How to Heal Your Broken Heart

Getting Over a Broken Heart… With Quantum Jumping

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to get over the pain of a broken heart. There was a time that I tried everything I could to heal my broken heart. Here is a list of just a few things I tried in order to get over my ex-fiancé.

• Moved across country to another state
• Got rid of everything that reminded me of him, including pictures
• Joined
• Dated a lot, then refrained from dating
• Acupuncture

• Bach Flower Remedies
• Professional therapy
• Native American smoke lodge ceremony
• Metaphysical courses and books
• Self-help books. You name it, I read it.
• Reiki treatments
• Journaling
• Talking with friends
• Psychic readings (receiving them, that is)
• Exercising
• Vacations/traveling
• Fun activities, partying
• Working long hours

Yep, I pretty much tried it all. I definitely learned a lot, but two years later my heart was still hurting—as if the break-up was recent. One morning while driving to work I began weeping (again)—this time over a song on the radio that reminded me of my ex. Ruining my eye makeup before work was getting so frustrating. I was tired of not being able to get past the anger, sadness and depression.

As I drove along and tried to stop crying, wishing I didn’t feel this way, wishing this hadn’t happened to me, I remembered an interesting tidbit from one of the books I’d been reading about parallel worlds. There’s a theory that there could be parallel worlds or multiple existences, where we’re living simultaneous parallel lives, each life being a little (or a lot) different—sort of “what would happen if you had taken another path.”

It all reminded me of some comic book (graphic novel) plots I enjoyed as a child, yet I’m still intrigued by this idea. So while I’m driving along, I thought “what if?” I imagined all the possible different lives I might be living if I’d made different decisions, for example, if I’d decided not to have dated my ex, what would my life be like now? This was food for my imagination, and I had fun with it. I stopped crying.

I then declared, out loud, that I am no longer the “Nora” whose heart is broken in this world. I’m no longer the “Nora” whose fiancée wronged her. I said out loud that I’m now living in a parallel world where I am the “Nora” who is happy, who did not have a fiancé who wronged her, that I’m that “Nora” whose life is great!

It was the strangest thing, but as soon as I finished saying all that out loud I felt different. It was a “shifting” moment and, thereafter, I was better. Sounds crazy but it worked for me and I was finally, in just one moment, “over it.” Shortly thereafter, I met someone special (now my husband of 11 years).

The other day I found a course online called “Quantum Jumping,” and the more I read, the more it sounded familiar. I realized that is what I did on that day… I just didn’t know what it was called. I believe I moved from one existence—as I perceived it—to another existence as I wanted to perceive it.

I’ve recently used this technique to overcome another of life’s challenges—public speaking. I was scheduled to deliver a presentation to 100 people. The night before, during meditation, I decided to become “the Nora who is a highly acclaimed public speaker” in “another world.”

The next day, to my astonishment, I was not nervous at all, and it was the best presentation I have ever given!

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