Is it Love, Lust, or Bust?

What’s Your Love Quotient?

There’s a song entitled “Love is a Many-Splendored Thing,” and within the song are the lyrics “Love is nature’s way of giving, a reason to be living,” but for some of us love leaves us wanting more. It can even push us away from relationships. When a relationship gets old, we can feel neglected. An older relationship can feel stagnant, unproductive and hollow. Conversely, new relationships are fascinating and feel exciting because the people involved are getting to know each other. They try to show their best sides and feel excited to be in each other’s presence.

Single individuals run the emotional gambit from strong, independent, high-spirited love energy to feelings of isolation and insufferable energy. So how do you know if the person you are currently connected with is the right person for you, or how can you attract the right person? Is it true love, lust at first sight, or, are you silently thinking it’s time to get out, or worse, subconsciously telling yourself you’re not worth it?

Your Love Quotient (LQ)

Watching co-workers, family members and friends engage and disengage with so many individuals on a daily basis can make you wonder if, in general, people have some type of an attractor-factor, love quotient (LQ) or energy? And if so, what might your LQ be, and can you enhance it? After all, your electromagnetic aura energy works like a human antenna, and is exactly how you repel or attract certain people into your life. Have you ever walked into an office, store, or home of a friend and were instantly upset or angry? Chances are you just walked through remnant energy from an argument within that environment. When you leave, you suddenly feel happy again. Knowing about that type of surge will help you understand the power of your own aura energy.

Hot Pink Light

When I was young, my parents taught me to surround myself and others with an energy of pink light (a representation of love energy) especially if I were contending with a bully, an angry person, or, in my adult years, an out-of-control boss. For many years I studied this type of energy work and I realized there is an extreme amount of power with the use of color and thought. So I began to play with the different colors and attributed them to actions. For attracting love, I found no color works as well as sizzling hot pink! You don’t have to wear it, you just have to think it. Try this for yourself: Exude hot pink from your third eye, your heart chakra, your head, fingers and toes. Fill your aura energy with hot pink. Envision yourself inside of a hot pink bubble or cloud. Projecting your energy in this manner allows for soulmates with the same vibratory LQ to enter your life. Our attractor-factor energy is our best human feature! It works like a magnet, attracting only the perfect match for you and enables your paths to cross at the most opportune time. You well be amazed at how quickly this energy shift works.

Love is Not an Obligation

When we are truly connected with our soulmate, love is engaging and the most energizing, fabulous connection in the universe. And, when we’re not, love can be a harrowing, heartbreaking destroyer. Understanding love is a gift and not an obligation keeps love from becoming complacent or routine. It’s not “friends with benefits;” it’s placing yourself in the midst of someone who will nourish your soul and give you support and protect your soul’s journey. They are that one special person who understands the quality of your life together. Love begins with a faith from within, and unless you surrender to love, you may never know love. In the meantime, enhance your love possibilities by utilizing one of your best features, your LQ, attractor-factor aura energy.

Think Hot Pink!

10 thoughts on “Is it Love, Lust, or Bust?

  1. Marc from the UK

    hey that’s unfair! Can you seriously expect blokes ( That’s men in American) Think Hot Pink???

    How about HOT blue lol !!!

    Informative, I’ll remember to wear pink lol

  2. terri

    Just like u said dont want to be alone for the rest of my years left ,dont want to grow alone, die alone. Thats why i guess am with this someone for the last almost 3 years because i am getting older am a 53 year old female with my children moved out and gone .Ive always been a single mother never had a family just my kids ,my own family i have never been close to me never will ,they dont care about me at all and i have 1 friend i think in my life,thats it .So as u can see i have nobody or nothing unless i just hold on with this guy ,am with him still just because i need to feel wanted and loved in anyway i can.Even thou he does not treat me like u should i just put up with him am very sad with him and with out him but am not alone what else am i suppose to do i could go with more details about this relationship but would take to long.I know in my heart ill never meet anyone else ,so what else am i suppose to do??

  3. Suzanne

    I love colors and hot pink makes me think of the Pink Ladies from Happy Days and how everyone thought they were so HOT. Valentines Day is full of pink. Some of us are pinkish when we are born. I noticed how I feel more awake when I wear pink. Nice thing to try and watch the reactions. Universal Hug. Suzanne


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