How to Keep Your Partner Interested

Learning How to Stabilize Your Relationship

Being with the same person long-term ensures comfort, but keeping things sassy, sexy and interesting is entirely another thing. If you’re ready to turn up the heat, read on!

Live It Up

There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman making her mark in this world. If he’s impressed with your work, hobbies, life adventures, and spunk, it’s a sure bet that he’s interested in seeing as much of you as he can get his hands on! Not just living, but thriving in life shows him that you are a complete person, and that while you are interested in him too, you love yourself enough to live your life in a healthy, colorful balance instead of throwing your needs away for him in that creepy, needy way some women do. Make him wish—and ask—for more time with you!

Keep Him Wondering What’s Next

Spontaneity is the spice of life, and if you are with someone for a while, it’s easy to get used to one another. So, don’t be so predictable. Text him random, sexy, funny, fun messages throughout the day to keep him intrigued. Make date plans that you have never shared with him before. Surprise him with sexy underwear, or none at all, whenever the mood strikes you. Learn about one of his hobbies, then either take him to a game, or show off your newfound skill by sharing in his hobby. You get the drift. If you keep him guessing, you‘ll keep him hooked. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Keeping Up Appearances

It’s a given that men tend to be more visual than women. While women may complain that they are doing more of the work in this regard, your advantage in this is that once you’ve done the work, he’s putty in your hands (so long as the chemistry was there to begin with). That’s not a bad trade-off! Trying different styles of dress and haircuts, and taking trips to the gym to stay fit are easy ways to keep him panting. Also, paying attention to his compliments. They will save a lot of time as you’ll know soon enough what really does it for him, and have him begging for more.

“It’s not about making someone else happy or them making you happy. You have to be satisfied and happy with yourself and your own life – you have to feel whole. When you feel whole you will automatically put out the type of energy which will also attract a person that they themselves are whole. Thus, two wholes can come together and form a greater whole – this is far more powerful than two parts trying to make but a single whole.” – Hayden ext. 5424

Wicked Games

This topic is about the chase and about wanting someone that seems elusive. While your end goal is to have your cake and eat it too in the relationship (doesn’t everyone?), this technique will serve you well if you work at it a bit. Tease him with heated looks and light touches, then pull away if he tries to kiss you. Make him feel like the hunter, leaving him to wonder if he will indeed win his prize. People appreciate what they have to work for far more than what’s handed to them. Even if you are already an item, that doesn’t mean you can’t play the seduction game. Indulge in your chemistry—that’s what it’s there for!

“Love and relationships are kind of like jobs, we change constantly until we find that right one that sticks around for the long haul.”  – Lacy ext. 5494

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4 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Partner Interested

  1. Psychic Giovanna x5214

    Great advice! Becoming complacent, too comfortable, and generally sedentary, no matter how solid or long-lasting the relationship can be the Kiss of Death. Never be too predictable, or afraid to try new things and keep things exciting!

  2. Marc from the UK

    Looks like I’ve got it right then lol! The truth is that anticipation and working for something gives it a sense of value and accomplishment, the real test is keeping it up! Thats effort by the way!!!


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