Manifest Your Soulmate

The Law of Attraction and Your Soulmate

Like attracts like, according to the Law of Attraction, but what if you don’t truly know yourself, or understand what you need? Just who are you attracting? You must become the pilot of your soulmate search instead of allowing old behaviors, fears or doubts to dictate your relationship success. Here are some tips for using the Law of Attraction in the most positive way possible—with awareness, self-love and an inherent belief in the process.

Dig Deep

Really spend some time with yourself reflecting on who you are as a person. Ask yourself the hard questions. This means owning up to your own faults and insecurities—the traits that are getting in the way of you finding your true soulmate (old baggage, commitment issues, etc.). Once you understand the true “you,” you will be able to focus on working out your own personal kinks as well as attracting the right type of person for you. How can you know who is right for you if you don’t understand yourself and the kind of mate you need?

Be a Visionary

Understanding yourself and what you want in another person is only half the battle! It’s time to create a “vision” of them, using the “if you build it, they will come” mentality. Focus on what type of person your soulmate should be, including what values, strengths and abilities they should have. Also think about what you don’t want them to be. Are there any deal-breakers (smokers, kids, divorced, unemployed)?  This carefully constructed picture will serve as a beacon, lighting your way towards the discovery of your soulmate. Having that image in your head will also make you more attuned to the people who most resemble that image, thereby increasing your chances of a successful soulmate search.

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Keep the Faith

Believe in the process of attracting your soulmate and be open to receiving them when they do surface. It can feel discouraging if you’ve had many failed relationships in the past. Each time, you hoped you met “the one,” but were disappointed when they turned out not to be after investing so much time and energy. The Law of Attraction works as long as you do the spiritual work, know who you are and know what you truly want in a soulmate. Trust in the process and you will find “the one.”

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38 thoughts on “Manifest Your Soulmate

  1. Bella

    This is 4 Robyn again, sorry I had 2 get permission from my client b4 I shared her story .. Back in 2010 a very smart successful woman’s sane scenario case came across my path normally I didn’t do violence situations .. But I saw the dear in her eyes !!! This woman sought me out cane 2 me with your exact situation but she went back 2 him BCZ he told convinced her fe had changed after the court of law fir invested … Yes & 2 be honest with you what was done 2 her I think was worse WAS way much worse not that I’m not making light of / not taking your case as VIP 2 me ,, with her case I got involved due 2 the courts making her letting /her kids have COURT ordered ” parental visitations ” .. With her ex husband … Court came about I remember like it was yesterday “” after court her EX husband gave US this horrific grin that ran chills 2 the bones .. This was on a Thursday by the following Monday I had left 2 go 2 Hawaii 2 see my son I got a call in mid air telling me her ex husband had killed 1 if her young son who was only (;5)) there was a younger son he barely survived the ordeal .. This is really high profiled where I live … Over (3) years later on WERE still waiting / seeking out justice … This is why now ALL domestic violence situations gets my undivided attention !!! I had 2 learn the hard way .. I’m not saying your going back 2 him , all My hopes are you stick 2 your guns , but keeping it real a heart wants what a heart wants … You strike me as a person who is very level headed person plz give yourself a pat on your back BCZ wether you wanted 2 or NOT your the 1 who got / or who survived your ordeal by getting yourself out of a dangerous situation as it IS / was .. I’m proud of you … Plz remember you are a survivor NOW it is your duty & yes it’s your job 2 inspire / relate 2 others BCZ it’s the right thing 2 do & now you DO have a voice … BCZ you lived 2 SHARE = tell your story … 😉

  2. Bella

    this is 4 Robyn … due 2 the subject matter this will be a long 1 .. Look I work in the legal profession & I see your situation almost every day / daily occurrence in court , this is NO excuse 2 result in NO violence BS ever … hope you DO realize you can’t go back BCZ if they DID – do it once they will do it again maybe I would do some research 2 see if this is a pattern with him !!! Some how you seem 2 be a smart woman my question 2 you is this ” how did you know – suspect he had violent tendencies ” ??? My bet is it’s always been behind closed doors ??? I don’t cast NO stones / cast NO judgements don’t judge until 1st walked a nike in 1s OWN shoes … I’m a big believer in this policy / practice but your the 1 who will be living with the “” your “” consequences just plz be smart about HIM – it bc IN most cars folks don’t change violent BS unless they want 2 or if a bigger / higher power intervenes even then it’s a maybe … & FYI !!! When it comes 2 your heart being broken I DO know how you DO feel I just walked away from a relationship / situation myself I lost myself / way with him due 2 his BS .. It was a 31/2 year something or another , like with you from what your describing I thought he was my soulmate everything was there just the way you described it yes it was just like – HOW it / that was with US except with mine it was more of a lot of BS jealous BS head games FYI this was the 1st thing I said requested NO games / HEAD BS games .. But I was locked into a legal situation where I gave my words NO matter what I wouldn’t leave his ass hanging .i didn’t won’t 2 be 1 of his static . This was after everyone he knew left his ass hanging FYI I stayed I did this while I was dealing with cancer if I might add .. , my long story short I have always known he DID something just awful 2 me & behind my back & that he threw me under the bus . Once this was finally confirmed 4 me straight from the horses mouth 2 & i am NOT talking about his mouth @ ALL, either way now I’ walked away Yes I did the right thing by him legally after I found out about this bc i loved him I cherished him =I was he was my / a bffs friend / but he used me as a brutal LEGAL enforcer 2 I doubled dared anyone 2 mess with him .. In my defense Yes I pushed him away due 2 my cancer /then it was bc of his BS , every time I asked him 2 go away he was always the 1 who came back 1st 2 me 2 .. Yes it is my beliefs he did not DO this NOT out of love & until recently I was in denial BCZ now I do I realized he was only using me 4 my legal skills / connections so in recent times a light bulb went off yes it was never ever about ” love ” so I walked away 4 the last time BCZ I got tired if all his BS .. I invested over 3 1/2 years with this man who I thought was my soulmate maybe he is maybe he’s not , ms Quinn a terrific psychic who is a – wonderful person on this website she says he truly does love me .. I’m not sure what it was WE were 2 be honest with you but I know this / = it wasn’t good enough / a healthy situation though … I Walked away from him & no doubt it was 1 of the hardest things I’ve ever had 2 do , YEA I still do love / MISS him everyday but I had 2 let him go so I could move on & into my future without him it broke my heart 2 .. you see as much as it does hurt like most folks I 2 want a soulmate / a committed relationship I’m bound / determined 2 achieve this goal in in a great place I recently made it known I running 4 a political office . FYI I’m ok except 4 my throat cancer will NOT go away … I’ve done everything right so / & now in pissed off .. I’m a Capricorn & this has always been the only thing (LOVE) that has eluded me FYI I’m very picky about my men bc I can afford 2 be , but 2 be able 2 do this I had 2 let go of him 2 get clarity about what I wanted in a relationship what I would / I would NOT accept as ok … FYI he wasn’t it !!! So I let him / it all go = ” it us what it IS ” . with me I had 2 distance myself from him FYI / but he’s getting my message now … I just wished he would say what needs 2 say in Simple terms either way he needs 2 go BCZ deep in my heart I knew I wouldn’t / = I didn’t want 2 start up a new relationship carrying NO ex = NO bad baggage into my new relationship B4 in the past I had done this but I’ve learned my lessons .. Yes I love / MISS him every single day are we done , well I’m not going back as it right now with that being said I’m not in that mind frame so it’s not going 2 happen , I did this so I could move on have peace of mind 2 go into my future = I’ve chosen own myself happiness above it BCZ that’s # 1, = I’m not counting / waiting on him / things 2 change BCZ that’s NO way 2 live !!!! NATA but love but your the only 1 who can make your own choices in your life & if something goes wrong your the blame only lays with you & only you know what’s best 4 you , with your future plz be advised your the only 1 2 blame be held accounted 4 if things go wrong which nears you can’t complain hold no 1 else responsible , & realize you only have yourself 2 blame FYI if you do this plz remember it’s not fair 2 put your lived ones thru your up & downs BCZ chance are / is they will not want 2 hear about IT BCZ they know it’s the wrong choice 2 make , if you DO decide 2 stay or go back !with him !! My gut says yes you will but I hope I an wrong … All my warmest wishes go out 4 / 2 you plz be careful / aware in the choices you made / make BCZ most folks who committed domestic violence don’t ever change .= you can’t cry over spilt milk due 2 your own choices .. I hope this helps you out plz Keep your faith spirit intact 2 ((( Robyn ))) 🙂

  3. Robyn

    I believed with all my heart that I had met my real soulmate.
    Even though we came from relatively different backgrounds, from the time I met him I felt an unspoked deep connection towards him. As well as an extremely powerful chemistry and attraction like I had never experienced before.
    Now I was married when I met this man. So was he. Also he is 6 tears younger than I am. Regardless of our differences, none of that mattered.
    I have never had an affair before but my feelings towards him were what seemed to be, equally reciprocated.
    After a couple of years we tried to let go and do the right thing for our families.
    After a few months passed I looked him up. Turned out he was now single. I sent him a message and within a minute of sending it, my phone rang! It was him! By that time I also was no longer with my spouse.
    Well eventually we moved in together.
    I wish I could say we lived happily ever after but we didn’t.
    Although we really never argued not even disagreed over anything of importance.
    Sadly so so sadly. He became physically and verbally violent,
    Due to his dangerous and damaging actions, he ended up in jail.
    I was left with a broken heart( snd body)that is only just beginning to heal after over 6 months.
    I know I can never put my life in danger like that again but regardless of all the pain and torment I honestly still love him.
    I have always believed that we all have more that one soulmate. Unfortunately right now I can not even begin to imagine that it would be possible for me to have those feelings for anyone else ever.
    I often told him I felt like he and I had known each other in a past life. The connection I had with him can not be put into words. Simply an overwhelming emotional bond.
    I am still grieving this loss. I know I can’t ever be with him agian.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can heal, move on & become open to finding love?

  4. Audrey

    First and foremost people need to learn, write, and speak english if going to reply to a blog!!! I feel there is someone out there for everyone and looking to hard you can go right past a perfect opportunity! So take life as it comes, be happy and positive what else but patience can bring you what you want and desire

  5. Layla

    I studied Law of Attraction for quite a few months and it does work! I am almost 50 years old and finally figured it out! Self love will bring love when you least expect it! I found my sould mate and I am the happiest girl in the world!!! Getting married next year:-)

  6. Linda Ross

    Wow this is hard I met my soul mate but he is in prison and we been writing for about a year now and he ask me to marrie him . He and I fell in love at first time we started talking on the phone. He never met me or I him .he is in another state and it’s hard for me to go see him. I dont have the money .well anyway I met this other man out here and we are teally getting closet but I cant hurt the first one .What do I do. I know the first one cant hurt me but this one here can and im like in the middle of to loves.there is a lot of temptation out her and this one here can leave anytime to go do other things.

  7. c.wright.thru.u.

    Divine infinite ever-increasing blessings, love/good loving, light, peace, success, gratitude, appreciation, wholeness, perfection, prosperity, success, ascension, and oneness to/for ALL soulmates, eternally.


    Well i havnt met any soulmate,Trust is a big issue. I feel like ive been cursed not to find noone.People do stuff like that.I still have Hope.Workn on Faith.Single people stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Rose

    61 y/o in good health and still waiting for my soulmate. I focus in my head all the time the soulmate I would love to meet and keeping the faith. I wonder sometime if there is a age I should stop . But I really like reading this article.

  10. Judith

    My soulmate lives on the West coast and I live on the East. He is married and she is dying. I am single/divorced 12 years. I still love him but under the circumstances could not have an affair or even lead this on. We parted ways in 1981 and I waited 7 years for him to come back to Cocoa Beach, he was in the Coast Guard in PR. He married a woman he met there within two years and has two children by her. I know you cant go backwards but my heart still loves him. I am willing to wait on him. I am 61 and he is 62. What do you think?

  11. Nancy

    My soul mate passed away from cancer five years ago. I do believe there is someone out there for me. Men my age seem to want someone 10-20 years younger. It is hard to find someone at this point in my life. Many more single women than single men. Hope to meet a nice Christian man.

  12. Tom

    #1: Opposed fields always attract! Polarity ‘plus’ vs ‘minus’! Plus/Plus or minus/minus repel! Simple Physics 101!
    #2: being a ‘Physic’ and you do not know the simple laws of ‘Physics’?

  13. sue

    i met someone who I know the moment that we spoke was the person that I was to spend the rest of my life with. we have both been through alot. Every psychic i talked with told me the same thing and that he felt the same way. Well here I am still waiting and nothing from him. we are both middle age and have lost someone and life is short. I think i may be holding onto a dream that may never be.

  14. adelaida Crowe

    it is wonderful advice how to look a partner again.I met someone else not long ago and he come and visit me stay one weekend to get to know me until become my boyfriend.he is retired already he is so loving.but he smoke but he is kind man.I feel secured myself to be around with him.the only things that he don’t like my cats and problem that i have adapted kid with me a downsydrom. that one i have problem with her.if my boyfriend hugs me or kiss me going bad her behavior to much crying its feel embassed me bad if she do that.every minutes changed her attitude. she want him a lot time with her to laugh and anything.too much fear my life.but if i decide me and my boyfriend i cant bring her with me.i need to put her in the groups home to be happy myself.this is my story.have a great day.adelaida

  15. Jose Moreno

    I have this woman in mind we have been talking now more then 8 months now she discribed herself and I like her ways she is cqringundrstanding open minded honest her name is Jenny we are apart from each other but praying to come together here real I pray can out tell m f that will clear to pass can you answer me that? Please

  16. M.J.P

    Thank you so much for this blog. Right on time for me, you really help me in more ways than you ever know. Again, thank you so much

  17. Nikki

    Wow! This article is really inspiring. You have to be receptive to embracing life in all aspects along with receiving the person you are supposed to be spiritual connected to. For me, this artice is an reiteration that you DO have to visualize what you would like in a person that you are supposed to be connected with so you can get the whole package! I am a strong believer that when you are happy people around you can sense your aura and are drawn to you. I also believe that a mate is an enhancement to you as you are to them. Exude positivity and the universe can and will produce – just be ready!

  18. Jerry

    This is the first reading I got that is not about money. All I ever wanted to know is if my ex is going to come back to me. WE were together for 9 years and she is my soul mate.

  19. Lillian

    Laely it seemslik you are writing just for me – I have been taing your suggestions into myi mnd and looking at what I am searching for in a soulmate.



  21. James

    Very good advice. I’m a fan of ” The law of attraction ‘ and your examples where easy to understand. If someoone did not know anything about or understood the ” The law of attraction ” through your examples of how to use these laws was excellent!

  22. Dawnlee

    Ithank you people so much in ur endless help,but Im working my but off to get a home since I’m living with people,but want my own do I can spend time with my kids will it be muçh longer

  23. S

    This is absolute nonsense and comes across like the kind of tick box nonsense that dating sites use. No one with any sense would use them. I seem to be receiving a lot of blogs on soulmate s lately and it is starting to annoy.


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