Great Sex is All About Mind, Body and Soul!

Love Yourself and Embrace Sexuality This Spring

It’s springtime, and that means it’s time to consider revving up your libido! There is no better time to start than right now. Even if you’re single, you want to be ready when the right one comes along, and this article is all about how to energize that force and bring it to the forefront of your life.

Let’s face it; we have all had sexual encounters that left us wondering if something better was happening on television. If you follow these steps, even mediocre sex can be made much better.

First, stop being so critical about the way you look. It’s very easy for men and women to look into a mirror and see dozens of things “wrong.” Even if you don’t realize it, you bring this mentality with you in any sexual encounter.

Any time you find yourself in front of a mirror for any length of time: brushing your teeth, shaving, putting on makeup or styling your hair while gazing into the looking glass, tell yourself three things you really like about your face. Three things that, if you saw on someone else, you would find appealing. For some of you, gentle reader, this may be harder than it appears. Work on it! You really are far more attractive than you think.

Second, exercise! I know we all hate it, but in this day of sedentary lifestyles, it is more important than ever to get the blood flowing and the oxygen moving. It may seem impossible to do 20 minutes three times a week, but if you think about dancing to four really good dance tunes in a row, you have already achieved almost that goal in a single session.

Exercise not only improves your endurance and flexibility, (two keys points to great sex), it makes your skin look more vibrant and virile. It improves the look of your hair and nails as well as the sparkle in those dazzling peeps of yours! It also improves your self-esteem and stamina in just about all areas of your life. It does wonders to get you out of that “fat mode” of thinking, too. This brings us to our next subject: your spirit.

The third, and most often overlooked, aspect of great sex is your spiritual reference point. When you are having an intimate encounter, does your mind immediately begin a very harsh checklist of all the things wrong with your body? Would you ever say such harsh things to your lover? Of course not! Then why do you say them to yourself?

Your spirit listens to everything you tell it. It takes in all the nuances and has a tendency to believe those thoughts as truths… even when it knows the bigger picture is in direct contrast to what you are telling it.

If I spend years telling my spirit: “No one could ever possibly love me because (fill in the blank),” eventually it will become a truth for my rapidly deteriorating spirit. On the other hand, I could feed my spirit with positive truths, such as: “I am someone who touches lives in subtle and profoundly good ways.” or “I am one beautiful embodiment of Love.” These are not just lovely affirmations. They become the cornerstone of your truth about your perception of who you really are. People sense that kind of quiet confidence and, since it is unfortunately so rare in the world, they gravitate to it and want to be part of it. This is how relationships are born!

Spirit begins with the divine and is formed by our true perceptions.

Spring is waiting for you… and for your very hot and sexy passions to arise! If you want to know when this will kick into gear, call a trusted psychic and get this party started!

One thought on “Great Sex is All About Mind, Body and Soul!

  1. Nora-5891


    So glad you mentioned exercise, just walking for 20 minutes outdoors taking deep breaths can make all the difference. When it comes to great sex, Never underestimate the romance novel, I was listening to one the other day on the way to work, and a “love” scene was so steamy I turned the sound down at the red light and looked around. It’s not just us gals with romance novels – a guy friend told me he listens to the Anita Blake series (one of my faves) on his long commute to work and the scenes are so “interesting” he had to sit in the car before he could go into the office!


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