How Do I Find My Boyfriend?

7 Steps to Getting the Right Man

So, you’ve decided that you want a boyfriend? Well, there is some advice that can certainly get you started on the right path. However, it will be up to you to carry yourself the rest of the way. There is a psychic/intuitive element to finding love, but you have to pay attention to the subtle signs, which let you know when a potential soul mate is in your presence. Your biggest foe will be your own determination, as sometimes you may want a boyfriend so bad, you manufacturer a feeling to fill an empty place in your heart. However, by attempting to cheat love, you will only create a broken heart.

You have to be open to exploring beyond your safe zones. While destiny is a part of this, you can speed things up by giving love plenty of opportunities to find you. In a sense, finding a boyfriend is like advertising. The more guys you get your product (you) in front of, the more interest you will receive. Considering the research, a good boyfriend can be found just about anywhere.

There is no magical Wal-Mart for boyfriends—you simply have to get out there and look for the Blue Light Specials. However, what we have not discussed is the magnetism that drives guys towards certain girls. In other words, some women have a much easier time getting a boyfriend than others, and these are the reasons why:

1. Many men are happy being your friend, until the moment they realize how easy it would be to lose you.

Don’t expend a lot of energy on a guy who isn’t expending a lot of energy too. Never stop looking for love until you’ve found that special commitment, and don’t be afraid to make a guy jealous by making yourself scarce when he appears to be taking you for granted. A guy is most comfortable as a “single” bachelor… unless you give him reason to give that up.

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2. Arm candy to a man is something that has been baked with a lot of attention and care.

Attracting a boyfriend has a lot to do with your appearance—there is no denying that. While you may be thinking this is in reference to your genetics, I am actually talking about presenting yourself in a way that makes you feel proud to be you. If a woman feels attractive and sexy, over 50 percent of guys will agree (and that’s some pretty good odds).

3. Open your eyes, speak from the heart and never be afraid to be smarter than a guy.

There are some women who almost seem embarrassed by their intelligence. Guys do like to be the alpha, but even more so, they prefer to be challenged by a woman who makes him strive to become a better man. A woman who takes herself seriously will attract the kind of men who would take their relationships seriously.

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4. Admire with curiosity the things that move his spirit.

You won’t be interested in everything a guy finds interesting. He wouldn’t want you to be. However, all men like to be seen as interesting and feel supported in their efforts, which means taking interest in the things that drive him. This can get a little tricky when your guys is doing things that seem immature or a waste of good brain cells, so you may have to pick and choose from his favorite hobbies. If you can’t respect where he chooses to spend his time, then he may not be the right boyfriend for you after all.

5. Make him work for the privilege of being with you.

This is a reminder to never let a guy disrespect you or push you into being something you’re not, no matter how much you want him to like you. The kind of girlfriends that guys treat poorly are not only unhappy, but thee relationship are very short-lived.

6. Let a boyfriend fit into your life.

Many of the greatest relationships in life have happened when a woman was ready, but unsuspecting. In other words, live your life. Enjoy your hobbies, friends and family, and when a guy comes along that seems to fit without too much effort, it may be time to get out your boyfriend checklist, and see if he fits the bill.

7. Don’t worry about being his “type.” 

Women are sometimes afraid to be themselves because they’re afraid to be different from the girls he normally goes out with. Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, even if you are  not like any other woman he’s ever known. There is a reason these other women are his exes… Your best success will come when a guy thinks you are great just the way you are.

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28 thoughts on “How Do I Find My Boyfriend?

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric, great article !!!!

    5 star advice !!!

    Hope you are enjoying the rest of summer.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. Not giving my name

    I think someone 2 years younger than me likes me, he acts like it, he’s my best guy friend, my only guy friend actually, He’s really sweet and I’m starting to like him too, WHAT DO I DO?!!! Je ne comprends pas!

  3. Kelly

    When you are disabled,used a rollator or wheelchair,finding a boyfriend is almost non-existant. guys see the wheelchair or device as a liability,no matter how great a smile yu have……………

  4. Janessa

    I met this wonderful guy through blind date who is very sweet lol I am very much happier ever! I got introduce to his family during his birthday! they are very nice and professional people. we both planning our future together now..

  5. ljj

    actually i am happy to be with myself.i dont hanker after anybody and it feels nice.i am complete in myself ,thats why also i dont look out for anybody.i saw yr article just b’cas it
    was sent to me for actuality nobody ever has true unconditional love, it is all humbug.there r so many things in life to feel good-eg-music,drawing,painting,reading,helping
    people in need,browsing through the internet,being with our family etc.for the past 20 yrs i am alone and i dont regret i am not abnormal as few people may think.and i know many
    people would die to reach at this stage of being one with oneself!!!! .anyway what does love give to people ultimately????-suffering,pain,divorce,doubt etc.

  6. candy eoff

    well i just got done being in a realationship and he seemed like the rithg guy he told me all the stuff that he was going to do with me in the future and then out of the blue he he started pushing away i glansed at his phone once and found this girls name it was when he was sleeping and when i conffonted him about it he made a excuse that they were just friends then he started texting her more and more wellthen he saud we need time apart for a while then i went to the bar and one of the bartenders told me that he had another girlfriend and i said what i am his girlfriend then i call him up and then he said that he could do this over the phone to come by and then i came by and he did nt answer the door yes i was a little to clingie wuth hime and i did nt give him his space but he didnt comunicate with me he made me feel like i was nothing to him for the past couple of weeks he even met my parent then a couple of days after this stuff happened but if his cam around and said he was sorry for what he did and staightened up i proubly would give him one more change i have delt with alot ofcrap with my exes and the once i got done with didnt put me threw as much stuff as my other exes put me threw

  7. cici

    I like this guy but i have no idea if he likes me……sometimes it seems so but others not so much…… my friend told him i like him and she says she thimks he likes me but….i dont know…..what should i do????

  8. No

    I am looking for a new people in my life and want to experience love in my life. I want to know when i can find this love?

  9. Sandy

    I have been married and divorced 6 times, once in Tennessee and once to a bigamist, which doesn’t really count. I have been divorced from my last husband for around 14 years now. I have always been the giver in the relationships and I always tried to please them, but now I need and want someone in my life who loves me for myself and and respects me unconditionally. I am 63 and have been seeing a man who will soon be 48. We are both Christians and love the Lord and serving him. He says he loves e and always will and that the age difference doesn’t bother him. The think is this guy had a brain tumor when he was 10 and had it removed about 20 years ago. He has short term memory loss and doesn’t remember a lot of his past life. He has only been with a out two women in his whole life and is childish in a lot of ways. We have this connection and I love the innocense, but am concerned siince he hasn’t had much experience if he really loves me or not or is just lonesome because he has been rejected by people because of his epilepsy seizures he was having about 20 years ago. He seems normal most of the time, but he feels that life has just passed him by which is true in a sense. He has missed a lot of living. What would be your opinion on this?

  10. Ondine

    Here’s what I find works well with most men and let emphasize MEN – not all males fall into that category in my opiniom. Don’t let him know you aren’t dating or going out a lot. Unless you are already in a commited relationship, don’t keep phoning him or texting him if he doesn’t respond fairly quicklly. Believe me, if he likes you and wants to get something more steady going with you he and he thinks he may lose that opportunity if he doesn’t get with the program, he will let you know he’s interested. Most men aren’t that good with phone calling and chatting. They are action oriented and talking seems pretty much a waste of time. Even if you haven’t had a real date in months (or years) don’t let a new man in your life know. If he calls you up on the spur of the moment and you really want to go out with him don’t jump his offer immediately. Tell him to wait a minute while you check your calendar to make sure you are available that night, day or whatever. Always make him think you are busy most evenings. He will begin to wonder what you are doing that you may have time for him and men, being the competitive creatures they are, will be so curious to find out why you are so popular that he will busting a gut to see you.

  11. AnneMarie

    Early this morning at Walmart, i culd’nt stay long there, i was allowed to shop for at lease half an hour, so i can get on the bus back home, however, A very familiar guy caught my powerful attentions, when he waves at me and i thought to myself that i wish i have time to brush my teeth, and the chewing gum is no time to get back in the house to get it, so, i had to becareful with my breath and i wave and said “hi” and i somehow my thought tells me, i had to get soda quickly before i miss the bus, so, i wandering off with my little child, i don’t know where he is from cause i have’nt seen him i along time!? lol… i wonder will we get to bump into each other again in the next few days plan ahead as of unexpected places ?

  12. ida

    To Debbie, I can relate! Mine was a Virgo. Notice I said was, it took me a while but I finally dumped him. Of course in the beginning it was great but then he changed and became so inconsiderate. Even cruel at times but others times a spark of the other guy he once was would pop in. It was so draining, I felt like I was waiting for him to snap out of it. Life sucked when he was in a bad mood and to me all was going well in his world so he should have been content. You are a grown woman who knows what she wants and clearly not a man that might treat you like shit sometimes. I say have a serious talk with your man and if things don’t change for the better…move on! Good luck!

  13. ida

    Hey Cristina, sounds like your friend is not really ready to date or maybe he’s dating someone else. Either way you should keep your options open and when he’ s available let him contact you. Maybe by then you won’t be available. Best wishes!

  14. Patty

    Jane, my mother used to say, “Guys aren’t going to just show up at the front door to ask you out.” You have to get yourself out there if you want to meet someone. I go to things by myself all the time and I meet interesting people that way.

    Cristina, I would recommend you check out a website called Dating without Drama. I was making the same mistake with a guy I used to work with who has four grown kids. Like it says above also, you have to go on with your own life and not always be so available, Dating without Drama has said the same thing. I kind of held back the last few times I’ve seen him and now he’s more interested in finding out when I will be back.

  15. Cristina

    I met a really nice man about 1 month ago and spent a few hours getting to know one another and seem to hit it off on alot of mediums. He had mentioned from our first conversation that he is just getting back into dating because his business life is so busy and spends alot of time with his kids but has little time for dating but is now going to try his hand at it. The problem being that I text him more than he does, he responds occasionally with the promise of getting together as he really enjoyed our time together but to be patient because his business life is really crazy. We still text each other on occasion but have not gotten together. I have the feeling that he is such a nice guy that he does not tell me outright that maybe its not going to happen yet he still professes an interest in getting together so I am confused about next steps. Do I stop texting completely or just keep on saying hi and see what happens. Any suggestions anyone?

  16. Kas

    Excellent advice to women of all ages. Someone needs to get some good information like this out to men somehow! Few of the men I have met would ever look at these websites. That’s what’s lacking in my life! I meet very wealthy men in my business, but few have a spiritual bone in there bodies. Money – making it- taking it- and the women they spend time with having it!

  17. debbie

    I have a boyfriend Luisito that is bipolar. So sometimes he is mean, inconsiderate ,controling. I wonder if he truly loves me?

  18. Angela

    This is a great article and definitely great advice to know. Thank you in helping in my quest to finding a true relationship.

  19. Debster

    Great article! Very well written and it has great pointers. I think I’ll print it and put it in my wallet as a checklist!

  20. Stan

    I am very short of time during the week…too many work involved hours….I do get some weekend time though…Mostly I look forward to a once a year month away on overseas tours with her…We do have many memories, and get on that plane about every 15 months for 5-6 weeks….She knows here way better than I do ,as per the best places…Even mountain climbing in China

  21. Nicoleta

    This is really great and it gives me a boost to go over some difficult times now. I hope it will last and if it doesn’t I’ll keep the e-mail and reed it everytime I feel down. I have a weird personality and don’t know why I always blame myself even when I have done wrong and it isn’t my fault for what happens.
    You are doing very well guys.
    Thank you.


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