12 Kinds of Sex to Avoid

When Too Far is Too Far

Sex is a big topic in relationships these days. You’ve got the people getting too much of it (often from the wrong people, a.k.a. cheating), not enough, or the wrong kind (bad sex). While you may think you know the difference between healthy and unhealthy sex… do you really?

1. Make-Up Sex

Make-up sex can be a hit or miss affair. It works for some, and not for others. It is particularly damaging if one partner sees it as a fix-all to every argument. This is when a partner heads for the bedroom every time a disagreement starts up. Then, after the hormones settle, someone is usually left feeling lonely and cheated. You should also be aware that this kind of sex may reward your partner for creating drama in the relationship, which means you may end up seeing a lot more of it.

2. Third-Date Sex

There are no rules when it comes to sex. You should listen to your gut when it comes to deciding when the time is right. It could be the first date, or the 30th. The most important thing is that you have a say in the decision.

3. Break-Up Sex

It may be tempting to engage in one last hurrah, but it may make the heartbreak worse for you or your partner. Breaking up creates an assortment of painful feelings and emotions (for both people). Break-up sex may create an association with these feeling, which could take some of the thunder out of your next intimate moment.

4. Rebound Sex

Research shows that rebound sex can actually make a man feel better about himself. It brings renewed confidence, release of stress and offers the compliment of being desired by another woman. However, this does not have the same effect on all women. In fact, most women report feeling worse after this kind of sex.

5. Pity Sex

Having sex because you feel sorry for someone may make them feel better (if they don’t know you pity them) but it won’t make you feel better about yourself.

6. Drunk Sex

Losing your inhibition may seem like the perfect cocktail to an all-night sex marathon. However, when this love potion can cloud judgment, dampen sensation, dwindle your orgasm and wilt his magic Twizzle stick, it is usually better to limit your consumption to a light buzz.

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7. “Keep Him” Sex

In a world of players and keepers, the jerk has it made when his moody behavior gets him sex, because his partner is trying to do what she can to keep him (or take the relationship to the next level). However, if a guy isn’t willing to wait for sex, he won’t be willing to wait around afterward, either.

8. Routine Sex

Many long-term relationships eventually fall into a “sex routine.” Regular sex is good, and sometimes you have to schedule it to fit into a busy lifestyle. However, be aware that this can lead to boredom and lack of enthusiasm. Put in the effort to shake things up every once in awhile.

9. Obligatory Sex

Obligatory sex usually follows the sex routine, as one partner may no longer enjoy it, but feels they need to do it anyway, to fulfill their duty. This kind of thinking will only lead to resentment and romance kill.

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10. Reward Sex

Reward sex is the same as obligatory. But instead of doing it for your partner’s benefit, you are doing it for your own. This good deed has nothing to do with love, intimacy, or affection. In other words, sex becomes a reward for getting what you want. This kind of arrangement most always ends badly.

11. Goal-Oriented Sex

Sex is more fun when it is experienced without the stress of a particular goal, such as an orgasm. This is because if that goal is not reached, both partner’s end up feeling like the sex was not good. This is the kind of thinking that will lead to obligatory sex. Instead, try incorporating spiritual sex into your lovemaking.

12. Magazine “Tip” Sex

This is a reminder not to expect too much out of new positions featured in magazines. It is not the individual position that will rekindle the romance, but rather your willingness to put more effort into experimentation and learning to “listen” to what your partner wants.

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43 thoughts on “12 Kinds of Sex to Avoid

  1. Tiffani Davis

    My sex is really really good , men loves my Virgina, but im always in a relationship with a man! I see someone that im attracted to they like me, I like them I don’t always give it up, but when I do decide the men just want more and more from me is this a good thing or bad thing men are very attractive to me what kinda sex is this one

  2. Real Woman

    Good article! I’m actually over here laughing because while everything you’re say is so true. I realize that me and my husband are quite guilty of at least half this entire list with me being the one to initiate most of it by circumstance! LoL I’m gonna try to break those bad habits. 🙂 Thanks for the interesting article!

  3. Colleen

    Erika – You are so right!!! Either the chemistry is there or it’s not. If there is no passion for your lover, you are with him or her for all the wrong reasons.

  4. Just do it

    I am single why because I really feel love should be shared
    When you love a woman it should be expression of a feeling you both share
    It can be after a disagreement or any other time
    Just as long as it is truly about how you feel about each other

  5. vinny


  6. johnny

    hi i have been sort of feeling pretty bad here lately,i have been meeting married women that want to have me on the side because they say their men arent giving them the passion they are looking for ,i love the sex but feel bad for these guys i want to go up to them and tell them what they are missing in the bed room but i donot know whom they are,i have been looking for single women thin to average for a long term relationship ,but cannot find a single women ,im not a bad looking 53 year old man,but every women i meet is always married where am i going wrong,where are the single women that want a man that loves sex all the time,im trying to find that lovely single women,i am trying to find her where can i go other than a bar for a single warm hearted women,i am a kind man but i have sex with these married women because i think they are single but then they tell me about theyre man where do i go for a sexy single woman,i like your comments on the different sex but at times thats all a man can do if all he meets is married women that want me

  7. Glenda

    My partner and I touch without talking and we can see how much we enjoy each other
    just by looking at each others bodies. Chemistry 🙂 Healthy Sex

  8. Glenda

    My partner and I enjoy SEX always for exactly what it is, feeling wonderful every time…..for no reason but chemistry 🙂
    If I touch him he feels good (it shows) and when he touches me he can see I feel good! We dont even talk!

  9. laurie

    what about 1st date sex? Is that bad karma too? I think the author needs to research this otherwise isn’t sex the reward anyhow? Don’t forget life is short and all the sex to avoid listed are because of what? I say get laid its your life but be responsible and respect yourself fools.

  10. jp

    What about post pregnancy sex, after having our son i still see little to no sex, and our son is 8months wth.

  11. Redhead

    Agreed! And, I gotta admit to lov’n a little Buzz Sex as opposed to Drunk Sex. Noth’n about Kinky Sex in the list; but hey, that ain’t BAD, right? Right! Life is one big party. Party on, my dears, party on.

  12. Chrissi

    This can be true in a committed marital relationship as well as before- the obligatory sex- especially if one partner believes sex proves that you love them, and a lack means that you are ‘going off’ them, even if this is completely untrue

  13. Erika Badu

    internal sex external sex……blah blah blah blah…… if you have no attraction for the opposite sex specially after having sex with them and they don’t knock your sox off… do yourself a favor and don’t get involved for the wrong reasons e.g; money , comfort ,convenience.

  14. yummyummz

    Making love is the best just experienced it for the first time in December now he is my fiancée and I am 29

  15. Willie

    I,ve just recently reviewed ur definitiion of the different type of sexes. I seem to fit in the category of the obligatory; achieving an orgasm. I will attempt to dismiss this and concentrate on enjoyment.



  17. ranisir

    I’m not comment,but would lke to. Asking you that how the way to hold ex will be back..we did break up almost 2 yrs and did lost contact at that time, but recently he’ll trying to be keep communicate as we did used to be,but he didn’t tell me that we’re back as lover and he didn’t ask me to be his gf..and my feeling still same like before..as he’s my bf..how should I do..pls respond.
    Await from yours.

  18. furkhan

    which kind of sex we should do that my boy friend feel better and he want to sex always with me and enjoyed with me

  19. Nikkoshen

    Hmmm…sounds like this article includes some very contradictory advice as compared to a previous article in which people were advised to engage in “rebound pleasuring” as long as both parties were on the same page as to their intentions for the activity-just two consenting adults having fun. It was fun to read as a checklist, though.. 🙂

  20. G

    Wow! Never thought I’d say this, but I’m a guy and this is SO spot on for guys as well as women. Very true.


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