Discover Intimacy Through Action: 10 Action Steps

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With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, long work hours, stressful financial issues and raising kids, couples tend to forget to make time for intimacy and connection. For a relationship to keep flourishing, intimacy is imperative. If you find that you and your partner have been lacking in the intimacy department, you might want to try some new techniques to build and increase your level of intimacy. Here are 10 action steps to help you and your love rediscover intimacy, as well as strengthen the bond you share.

1. Love Notes

Leave little love notes for your special someone. This is such a small action but it can do wonders when it comes to keeping that loving bond alive. Express your love for your partner on little sticky notes and leave one where they will see it. Leave notes behind when you leave to work or place a note of expression in his/her packed lunch or jacket pocket. Finding a message expressing love during a stressful day can truly create a sense of appreciation and gratitude between two lovers.

2. Romantic Texts 

Send a text to your partner stating that you are thinking of them when you are apart. A simple text saying “I miss you” can make an individual feel important and appreciated.

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3. Connect During the Day

Make time in the day to connect. Even if you work different shifts, make the time. So many couples forget to make time for each other and it can eventually lead to feelings of disconnection. Whether it is break time at work or you can meet for lunch, make the effort for each other. If you can plan to connect privately at night and when the kids go to bed, do so. Just being with each other can do wonders for a relationship.

4. Active Listening

Listen to each other. When you are having a conversation with your loved one it is important to focus and actively listen. This doesn’t mean just saying “yes” and “no” or nodding your head. It means being actively involved and present when your partner is sharing with you.

5. Touch Each Other 

Use touch to discover intimacy. Couples who reach out and touch each other on a constant basis have high levels of intimacy. A simple touch to the hand, leg, a neck massage or brushing their hair off their face in a loving manner can increase intimacy within a relationship.

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6. Appreciate Each Other

Express appreciation for each other. Many time couples don’t tell each other how important they are to each other. Express it every now and then and state what exactly you are thankful for and what you appreciate.

7. Be Honest

Honesty is important for intimacy. Try to be a trusting individual and give your partner an honest answer. Relationships can reach a whole new level of intimacy once partners are sharing their honest feelings and opinions with each other.

8. Cuddling is an Art

Practice the art of cuddling. Couples who spend time cuddling become much closer than those who do not. Cuddle in the morning, at night and during a movie for even 10 minutes and it will increase intimacy.

9. Share More

Communication is one of the most important factors when it comes to discovering intimacy. The more you share with your partner, the more the bond will strengthen between you. When a person feels listened to and appreciated, intimacy evolves. Silence is only a means to an end when it comes to relationships.

10. Respect

Respect each other. Respect is extremely important for an intimate relationship. If it dissolves, so will the intimacy which can lead to breakups and divorce. Show respect by treating your partner as an equal, respecting that they may have a different opinion and listening to them when they are having a rough time.

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  1. Brad

    This is what you discover after you have mind blowing sex with your partner.The physical part has to be satisfied 1st then your comfort level increases,after that your emotions open up more.


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