15 Signs That They’re in Love With You

How to Know if They Love You!

Love is action—it’s not pushed, forced or angry. It’s a wonderful experience, without question! If you want to know if your partner loves you, I can help you figure it out. Here are 15 signs to look for:

1. He takes your out for special dinners, not just to the local joint you always frequent.

2. He leaves you love notes. He packs them in your lunch or purse or leaves you notes on the mirror before he leaves for work.

3. He makes you breakfast and delivers it with a smile and flowers.

4. You come home from work to find that dinner is on the table.

5. A romantic evenings consists of a lit fireplace and glasses of wine.

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6. He shows you off to his friends and family.

7. If your cold, he gives you his coat.

8. He cuddles with you and tells you how much you mean to him.

9. He calls or texts you to see how your day is going.

10. He send you flowers “just because” and includes a sentimental note.

11. He never forgets your birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

12. He wants you to meet his parents.

13. He talks about you with friends.

14. He likes to spend quiet time with you.

15. He enjoys listening to your stories and wants to help you when you’re feeling down or disappointed.

If the man in your life doesn’t make these kind of gestures, maybe it’s time for you to find another man. Or, if you want to improve the romance in your current relationship, but don’t know how, I’d be happy to help. My great tips are only a phone call away!


7 thoughts on “15 Signs That They’re in Love With You

  1. rosecoccarr

    I was in love with a man for man y years…but we seem to drift apart..he n ow has a another in his life…I don’t know if he ever loved me…how does man find love and treats a women with no respect…is that love….getting her into trouble never speaking up for her..is that love.making people ate hate me is that love,,or am I confuse…thinkling it mis dxifferent else..

  2. Kenny

    Your talking about woman I’m a man that would like to know the 15 things “That you know SHE Loves you”. I’m happy and content with my life, I’m not in the best of Health. It’s not depressing too me, I have accepted it with grace and enjoy making my life on the easy going side. The one thing is, is that I’m Crazy”Good Crazy” and it helps me from going insane. I’m always in a good mood or take the lighter side of something that needs too be done and not get so over worked up like a lot of people. with my sense of humor that can come from A-Z also helps from not being stressed which lessons the daily physical pain I live in. Just one more thing any of you Woman want to get Married to an easy going country boy,like I said I’m crazy but helps me from going insane. Kenny

  3. larry gallagher

    ladies that is bad advice, that maybe what you want but men don’t think that way, you may get get one or two but it doesn’t mean he is not in love with you

  4. Alicia

    My man don’t do the 15 signs, but most of then, we are dating for about 4 months now and he already told me that he is falling for me, I would like flowers or notes, it is something that he didn’t do yet 🙂


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