Psychic Input: Healing Your Heartbreak

Healing Heartbreak is an Active Thing!

Most of us have experienced the pain of a broken heart. Some of us were left by lovers. Others have lost loving friends, family or pets. It hurts a lot and we feel like we will never love again like we did before. Some wallow in their pain while others employ distractions so they can forget the pain for a while. Some of the distractions are positive (exercise, spending time with friends, funny movies), but other distractions can be negative (abusing drugs, alcohol, emotional eating, risky sex). Unfortunately we can only be distracted for so long before something reminds us of what we once had and it’s like our hearts are broken again.

As time passes, we start to feel better because we’ve put some distance between ourselves and our heartbreak, but have we actually healed ourselves? We haven’t, because healing is not a passive thing. If we don’t take an active role in our healing we will end up carrying our heartbreaks around with us forever. And most people don’t experience just one heartbreak in their lifetime. Imagine carrying every heartbreak around with you for the rest of your life like a burden on your mind, heart and emotions. It’s not healthy!

So let’s do something about it starting now! Here’s what some of our talented psychics have to say about the process of healing heartbreak:

There is a Wrong Way to Heal

Although we all heal differently, certain things we do can delay the process of healing or hurt us even more.

Psychic Ben ext. 5772 says, “Don’t continually beat yourself up over why the person rejected you. Don’t sit at home alone with plenty of time to think about what went wrong. Don’t expect closure from them—most of the time they don’t care or are too cowardly to explain. Don’t rush into another relationship either.”

Psychic Eloise ext. 5904 reminds you, “Don’t continue to sleep with them. This definitely sends the wrong message, whether you broke up with them or they broke up with you. Making contact is a bad thing to do. Don’t email, call, text or talk to them and be sure to un-friend them on any social media.”

Psychic Olivia ext. 5843 shares, “Don’t cry over what could have been.”

Psychic Shamira ext. 5125 affirms, “Don’t look at old pictures, listen to songs that remind you of them and stay away from the places you used to go to as a couple.”

Psychic Seren ext. 5445 writes, “Don’t accept all the blame. Don’t think they would have stayed if you were more attractive, prosperous, etc.”

Psychic Reed ext. 5105 reminds us that “The worst thing you can do is do nothing.”

Psychic Regina ext. 5764 shares, “Blame is by far the worst way to heal from heartbreak. Blaming yourself results in guilt and sorrow, whereas blaming other results in us feeling abandoned and like we cannot trust again. ”

There is a Right Way to Heal

There are certain things we can do to speed up the healing process. Here are some great suggestions from our psychics:

Psychic Chastity ext. 5403 shares, “Spend time nurturing yourself for a few weeks by choosing events and people that support your healing. Be your own support system!”

Psychic Amelia ext. 9772 suggests you try some of the following things: “Take some ‘me’ time. Take a weekend to do whatever you want. Start a journal to record and work out your feelings. Let yourself feel sad but don’t wallow in sadness endlessly. Get rid of anything that reminds you of them. Disconnect from them. Exercise and eat right. Don’t put yourself in situations where you could run into them, but if you do run into them, be polite. Stay optimistic and smile as much as possible.”

Psychic Nina ext. 5111 believes you should “Be with other people as much as possible. You might hear someone else talk about their problems and realize that you are not alone.”

Psychic Stevie ext. 5778 advises, “Cry, scream, hit pillows and write nasty letters in your journal. Get the feelings out of your vibration. Feel the feelings. You need to get past this negative bunch of emotions.”

Psychic Kavita ext. 5757 suggests, “Learn from it. Change what you can and accept what you cannot.”

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 affirms, “Say to yourself that you want to be happy right now, rather than one year from now. Then do everything you can to carve out a new social life immediately, so you will not waste the next year reevaluating the past that let you down.”

Psychic Madeline ext. 5019 believes you should “Meet up with your friends and get support, but don’t turn it into a bash session. There is a lesson to learn and a pattern of behavior to observe.”

Our psychics want you to heal. They want you to be strong, handle the pain and suffering in a healthy way, give yourself some time and then move forward. They want you to thrive. If you are dealing with heartbreak, know that a sympathetic ear and a helping hand are always a phone call away.

2 thoughts on “Psychic Input: Healing Your Heartbreak

  1. Cynthia

    This is great advice as i have recently had my heart broken. I satarted journaling to release the emotions. I had to…I felt like my stomach was in knots and that was the only way i could let go. I took walks in the cool of the day to clear my mind. I ate plenty of fruit and took in fluids to calm my nerves. Three weeks have passed and i am feeling much better and i am changing some key routines. the info from the psychics was definitely on point. Kudos to you all for the info.

  2. Henry

    This could have been a very good advice and help for many people – but its nothing more than advertisment – I remember the time when there had been real advice on this blog – now its nothing more than cheap commericial –


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