Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Turning Your Bedroom into a Bliss Room

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary—the place for you to unwind in and get a great night’s sleep. It’s also the place to get romantic with your partner! Using the principles of feng shui in your bedroom can bring you all that and more.

Feng shui goes beyond tidying up your bedroom and dusting off the furniture. Once you’ve made the choice to feng shui your bedroom your whole world will seem a little lighter and brighter and the person you share your bedroom with will see it too. And if you don’t currently share your bedroom but hope to, you’ll want to follow these tips as well.

What You Don’t Want

If you want to feng shui your bedroom, then you don’t want a television, computer or treadmill in it. The only things you do want in your bedroom are items conducive to a restful, peaceful and joyful place to be.

Your Bedroom Furniture

Size matters. Your bed should be big enough for two and big enough to not only give both of you a good night’s sleep but also allow you to explore beyond the missionary position without falling onto the floor in the process.

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Also, if possible, the foot of the bed should not face the doorway. Your bedroom may invite someone in, but when the bed faces the door, it also invites them to leave.

Each side of your bed should be flanked by nightstands. If you’ve only got one nightstand because you’re currently alone, then that won’t do much for inviting someone new into your bedroom.

Tips for Singles

If you’re single, you can do even more to feng shui your bedroom and make it more inviting to share. Leave a dresser drawer empty (a symbol that you have room in your life for another), and leave a space in your closet clear and clutter free, as if you’re expecting company. Well, you are, aren’t you?

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Surrounding Atmosphere

Open the windows and let some light and fresh air into your life. Also, bathing your room in sunlight during the day can add warmth to your evening.

Speaking of light, candles, dimmer switches and several different degrees of lighting is a good way to enhance the mood of your bedroom.

What you hang on the wall over your bed is also important if you’re going to properly feng shui your bedroom. When hanging a picture or photo over your bed, think duality, coupling and sharing. This is an ideal place to hang your wedding photo if you have one, but no matter what you hang over your bed, don’t make it a single person, a single tree or single anything. A single focus in your photo or picture just says, “I prefer to be alone.”

Applying these simple tips will allow you to feng shui your bedroom. These tips promote relaxation, rejuvenation and make your bedroom an inviting place to share with someone special.

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11 thoughts on “Feng Shui Your Bedroom

  1. Melvenia

    I enjoy my T.V and really like to keep in my bedroom.Reason being I live in an apt and in order to mask my privite life I use it as a sound barrier and also for conversation between us.So how can it be used as a peaceful setting?

  2. Marc from the UK

    Think about coupling and it will happen, think about a room for to and it will happen, think positive, think loving, think fun 🙂

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  4. LJ

    Hey Angela: Thanks for appreciating the tips – let me know if re-arranging your room changes anything in your love life – I’d love to know. And I hope you have fun decorating and inviting love in!

  5. LJ

    Dear Miles: I’m sorry about what happened. Re-arrange your room and find a lasting love – you deserve it, we all do! It will happen. 🙂

  6. miles

    I got married and now separated . We started out well very much inlove back then. We stayed at my parents and bought our new bed. We had Our bed facing towards the door. He went astray not once but a couple of times, And then he got involved with a young trainee at work and left without any warning.

  7. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hi LJ,
    no matter how big the bed, somehow it is never big enough… we need guard rails. lol.
    also a padded headboard really helps……….
    did someone say aleve?

    great article.
    gustav klimt drew and painted great pictures of couples – you can print a few off from the internet frame and hang over bed. you are so right about doubling up in the bedroom, statues also make solid vibrations, two of the same –

    thanks for sharing how to spice up your bedroom for love.


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