Lasting Love Isn’t a Fairy Tale

It’s a Lot of Hard Work

Disney movies really messed me up—the ones where some impoverished blonde girl meets the man of her dreams (who just happens to be a prince). Something happens to her—she cries, or dies—but she’s eventually rescued by her prince (because she can’t rescue herself). They get married, and ride off into the sunset together. Even though we call this a fairy tale, we somehow believe that this is a realistic portrayal of lasting love. Well, it isn’t.

Notice how we never find out what life in the castle is like after the wedding. We never learn that the princess has fertility issues, or that the prince is cheating on her with the entire kitchen staff (both male and female). We never learn that the prince has an older brother who is contesting the prince’s right to their father’s throne. We never see the princess caring for her elderly and infirm in-laws while the prince is at war with a neighboring kingdom. Stop getting caught up in a fairy tale and talk to one of our love psychics for a dose of romantic reality!

Lasting love is hard work. It’s something you have to work at every day. It’s a commitment to unselfishness, at least most of the time. It’s a promise to another person, whether you call them your husband, wife, partner, or significant other. It is a vow that no matter the crap life or the universe throws your way (and it will), you’re going to be there for each other and work through it together. If you want lasting love, you can’t walk away when things get tough.

So how do you know if you have lasting love? First, you’ll need to be in a relationship that consists of mutual trust, respect and love. Those are the basic qualities. If you don’t have that with your partner, it’s never going to work. Next, life needs to throw a huge curve ball at you guys, and if you’re together long enough, it will. Examples of huge curve balls include:

1. The loss of a job or inability to get/keep one.

2. A major medical crisis. This could be the result of a debilitating accident, mental health issue, drug/alcohol addiction or disease.

3. The death of a parent, pet, child or friend.

4. An ex or a friend causing drama.

It’s bad enough to have one of these curve balls in your life, but having more than one at once is very possible. And these curve balls are things you often can’t control or avoid. You have to face them, and you have to face them together, and most importantly, you have to want to face them together. That’s the key to lasting love through the hardest of times. Is a hard time causing a rift in your romantic relationship? Tips from Fiona ext. 5178 could strengthen your love bond.

Lasting love during the best of times is much easier, but it still takes work. It is so easy to fall into a rut when you’ve been together for a few years. Your life is a routine, but your romance shouldn’t be. Here are a few things you can do to maintain your lasting love with your partner:

1. Make each other laugh.

2. Show love for each other every day in what you say and do.

3. Date your partner. Take them back to the early days of your romance, frequently.

4. Make them feel wanted and desired.

5. Make them feel like you need them.

6. Don’t buy them some flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day because that’s what you’re “supposed to do.” Give them gifts that are meaningful to them and represent who they are and what they enjoy, and do it on a Monday (or whenever they’d least expect it).

7. Grow together as a couple, but also encourage individual growth. Take cooking classes together, but don’t freak out if your wife joins a writing group. Get in shape together, but don’t get weepy if your husband decides to train for a marathon with his best friend. Togetherness is just as important as time apart. Find the balance that is right for you as a couple and as individuals and get comfortable with it.

So, are you ready for lasting love? Are you ready for all the work, sacrifice and responsibility that comes with it? Are you ready for that kind of love from another person? Your love and relationship questions are waiting to be answered by our love psychics, like Venus, Maryanne, Vega, Reed, and Jonathan. Give them a call if you’d like to get closer to lasting love.

4 thoughts on “Lasting Love Isn’t a Fairy Tale

  1. Josey

    What if you no longer love your selfish partner who is always whining and whinging…no matter wot you do to work hard at the relationship…Like 40 odd yrs of it!! And if you have feelings for another who admires your hard work and the other is single??? Would it be wise to confront those feelings which you know the other has for you as well? Friends first they say!! I would love an opinion if its well worth pursuing the other. Or letting them know your feelings towards them…even tho you are still married to this unlovable, unappreciative whinger??


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