Love Your Metrosexual

The Changing Attitudes of Men

A softer side of men: Can it really happen? Does that exist? Within the past year, many of my lady callers have expressed concerns about men that have ended their friends-with-benefits relationships. It has been said for years that we are entering a time of a stronger feminine energy. But where are men headed, and what may be in store for them? I have seen for some time that men are taking a turn towards engaging their softer side. We are leaving a time where men have been known as players, those who float from one lady to another showing no attachment, portraying an image that it was merely an act of sexual pleasure. Those days are fading by the wayside.

I’m seeing more and more that men are becoming attached to those that they are being intimate with, letting go of the fears that they may be hurt, even exposing that they are loving, compassionate, heartfelt men. Traditionally, boys were taught to be the tough guys, not allowing emotion to show. If they did, it was a sign of weakness, so they were taught to hide emotions of vulnerability. By doing this it did not allow them to feel, boys were encouraged to just brush it off, as a result the tools needed for boys to grow into open communicative men, having the ability to enjoy a loving relationship has been hindered, these chains are being broken, we are seeing a time where men are being caught using words such as feelings, disappointments, sadness, desires, and even the phrase “I love you.”

It has to be said that this new wonderful trend is also creating better lovers. Men are not so engaged in self-gratification, but are finding deeper pleasure in the pleasing of their partner, leaving behind a time where once the man dashed to the door after he hit and run. Now the man is the one wanting to cuddle, falling asleep in the safety of their loved one. This is as fulfilling as the love-making it self.

As we enter into these new enlightened times, men are becoming balanced within their feminine and male sides. They are embracing the idea of someone being there for them and wanting a committed relationship. Yes, this seems so odd in comparision to what we have seen from them throughout the years. An additional benefit to this shift is that there will no longer be one gender dominating the other. You will see equality in relationships and the ability to communicate and compromise in situations that come up.

In the past, women were the ones who would say “You’re not wearing that right” or “When you’re through getting ready we can go (even when they just spent at least ten minutes getting ready, and they thought they were done). Well, I have to say, it’s becoming known that men are gaining more exquisite taste than women, where paying more attention to detail is greatly enjoyed. Often some men can be great hairstylists and fashion specialists. I have to admit that when I go clothes shopping, I would rather take a man who is in touch with his true self. It is proven that he can put together a wardrobe better then most women.

This rising trend is not evolving just on the intimate relationship side, it’s also spreading into the work career sector. Men are entering into fields that were once unheard of, yet seeing that they are highly respected and are being seen to be highly successful. Men are treading into new territory with the highest level of respect, roles such as nurses, consultants, designers. Another strong rising trend is that men are desiring and choosing to be more involved in raising the children, engaging in the role of stay at home dad. This can be a breath of fresh air.

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11 thoughts on “Love Your Metrosexual

  1. Diane Crane

    I don’t think a lot of your responders know their spelling, past tenses of verbs, or punctuation. Just an observation.

  2. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Definitely a breath of fresh air! Appreciate this article Jacqueline!

    Happy New Year 2012!

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  3. michelle green

    i enjoy hearing that i no he love me but i might worry to much everything is good between us i thank i just want to no how much he realy does

  4. Machelle

    I appreciate a man that can be sensitive and yet strong. Who can connect with me on a deeper level, to understand and appreciate and nurture my sensitive side.
    I don’t see it as a sign of weakness, rather a sign of striength.
    I like this article.

  5. Michelle

    I lived with a man whose metrosexual-side became more evolved over our 20 year relationship and over time saw him turn into the most conceited, vain individual — yes he took longer in the shower and to get ready, and whenever we arrived at the venue was always frustrated as to why people would comment on my appearance and not his. He became a philanderer…and a whiner. Ladies– are you really sure you want this?
    best of luck in your choices.

  6. Sarita

    A beautiful article. Now men can start to feallize it’s okay to show their emotions and that they will not be considered “weak” for doiong so. Thank you,

  7. Marta

    Maybe White men are starting to realize what Indigenous men in Matriarchal societies have know for a long time. We all need to get back to that balance.

  8. al

    what do you mean comment waiting moderation you mean waiting to be sensored. there is nothing bad just straight forward honesty. this article is junk plain and simple


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