Do You Need a Sex Therapist?

Here’s What You Should Know

Sex is often a touchy subject among couples. If you bring up a problem too soon, your partner may think you’re criticizing them unnecessarily. If you wait too long, those hurt feelings may grow to become frustration, resentment and disconnection. A sex therapist’s job is to teach, reconstruct and moderate. However, one of their most vital roles is bringing couples together where they can communicate on equal ground. Couples need an unbiased ear who will listen to their sides of the story, and present a solution that is as close to a compromise as possible. Not every sexual problem needs a sex therapist, but there are times when having one is more beneficial than not!

The Issues Get Worse if You Ignore Them

I’ve got some bad news for you: Most of these issues return, but as more complex problems. Sex is one of those subjects that is hard to talk about. However, if you put it off, your problem may grow to the point that an easy fix is no longer available, because it is now cloaked within an affair or sex addiction. The point is, when sex difficulties darken your bedroom door, it is to your best interest to work them out, even if that means seeking a therapist.

Making it Better

In many parts of the world, sex education includes graphs, wooden stick figures and a basic “Where’s Waldo” set of instructions. Nobody really has much formal education about making love. There’s an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and for refrigerators, Rembrandt paintings and regular Coke, I couldn’t agree more. When it comes to sex, therapy is about taking what you have and making it better by developing more trust, confidence and satisfaction.

Reintroducing You to Your Curiosity About Sex

One things that many sex therapists focus on is reintroducing you to your youthful curiosity about sex. This is something that you can accomplish on your own. However, if you are unable to guide your conversations towards getting the job done, a therapist can make the difference. Not quite ready for therapy, but open to a love/relationship reading? Psychic Anasela ext. 5154 knows how to fix your relationship!

Recover From Past Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma from the past can cause havoc on your current sexual relationship. A therapist may be the only one who can guide you to recovery.

After an Injury, Illness or Surgery

Trauma to the body creates new sensations, emotions and difficulty moving in the same way. In some circumstances, sex therapy should be mandatory as part of your recovery process. This is particularly true with breast, vaginal and prostate cancer.

Non-Medical Problems

Sexual problems of a medical nature should be your first concern. However, once those have been ruled out, it might be time to give your regular M.D. a break, and connect with a different type of doctor who understands the emotional angle of sexual dysfunction.

Orgasm Issues

These common problems can fester at the foundation of your relationship, creating disappointment and shame. These problems may seem big now. But to a sex therapist, this is the easy stuff.

Focused on Porn

This is a classic sign of dissatisfaction in the bedroom. Most of the time your partner will clam up when you ask them about it, and the process of disconnection will progress. This is one of those times when a third party can mediate the discussion, so you can discover what it is they aren’t telling you. Your partner’s porn addiction is a real problem because of the way it makes you feel. Talk to Braxton ext. 5699 and get a man’s perspective.

Should You Break Up?

One of the biggest reasons couples don’t seek help, besides embarrassment, is fear. The fear of being told they shouldn’t be together. The truth is, sex therapists have too much hope to tell a couple to give up. If you are afraid there is too much of a difference in your relationship, then the time is now to take action, before too many hurt feelings pass, making it more difficult to find a compromise.

“Trust is so important in relationships and it can be a deal breaker when trust has been broken.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

A New Way of Looking at Problems

Marriage counselors have a specific skill set, and if you are finding that your progress has stifled, perhaps a new way of looking at your problems is just what you need. Plus, you get to go home and have sex as a homework assignment.

Get the Jump on Therapy

If you’re having troubles getting your significant other to agree to a therapy session, there are things you can do in the meantime. One of the things that virtually every therapist incorporates into their instruction is reading. By researching your problem in bookstores or on the Internet, you may be able to start addressing your problems without the help of a personal therapist.

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  1. Lembusi

    Eric really I need you help for it takes me time to enter my wife’s private part and immedietely i ease myself satisying her.Help

  2. John

    I love sex, but i am real shy because i have a small member and i am not able to satisfy my woman can you tell me how can get a bigger member so i can please my woman before its too late.

  3. mary fox

    i have a problem of relaxing and enjoying the sex alonf with not climaxing and need clitoris stimulation with a vibrator/

  4. Penelope

    My husband addicted to ladies having sex with horses and dog? Of course he is always seeing that inborn movies and wants me to see with him. What is that

  5. Chrissi

    I suspect in my case it would definitely have been a good idea to have done something about it before it became a problem- my menopause coincided with my husband having treatment for a cancer which could have cost him his leg- it was very close to his ‘crown jewels’ and had to involve a long period of high level radiotherapy- naturally he didn’t feel like it, and I never pushed he issue, what I didn’t realise that, during the menopause the lubrication and skin thins out and after a year off- it was incredibly painful for both of us I wasn’t lubricating so it was rough on him,and it hurt me as he was trying to get in as well, but neither of us wanted to give up on it- we tried lubes- they left me either sticky or slimy both of which I hated, and obviously he won’t do anything if it causes me pain, and also doesn’t like the idea that I could do things for him, but won’t get anything out of it myself, as most of the non penetrative methods do nothing for me at all- we are at an impasse now as my joints and spine aren’t as good as they should be- due to past injuries- I can help him, but he can do nothing for me – so all you out there dithering- don’t, get it fixed before it breaks down while it is a minor problem!

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    Hi I would like to know if I would ever get Married again and will it be to George or Abrahm and how long will I have to wait


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