Make it a Super Sexy Date Night

Spicing Up Your Romantic Relationships

If you’re looking for a memorable date night full of sensual and sexual intrigue, there are some enticing tricks that you can enact. If the devil is in the details, it may be time to break out your evil twin!

Chef it Up

The art of cooking (and eating) can offer huge rewards in the sensuality department. Being able to supply your mate with sustenance that pleases the palate serves dual purposes. You both get to enjoy the sensual art of eating (and maybe feeding) one another while you satisfy a basic human need. And don’t forget the little details like candles, place settings and fresh flowers for ambiance!

Dirty Talk

Talking dirty can be one of the friskiest and most effective foreplay techniques. Ditto for dirty texting, also known as sexting. Why not send some creative and detailed texts throughout the day to tease and build up to the night’s sensual romp? Then when you’re on the date, expand on those ideas by whispering playful suggestions into his ear. It’s all about the buildup, so have fun with it and see how tightly you can wind him up! Want to open up your sex life with some new adventures? Liam ext. 9290 can help!

Lace it Up

There’s a reason why Victoria’s Secret is one of the largest corporations in America. Sexy, lacy undergarments add a layer of mystery and sensuality that will always rev up the night’s sexual tension, so slip into some naughty niceties and give him a bit of a preview as your date progresses!

Fantasy Play

Most people have entertained any number of fantasies which they’d love to play out in the real world. Figure out what his is if you haven’t already, and then choose one in particular to have fun with!

“Sex keeps the present moment occupied, love is just glad you met.” – Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179

Mix it Up

If you’re looking for different, more intriguing results from your date night efforts, then change things up! Variety is the spice of life and there’s umpteen ways to be creative. From what you wear, to the activities you choose, to the way you speak to each other, or flirt with each other, do something new! Odds are you’ll find some novel and clever tactics to add to your store of sexual turn ons!

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9 thoughts on “Make it a Super Sexy Date Night

  1. ababe

    wear lace crotchless tights under a tight pencil skirt or short skirt…..then when your out whisper ThAT, if his ear….I date a musician…so when going to gigs I do this sometimes..before goes on stage……hee hee…naughty…but it WORX!!! (evi grin)…..

  2. Randy

    Ah agin the girls are silent. to much info I supose. If you don’t want to have sex jus do what I do stay home. Then again this is away to not have a relationship. I have hd enough not worth the let down.

  3. Melania

    yes, i know……super….but he also enter in your game, otherwise for nothing shake you …… are people who do not enjoy, or get categorizes otherwise…..

  4. seif

    Eating prior to having sex is not practical! Empty stomach sex is most enjoyable for both the partners, espcially her…..Most of the women give you good time, if you buy them gifts or make a promise full of goodies, then she gona be a powerhouse of excited sex on you.

  5. seif

    I would say sexy talks or perhaps sex movies would lead to a very good start-up…a powerhouse of energy from both the sides. Foreplay, leading to game full of excitement. But, again it all depends on both the partners and their sexual cooperation….


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