars and cents and focus on loving your partner for who they are.

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ABC News reports:

Focusing too heavily on the “for richer” part of the nuptial vows could spell disaster for a marriage, according to research published today by Brigham Young University.

In a survey of 1,700 married couples, researchers found that couples in which one or both partners placed a high priority on getting or spending money were much less likely to have satisfying and stable marriages.

“Our study found that materialism was associated with spouses having lower levels of responsiveness and less emotional maturity. Materialism was also linked to less effective communication, higher levels of negative conflict, lower relationship satisfaction, and less marriage stability,” said Jason Carroll, a BYU professor of family life in Provo, Utah, and lead author of the study.

Researchers gauged materialism using self-report surveys that asked questions such as to what extent do you agree with these statements? “I like to own things to impress people” or “money can buy happiness.” Spouses were then surveyed on aspects of their marriage.

What do you think—what are the most important things to focus on when building and maintaining lasting love?

“You must first decide that you are worthy of love and that your value to be loved is not determined by someone else but yourself.” – William ext. 5131

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One thought on “Materialism Kills Marriages

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    The article asks : ” What do you think—what are the most important things to focus on when building and maintaining lasting love ” ?

    my answer : respect, honesty & trust and compassion, love….and a bit of humor doesn’t hurt either.

    Somebody has to work and pay the bills, true…..but your marriage shouldn’t be based soley upon how rich or poor you are….IN THE MOMENT.

    I say ” in the moment ” becuse things change. If this economy has taught us anything it is that fortunes and money are made AND lost overnight…..but a good marriage or relationship will stand up to any economy….good or bad.


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