How I Helped a Couple Move Past Infidelity

How I Helped a Couple Move Past Infidelity

Hope After Infidelity

A while back I received a call from the male half of a couple. Immediately sensing marital turmoil, I connected to my spirit guides and used the pendulum to help me focus on this couple. The energy around them was significant. They had been married for over 10 years and their relationship was getting a bit stale. In fact, things between them felt stale six or seven years into the marriage.

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His Wife Cheated 

Then, there was the infidelity. His wife had cheated on him four years ago. She was away on a business trip and had cheated on her husband with a coworker. Consumed by immense guilt, she confessed to her husband, my caller, as soon as she got home. They reconciled, and attempted to leave the infidelity in their past, but for the husband, he couldn’t forget it and it was really bothering him. He was at the point where he was ready to ask his wife for a divorce.

Emotional Baggage 

Despite the infidelity, they were very much in love with each other, and I could see that. The problem was that their emotional baggage (her guilt and his feeling betrayed) still haunted them. What could they do to really overcome the infidelity?

Focus on the Positive

I suggested that the husband focus on the positive parts of their relationship. As I said, there was still a lot of love there and I could see that they were soul mates. I reminded him that even the best relationships have their bad moments and his wife’s infidelity definitely qualified as a bad moment. No relationship is perfect!

I asked my caller to look at his wife in a different way. Instead of focusing on the woman who betrayed him, I asked him to focus on the woman he fell in love with. Despite her infidelity, I knew that she was still that woman he met years ago. The more positive things he focused on, the less significant the negativity would feel.

Chakra Balancing

I recommended a chakra balancing session in their community because their heart chakras were definitely out of line. The chakra balancing ceremony would help them both let go of the past and I knew if they did it, it would help this husband forgive his wife, and help his wife forgive herself. We hung up and I was hopeful they would take my advice.

Saving Their Marriage 

Three months later, I received a call from the husband. He told me that he and his wife had had their chakras balanced by a certified Reiki master in their town. He was happy to say that things were much better between them. Although they still have a bumpy road ahead of them, they were learning to look at their relationship and history in a more positive light. He thanked me for saving his marriage. He never thought he would be able to get over his wife’s infidelity, but after talking with me, and following my advice, he said he felt like his marriage was saved. After all this time and after all they’ve been through, they still have love to give to each other.

It’s moments like this that make me so proud of the work I do.

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