Love at First Sight

The room is crowded. You stand in a corner. Someone else is standing in the other corner and…just like that! Fireworks! You melt into each other’s arms and it’s bliss. You both ‘knew that first moment’ and your life has never been the same.

It’s a wonderful fairy tale that perpetuates nearly every culture in the world. And, some – perhaps the blessed few – say it’s no fairy tale at all. Is love at first sight fact or fiction?

Here’s what is clear – physical attraction is pretty instantaneous. Both men and women give off powerful signals in our physicality, eye contact and even hormonally which draw others to us. Relationships come in every size, shape and color imaginable but one thing they all have in common is that initial spark which motivated both people to find out more. Chemistry doesn’t listen to the mind. Thankfully, we do have minds to find out if that special person is with is worth our heart. That is what courtship is for – to follow the initial attraction as far as it is meant to go. That first moment is an important one. Do you feel drawn to this person for purely physical reasons or is your spirit drawn to them as well?

One thing everyone can relate to is love at first sight for, well, one person. A crush can feel like the deepest love your mind could ever dream up, and in fact, it is! It is a creation of the mind. All sexual feelings begin there and that special feeling in your heart when you “know” they are the “one” starts in your head, too.

So, if two people, across a crowded room have instantaneous physical attraction which results in a whirlwind romance as both parties realize that this person is everything they want and more, then yes, perhaps love at first sight is possible. Or maybe it’s just a crush, which luckily for them, happens to both people at once.

Or maybe, just maybe, there is something much bigger at play. The universe can be a surprising and playful place. Perhaps every now and then, a little pocket of love opens up and two people fall right in, together, in the same moment. Because no matter what we do know, the best part of love is the unknowable, special force of it which draws one to another all over the world. And for some, that means love at first sight.

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