What a Man Wants in a Woman

10 Things Men Truly Look for in a Woman

All men are not created equal—we have different strengths and weaknesses. But one thing we all have in common is that we’re looking for specific characteristics and traits when it comes to our mates. We don’t look for perfection in women, because there is really no such thing. Here’s what we really want:


There is nothing more attractive to us than a self-sustaining woman. If she can take care of herself, she won’t be relying on us for much. And a self-sustaining woman is a confident woman. With confidence comes happiness, mental stability and balance. When we’re with a woman who can take care of herself, we’re not worried about taking care of her. Instead, we can focus on other ways to make the journey as a couple more positive.

Emotional Maturity

Emotionally mature women are honest and open. They can tell us what pleases them and what we can do to make them happy. They help us satisfy them. Emotionally mature women let men know they’re interested in them. They believe in caring for men and not just being cared for.

Spiritual Connection

Men want a spiritual connection with a woman. And spiritual connection leads to personal growth. People who grow together also inspire each other. It’s easy to love and respect someone when you connect with them on all levels.


Intelligence isn’t just book smarts; it’s also street smarts. She could be an expert in anything, but we also want her to be an expert in us. Men want women who know how to make them happy. They’re looking for the “best friend” behavior, and who knows you better than your best friend does?

Know What You Want

A man wants a woman who knows what she wants. You are relaxed, confident and grounded when you know exactly what you want and how to get it. When you’re comfortable with who you are and where you’re going, you are a stable, mature counterpart in your romantic relationship.

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Surprises keep our energy going. Keeping our relationship from getting boring and humdrum, is vital to the forward movement of our bond. There’s no better feeling than when your companion says, “Let’s do something fun tonight and let’s do something new!” Sometimes getting out of our comfort zone can break the monotony within a relationship that has grown to be too “comfortable.”

Accept Our “Guy-Ness”

We’re guys, so let us be guys. We like action films, sports and hanging out with our guy friends. When it comes to a woman, most guys love it when you can get interested in the things that interest us. Sharing interests and friends is a great way of sharing ourselves with you. If you’re not totally into man caves and gadgets, at least give us the time to enjoy those things.

Enticement and Attraction

Men like different physical traits in women. So don’t assume it’s all about the tall, thin blonde! For every Jack in the world, there’s a Jill. What you’ve deemed so-so about your physical appearance could be what a man find attractive about you.

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We want a woman who is sensual. Many men love to see women who enjoy being satisfied. I know many women who can be just as alluring and exciting in a jogging suit and running shoes as they can be in a cocktail dress going out on the town. Being sensual and sexy is a state of mind!


Men love doing things for women, whether it be cooking them a meal or buying jewelry, but we want to be thanked for it. Show appreciation and be gracious when a man does something nice for you. If you let us know that what we did for you was appreciated, we’d be happy to do it again!

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60 thoughts on “What a Man Wants in a Woman

  1. Bren

    A man who needs a strong woman who can take care of herself is not my idea of real man.
    I treat a man EXACTLY as read above but rarely get a return on my investment. I married a man who was impressed by the fact that I looked good, had a great job, a great car and all my teeth! Just like above, when I lost my job I was no longer the provider in the relationship and he proceeded to find love online because he was too lazy to get a job. I wasted 5 years of my life on this man… or should I say tick.

  2. cyntia erekson

    I have read most of these comments that other people have posted and I am sadden at what I was reading. There is no perfect male or female. God created us as our own person. Yes, we have all had the “guy who we thought we couldn’t lie without or promised us the world” and then they left. Ok so it happens, get up brush yourself off and move forward. Take what you can learn from that person (positive) and move on. It will make you a stronger more well-rounded person. There is nothing wrong with not having a partner 24/7, the companionship is needed but, if you are not ok with yourself then what good are you to anyone else. When you meet a guy do not look at just his physical side, but look where he is at in his life. Can you be friends first, can you have an intelligent conversation, do you have some of the same goals and ambitions? If not that’s ok you can still be friends. I don’t look at guys as “are we going to live happily ever after”, I build a friendship with them first. I would rather have a good friendship then someone to take care of me. I already do that for myself. I want to be with someone that I can communicate with, that is there lifting me up when I am having a bad day, or having a fantastic day. Yes sometimes it is hard to find that person, but then I check myself and see what I am contributing to the relationship friend or otherwise. Instead of negative attitudes all the time within yourself, start the transformation in yourself first. That other person will be there when you least expect it.

  3. Aaron

    Paula, women back in the day use to bend over backwards, cook clean take care of the children ECT, that’s not expected of every woman anymore, both domestic chores and parenting are shared now in most households, loving someone just because you love them is great, however it’s usually not enough to keep a relationship together these days. what’s wrong with spicing it up a little bit? You wouldn’t be happy if your partner didn’t care to go out of his way to make you happy from time to time, I cook I clean and work 12 hours a day, women have just as much power if not more in the workplace home and positions of authority, sounds like you don’t care what a man wants or what helps to keep a relationship together, As a matter of fact it just seems like you have a total dislike for men in general, from your post you sound like angry, Jaded, scared, woman that will never be happy until she learns to be happy on her own, I’m very sorry for calling you out, however you seem like a very negative person try thinking positive, get over the man or men that have let you down in life, treat them as you want to be treated and you will end up having a wonderful experience and relationship. Good luck, attitude is about 80 percent of it… P.S, your vagina is not a tool to get what you want, proper use is to populate or enjoy good sex…I’m married and stay married because my wife is my friend, we do love each other and we do go out of the way for each other the advice was good your attitude is not…..

  4. Lyndean

    Wow…I’m stunned with some of the comments, I’ve just read.
    As adult women we should know that men or friends who treat us poorly do so: because we continue to condone their “bad behavior”.
    I know for a fact, if I demonstrate a lack of respect for myself, my children, or my mate. I’d be standing alone. I’ve always demanded the best of myself( or the best I could do at the time), and in exchange; I expect the best from him. I don’t and won’t ask for anything I can’t provide in a relationship.
    Never tolerate poor behavior from anyone in your life. On the other hand…conduct yourself in the same manner. We attract negative people, when we don’t set boundaries within ourselves.
    PS: Bitterness will kill any relationship and is not an attractive trait.

  5. Pisces Girl

    All those things in a woman are about me no not self absorbed just actual facts. only thing I’m scared as hell to date. I’ve been single for a few years I act like school is in my way but I’m truly scared I’m my late 30’s. is this normal? I’m thin Brown hair green eyes

  6. Diane Willis

    They want a woman who can take care of herself, and them. They like Sports and stuff and like it when their “woman” takes an interest in it too. However, don’t expect them to ever make any effort to take an interest in your passions. They want a woman that will drop everything to go wherever they want. Oh, if you have children, don’t expect them to matter to him. Don’t ever expect him to miss his sports for them. No thanks, I’m managing on my own and have no interest in catering to some self-involved, whiny leech.

  7. Elvira

    I’m with you paula love is all about really loving someone with no conditions.when you love someone its all about faithful,honesty,communication,and being there for each other.

  8. Bella

    Denise OMG I m sorry he’s an ass & a bigger ass 4 doing the via FBI BS .. ” K A R M A ” baby !!!! 4 get his lying ass let him go plz , some how I don’t think you had a problem with that 1 … like you said wish the next girl well , I would push his ass on his merry way 2 umm hum ASAP 2 lol lol as in BYE you selfish a-s hole you by all means plz be on your merry way lol lol .. FYI I know I don’t need 2 tell you this , you don’t need this man BS so NO it IS not with you has NATA 2 do with you / no it’s not ON you zip NO NATA zip BCZ it is his stupid a-s fault yes ma’ma yes your R better off without his stupid butt !!!! 😉

    Christina you sound so sweet no & bless your heart , don’t worry about him , I’m sure he’s lying or hiding something FYI your much better off without him … Tell him B Y E !!!! FYI I inow you know this , no it’s not with you or on you all it is his utter BS caused OF or by his dumb ass .. Rest assure he will do it again 2 someone else … Plz be blessed Chris … Happy holidays 2 you , plz remember “” this the season ” with me Chris 2 be honest with ya “” men are the furtherest thing from my mind “” 2 many folks are in need …. Maybe this helps plz be blessed … 🙂

    (4) “” M E “” point taken / a valid point !!!!

    This is (4) THE peanut gallery like always YES I do like your sense of humor also your way of thinking BY putting things as they are … Nice job !!! My question 2 you is this DO you practice what you DO preach ???? Bless you happy holidays ,,, 😉

  9. Angel

    I was reading through some of the comments. I have to agree with a few. Where are these men. Most of them want the easy women with no morals. One thing I agree many dont care what they look like inside or outside. where are the classy men?

  10. Khammy

    Those of you who disagree with this author really need to look deep within yourself to realize his valuable this article really is. One of the best article I’ve read thus far.

  11. strong and beautiful single mom

    I did all what the article says and still he cheats. Then start making remark about my weight . Sick when I was pregnant with his child, he had no kind of sympathy for mi. After I kick him to the kerb two years ago, and loosing the baby weight , am beautiful again in his eyes. Funny thing is he said he always love mi and he know he made mistakes, oh and he never had a problem with my seize. Now he wants to be a family even though he has a “girlfriend” presently.
    MY advice for us women is to be true to our self , putting God first. We need to stop depend on the love of man to be happy or complete. Men with always be men.



  13. Terrie

    How old are these men,….20? Men want a women who can take care of herself so he doesn’t have to worry about taking care of her? Really?! What a bunch of crap. If a man doesn’t want to take care of me, he’s a loser. Of course I will take care of him too. That is the definition of a relationship. Duh.

  14. Terrie

    Wow, what a bunch of crap. Maybe this is true for the under 30 crowd, but when you get to be in your fifties, all this, “I can take care of myself” crap goes out the window. We all have a role to play and will need help eventually. We will not be young forever!! Hello? We each bring our own skills to a relationship and must be appreciated for such. I can’t stand it when men say they want a woman who can take care of herself so they don’t have to worry about taking care of her?! What? People take care of each other. I take care of you, you take care of me. That is the definition of a relationship. Duh.

  15. Jean

    Well said Denise and Paula. Women do not need a man in their lives but if one should come along who is equal and not selfish and mean as so many men are. Then it would be nice to have male company. What happened to the far off days when men were men and cared for and supported their women and children?????

  16. Melisa

    All of you women who think that it is only looks a guy likes in a woman, are insecure about themselves and that is what’s keeping you from finding the right guy. I also have seen too many woman who are also only interested in looks. To all the woman who say they don’t don’t need a man to complete them, you are absolutely right, you don’t. But you do need love, companionship and closeness to another human being or you are not complete anyway. We were not made to go through life alone, why do you think Noah brought two of everything? There is nothing wrong with a guy who wants a confident, intelligent, caring woman, who will take care of him, and the right guy will gladly give you his all, and take care of you in return. Those of you who complain about this list and what a guy wants, need to turn the title around, because an emotionally healthy woman, will want these same qualities in her mate s well. If all your going to do is see the faults in a man( and we all have faults) , then you will never find your ” soulmate” or an equal partner. You will never feel complete with someone else, if you are not complete on your own. Too many woman and men lie to themselves about what they are and what they are looking for. If you don’t believe that, you are probably one of them.

  17. Jess

    When we are ready and are focusing on ourselves we attract that in our lives.Living your life coming from a place of love instead of fear will bring a healthy relationship your way,having
    faith in ourselves and trust in the process:)

  18. Paula

    The internet is so crowded with “What Men Want” crap I could scream! What the hell happened to men that have respect for woman and treat them as they deserve. The next thing we will be seeing very soon will be the “Stepford Wife” being sold at our local Walmart. Woman continue to bend and bend for men and worry about what THEY want. When will men bend for woman? Just remember guys… we can continue to populate the world with or without you. And we will only pick the best men out there to produce our offspring so guess you should work on getting a better job, making more money, losing weight, making amazing meals, and having a “sunny’ personality or you will be dumped too!

  19. lorraine

    This is all fine and maybe be true but if a man is not mentally and emotionally
    mature it will never work because it is a two way street.

  20. lorraine

    This is all fine and maybe true but if a guy is not a man and is not mentally and
    emotionally mature it will never work because it is a true way street.

  21. Denise

    My guy of 13 years left me when I became unexpectedly unemployed and had to struggle for a few months. His choice? A shallow and attractive woman 20 years younger than him with daddy issues. His reason for dumping me (without having a conversation with me, I found out via FB)? “I wanted sex, and you couldn’t take the days off to drive to Cleveland in your car that probably wouldn’t make it to see me. Besides, she’s fun, you’d like her. She’s a banker, she plays trivia games, and she’ll never lose her job. She makes herself available to me whenever I feel like seeing her, with no demands on me. You expect to be treated like an equal.”

    I have all the self-confidence to survive the above. I have smarts, I’m attractive, and I’m a good partner. I refuse to reinvent myself to make some insecure idiot feel like a man. Real men want real women – this article left me wanting to strangle the author for perpetuating the myth that women exist only to serve men. YUCK!

  22. Peanut Gallery

    Yeah, nothin’ says confidence and emotional maturity like sittin’ around and reading yet another list of what men supposedly want! I say, who cares what men want! Find out what YOU want!!! What makes you happy? What makes YOU come alive?! Follow your bliss (cliche I know!), and the love will already be there 🙂

    You’re wonderful! You don’t need a man to tell you so, I know so! Peace and love babies!

  23. t

    When you baby a man it ruins him. It makes him a wimp? a fagget or a wimp.

    So, stop making up your own philosophy! and help a man to be strong by treating him like a man, because God made him to be the man of the house and he is responsible for his wife and children… and he needs to be strong. And be honest to your self, And realize that the world is full of crazy ideas, and women has ideas,,,, And they are not to change a man. Let a man be a man and let Jesus in your life; So that you may be able to see the truth… And leave men alone, And let men grow naturally the way God created them to be. Get the behind me Saton !

  24. Rosie

    Thanks for this article. I find that I’ve been doing most of this without even realizing it and I think it’s working for me.

  25. Dehlia

    Hi, A compliment for you. I do enjoy getting your emails daily with good helpful articles. Nice site, nice content. Keep up good work and thanks for sending my way. Have many good ones.

  26. Karlene Walker

    Am single and is interested in a man between the age of 40-50
    I love a man who can communicate, very respectful, team player, family oriented, spiritual, loving and caring
    Whenever I get a reply, I wll furnish more information about me

  27. christiana

    is it wrong for a woman to asked his boyfriend about another woman in his life which made him angry and stop communication and even end the relationship pls i need a reply.

  28. albina

    the information was very helpful but my thing is that it sounds like man want the purrfect woman that doesnt exist a woman cant be everything right smart sexy that would be like a barbie sorry just my opinin thank you.

  29. Charles Ross

    Great Article! It hits the nail squarely on the “head”!
    A self sustaining woman that can “fend” for herself but likes the fact that she has a reliable man in arms length to assist when needed or “wanted”. That’s my kind of “gal”. Independent but with a flair for kindness and assistance when requested by her “beck and call”. Yep! that’s my kind of gal. I found her 50 years ago and she has been my “right hand-my lover-my friend” and is the Mother of my children and I still love her as much today as I did when we found each other in that little country town in Southeast Missouri. May God continue to bless each of you and May God Bless My Jo!

  30. Me

    [When we’re with a woman who can take care of herself, we’re not worried about taking care of her. ]
    this is a bunch of crap! yes we can take care of ourself, but the object is to get someone to pitch in. If you have a man that thinks you got it all he’s going to be lazy and selfess thinking that he does’t have to do much to get what he wants. Which leads to him doing nothing and relaying on the female to provide. No! it is not the dark ages and some women do make enough to substain their households, but a man is suppose to be a man and provide. Women are taking stands where they need not and to me that is why the divorce rate and marriage decline.Even if it is not neccessary let him pitch in and do what he is suppose to do. There are certain things in the bible the fabic of life and to allow a man to think well here it is am wealthy and you need not do anything cause I the women can.And what of those who can’t that need the help are we not worthy to date!

  31. Grace Alvarez

    This goes both ways…a relationship is NOT just about pleasing him. How about writing one for them in hiw to keep us hooked?

  32. Bella

    I know your right NYC girlZS what was we just talking about ..lol .. “” This “” is why women are from Venus & “” MEN ” are from Mars, Kiki & nana & this why Kiki & I’ve been single 4 me (10) + years / yes BY my own choice .. 😉 Kiki (12) years BCZ of —- ;( .. With me Only now am I truly happy / ready 4 my soul – mate I need 2 complete / wait 4 MY (transformation) 2 come about now I’m just waiting on / 4 him 2 come & find me 1st this time I’m 2 busy / shy/ reserved … however I was told by ms Quinn + a psychic from a long time ago I wouldn’t find my soulmate until later on in my life actually she /,they both said # 46 -47 + it would happen really fast 2 .. I’m here yes I know I’ve been really busy with everything going on this much I know , just like now I m 4 sure 200 % I’m finally ready with no doubt now I n ready 2 commit 2 my soulmate, so where is he @ ??? lol psps Kiki yes we do think GC is your soulmate FYI .. 😉

  33. Danielle

    Sounds great but your only describing a good man and where he is I have no idea. I have many of those qualities you have described to be attractive to men and find them to be intimidating to them. It seems to me that most men want you to be dependent on them and do not like when you make more money then them. I’d also love to find a man that would say “Let’s do something fun tonight and new”. He doesn’t exist in my world. Unlucky in love.

  34. Patty

    I’m sooooo sick of hearing about “soul mates”. What a crock of crap! There s NO such thing as a “soul mate”. This is term drummed up by people who label themselves as “psychics” and who are no more able to predict the future than a 2 yr old. Get on with your lives and stop buying into all this crap! It’s not real. Worry about the state of our nation, worry about your leaders who can’t seem to get anything right anymore. Worry about the next world war and trust me, there will be one. Worry about single mothers who can’t find jobs now, worry about children who are being molested, underfed, beaten and forgotten about. Worry about crossing the street without getting run over, worry about anything except your “soul mate”. PLEASE!!!!!!

  35. Bella

    Ok I get all of that !!!! done & done but ah & yes they do 2 seek out perfection in a woman more / vice versa !!! 2 be perfect … “” what about 10 things that a woman wants / needs must haves IN a man “” ???? I am sure our list will be a lot shorter lol lol … I think a little bit of reversal role playing could be used right about now !!!!! All I am hearing about lately is all about men men & men what about US great & wonderful nice good hearted women out there, where’s our list 4 them ??? bc it does go / goes = it work both ways … is all i am saying !!!! Lol lol


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