How to Love an Extrovert

Love an Extrovert

Loving An Extrovert Can Be Challenging

Does the person you love, love being around people? Do they strike up conversations with strangers while in line at the grocery store? Do they want to go out and party all night? Does being around other people seem to energize them? If your social butterfly’s fluttering makes you tired, you may be in love with an extrovert.

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Extroverts are energetic, fun-loving, gregarious people who crave human interaction and attention. If you love an extrovert, it may feel like the attention you give them just isn’t enough, and you’re probably right! But that doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed forever. Here’s how to love an extrovert.

Demonstrate Your Love in Verbal and Physical Ways

Extroverts are often master communicators; they say what they feel and they do it artfully. If you love an extrovert, tell them and show them. Use your words and don’t assume they know how you feel. If you’re shy, or not good at sharing your feelings, why not get creative and write your extrovert a love letter, song or poem? And do things for them that make them feel loved, whether it’s treating them to a romantic dinner, a massage or giving them a meaningful gift.

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Do Their Favorite Activities With Them

Extroverts tend to be active. They may love concerts, sporting events or a crowded dance floor. They love to have fun with or near other people. Whatever activities your extrovert loves, do them with them. Not only will you get in some good bonding time, you’ll also be showing an interest in their hobbies. And if you do, they’ll be more inclined to share some of your favorite low-key hobbies with you.

Let Them Plan Your Weekend

Want to get your extrovert revved up? Why not let them plan how you’ll spend your weekend? You’ll be in for a wild time full of potentially new, fun and high-energy experiences. And if you don’t want to spend every weekend running around town, take turns planning weekends so you can have a few days of low-key fun too.

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Throw a Surprise Birthday Party in Their Honor

Extroverts like to be the center of attention, and what better way to put the attention on them than to throw them a surprise birthday party? Not only will they get a charge from all those people gathered in one place to celebrate them, you’ll look like the best partner in the world. So plan a party with your extrovert’s favorite food, music and people.

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If You’re Not Feeling Up to It, Let Them Fly Solo

Extroverts can be hard to keep up with, especially if you’re having a low energy day, week or month. Remember, you and your partner don’t need to do everything together to have a successful relationship. In fact, time apart is good for you because it helps you maintain your independence while still being part of a relationship. So if your extrovert wants to really turn it up, but you’d rather stay at home, let them fly solo. You’ll get some much-needed alone time, and they’ll get the chance to go full-speed without someone holding them back.

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    lol….my brother is an extrovert !!!! On more than one occasion, I’ve witnessed him talking to a ” wrong number “, on the phone, for over half an hour. He could talk to anybody, anywhere, at anytime…doesn’t matter if he knows them or not.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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