Manage Your Crazy in Relationships

You have finally found that special someone who makes the sun shine, the moon move across the night sky and even likes the same movies that you do! Except now, you’re about to lose your mind worrying about the past, the present, when you will see the person again. Will it work out? And most importantly, why can’t they hang up their coat when they come home from work?! Is that too much to ask?

We all lose our minds for a little while when we fall in love. Perhaps that’s why it’s called “falling.” You were on stable ground and then, you fall. It shakes everything for a while. So if you feel like your life was smooth sailing until you got a wink at the coffee shop, you are not alone. You’re probably right on track!

If the crazy persists, and it’s ruining the good thing that is right here in the present, it’s time to face some questions head on. This way, you can minimize the crazy and increase the joy. Ask yourself:

Are your crazy thoughts coming when you’re with the person or when you’re by yourself?
If you are beleaguered with doubts, worries and anxiety whenever you have some time alone, you need to be okay being alone. The presence of this person is acting as a pacifier to the day to day stresses of just being alive and when it’s gone you’re left spinning. Schedule an activity that you do not do together. Your special one is not even allowed to drive you there! A yoga class? Time with a niece or nephew? Or just a daily long walk will do. Unless you are able to be alone and comfortable by yourself you won’t grow out of this dependency. If one or both people in a relationship are relying on the other for constant companionship, this ship is going to sink before it leaves the harbor.

Are these thoughts stemming from an underlying fear of abandonment?
Feelings of loss can be so large and overpowering that even putting yourself in the position to experience them can cause such deep anxiety that it takes the form of repeating obsessive thoughts. The reality, both freeing and terrifying, is that love lasts sometimes and sometimes it fades away. There is no way to predict the length of a relationship on its onset. And when you hear couples gush about that “special feeling” remember, that’s in hindsight. How many times before the “one” did they have this “special feeling”? There is no choice except to embrace the present fully. Today you have that special feeling and for right now it’s gift! If you worry and worry about when and how it’s going to end, you will miss it all together. Remember, your life was full and interesting to you before this person showed up. Your life has tremendous value with or without this person. Yes, they are wonderful, but so are you!

Your life is not this other person. Your life is you, and what you make of it.

Finally, know that love is all around you. It’s not just between you and this individual. Your experience is uniquely yours and belongs to you. Reclaim your self-identity and that sprinkle of independence that brought this person to you in the first place. By going back to your center, all those crazy thoughts brought on by the insecurity of love will subside. You already know deep inside of you that the universe only wants what is best for you and that always leads to love.

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