4 Love Lessons We All Should Learn

Love Lessons You’ll Want to Remember

We can’t live in fear that someone won’t love us for who we are. Nor can we accept that we can find us a fixer upper and our lives will be perfect if only they would change. Here is some loved advice from our psychics that I wish I’d heard (and followed).

Lesson 1: Love is Not Difficult

Psychic Marin ext. 5113: “I had been in a seven-year relationship, and the last year of it was extremely challenging. My mother told me, ‘Love should not be this difficult.’ Once I surrendered to this concept, I met my husband six months later. That was 15 years ago.” Is your true love close by? Find out with a reading from Psychic Marin.

Lesson 2:  You Can’t Make Them Love You

Psychic Fiona ext. 5178: “My grandmother told me, ‘You can’t make somebody love you.’ Respect yourself. Love flows from heart to heart. If it isn’t happening on both ends, then they aren’t the right person for you. Move on. It’s helped me clearly see what’s real.” Is the match not made in heaven and things have soured? Get a relationship reading with Psychic Fiona.

Lesson 3: You Can’t Fix Them

Psychic Justine ext. 5402: The best piece of love advice I was ever given was from a very good friend. She said, ‘Never go into a relationship with the idea that you can fix or change either him or her.’ You have to love yourself enough to be honest with yourself. You cannot have unreasonable expectations. You shouldn’t judge but accept the person for who they are. If in your heart you know now that they are not for you, do not expect a miraculous change or harbor the idea that you can remold them to your personal preferences!

I guess I had to learn the hard way even though the advice had been given to me. After suffering through many years of an unhappy marriage, and all the while, expending energy trying to change that individual, I finally accepted the fact that he would never change. I then began to look at changing myself and using that energy to look at who I was. As I began to look at myself, it became clear that I needed to love and accept myself. Once I did this, I was able to meet a man that I loved for who he was and he loves me for who I am. With acceptance of each other, we work every day to compromise and to enhance each other, not to change each other.” Do you feel your relationship is broken? Find out if it can be mended. Try a relationship reading from Psychic Justine.

Lesson 4:  They Don’t Love You Back

Psychic Quinn ext. 5484:My father told me, ‘The love I feel for another person is my feelings. I cannot feel the love they are feeling for me.’ It helped me understand why I loved someone that did not love me the same way. While I was over the moon in love, the guy was lingering in the clouds. I have learned to take responsibility for my love relationships and understand that being able to love someone, to have that loving feeling, is the gift—not having them love me.” When will true love next strike for you? Find out with a reading from Psychic Quinn.

6 thoughts on “4 Love Lessons We All Should Learn

  1. nicolas

    In the “You Can’t Fix Them” section : It turns me off when a girl likes in me some of my bad habits, they might find sexy or whatever but I know it is something I’m trying to FIX or improve and that they know it that I am and that I can be a better human being, I feel that I’m held back in that moment by some woman that should be with another guy not me. So of course the attraction lasts very little, I find out right away this is not the right person for me, but I attracted it by doing exactly that I should’ve FIXED way before I made myself available by saying YES. Now I’m over those, but when I was younger I knew less how say NO, even now today I am not an expert but I am getting better at it. The “YOU CAN’T FIX THEM” section, if you are really feeling LOVE, I mean this alone can FIX things, but I’m way too romantic so I understand of course what you mean. Love is making me quit smoking. Like before I even meet this imaginary LOVE, I’m already feeling it in the air, I am FIXING it something that I actually been wanting to happen for myself and not anyone else, this imaginary feeling of love is FIXING it already. Great articles all, and points. Thanks.

  2. Felicia ext. 5033

    After a couple of disaster relationships, I think we all tend to not rush into a relationship fully like we did when we were first dating, heartache is a hard pill to swallow.
    I think we learn to take off the rose colored glasses of illusion, falling in love with love… However, great chemistry is a must… along with taking our time falling in love with a “compatible” mate’s wonderful traits and deep friendship, that turns into a deep feeling of love and trust. It’s great when you find the right one. You will… Keep being Picky!

  3. LJ

    Good advice with valid points that we should all know – and we sometimes forget when we’re lost in the moment. Thanks Holly!
    xo LJ

  4. Ann

    I truly undestand all this and after reading a very good book that opened my eyes wider than they had been before the book was called that love is not suppose to hurt


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