Do You Really Want Him Back?

When we reconnect with our past, sometimes we try to recreate it. That can often lead to us wondering if we should get back together with someone we used to date. Is that the right move and what should I consider before making that kind of move? Perhaps the first questions should be about if you really want him back and why you’re trying to recreate a past that didn’t work out.

Are You Trying to Recreate Your Past?

I believe there are themes is my daily readings. Early in the week, my readings have a tendency to be around career and finance. And later in the week, my readings take on the love and romance theme. But in almost all of my readings, no matter the day—with both men and women—there seems to be the question about the “one that got away.”

Social media sites like Facebook seem to both help (and hinder) many relationships, especially because there are so many people wanting to reconnect and recreate their past. And this seems to me a bit, well, dangerous. Not every reading feels this way, but in more than a few readings, I ask the same question: “Do you really want him (or her) back?” Really? Are you okay with those same patterns of whatever it was that ended the relationship? What if there haven’t been any changes to either of you, even in 35 years? Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

I’m a straightforward reader. I’ll do my best to be sensitive to a client’s emotions and experiences. I do my best to balance what I see with being straightforward. I have to ask what worked and what didn’t work in that old relationship. I ask our guides, “Is it for your highest and best interest to recreate the past if you are recreating the exact same patterns?” Do you really want him back or can you step back and look at the experience as a growth opportunity that needs no further recreation?

And yes, I do look to see what has changed for both parties. We all do evolve. It is fun to see love being recreated and the joy of reunited loves. Those visions are always better than TV. I like happy endings. But I also always seek the truth, and that is why we have to ask: “Do you really want him back?”

Tearfully, one client said: “But he said he loves me!” While one said of her lost love writing on her Facebook wall, “But he friended me!” Another one told me all he does is dwell on that one conversation where he was so connected with her. “Why isn’t she the one?” When I said I knew he had many other conversations with her that were not so connected, he quickly dismissed the idea that it could be possible the Universe was delivering something for him only in that moment. He insisted that one conversation was all that mattered. I believe that there was actually somebody better, more connected, more in tune for him out there. He wasn’t ready to go there. I’m learning that people like hanging onto their past because it’s easy. Hanging on helps us cope and survive. It even helps us forget our current predicaments.

Do you really want him back? Can you recreate the love, happiness and contentment feelings with your past love, or can you allow someone new in? Are you one of my callers who I envision with the Hollywood music playing as you are holding hands walking off into the sunset, or is it time to move on? With all these questions, sometimes the same ones over and over again, one thing remains clear: The answer is in you. You do know what you want. My job is just to help clarify your real answer from your wanted answer.

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6 thoughts on “Do You Really Want Him Back?

  1. Tanya

    its hard but it will get better with time, I was with someone for 7yrs and migration was the reason it came to brief end I guess. This person then would always visited me without letting me he was coming but it was ok because he was the in the man of my life. He is not from my country and the one day I decided to do the same like him it became a problem .It took me more than 6 months to heard his voice. I am so hurt inside because of what happen. I loved him then , I love him now and I will be loving always. All I know its hard to let go.

  2. Alex

    The second man in my lifetime that I have loved, first one lasted over 30 years, I ended it…
    finally got over loving him, waited several years and enter 2nd. one..wonderful man,
    great 2 yr. relationship, then his personal life (fa, stuff, career change, going back to school
    to do that, lost of mother, children’s crisis, etc. began to demand most of his time,) no time
    for a personal relationship, Has been over a year since we broke up…my heart has never
    been the same…I pray, beg God, cry, etc. to stop wanting him back, to no avail…I give myself
    chances to date other nice men, does not work…sooo, it is not about “will power” obviously,
    So, what is it about???

  3. Barbara

    I am 57yo. I am not sure what I want any more! After 33 years of a wonderful marriage (for me) My husband walked out on me for another woman the same age. I did NOT have a clue that he was not happy with our marriage. He traveled all the time. I know what the Bible says and believe in it totally. We have been going through the divorce process for 3 years now. I am very tired and worn out. I think I have turned it to God, but it just does not end ! Just when everyone thnks it is about over something new comes up to keep us married. He has been out of the home for the three years with her.

  4. Lana

    We all want familiar and that is what a past relationship gives us. Good or bad… New relationships brings up insecurities and takes energy. Human nature, we just would rather have the old back. Me personally, I have the drive and want to strive for the new one that is just around the corner! Go for it! We all deserve better!

  5. Marc from the UK

    It takes sometimes a while to fall in love, hence it takes a while to get out of those feelings after the relationship. I have pondered for years over a lost love who I know was meant to be, but the lesson was it was not forever, just a bridge that appeared in my time of need, and indeed faded away, the cold truth of the person that was right at the time, was not the person they said they are, and in time I learned that, painfully! However do i think about them and the good times, yep sure do, could I remain with them in reality? nope, too much stress and I learned things that unsettled me, so I moved on, but at the time I would of said they were my soulmate! I realised we had probably met before it was a profound relationship, I guess our lesson was to meet and part, I am over the anger part, thanks to a certain psychic on this site who has taught me to detach myself from life and forgiveness is part of happiness, without it you will suffer longer. Be gratefull for the positives and realise that alot of negatives are possibly self taught and a burden! Makes sense? I hope so, HOWEVER do I think about what if? Of course I do, it makes me smile x

  6. Dawna Cara

    Psychic Josslyn was right on the mark in Her article about renewing old loves, we may want to rekindle an old love more out of a need for a quick fix out of our loneliness than a realistic evaluation of how it really was and the reasons the relationship was terminated in the first place..


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