Daydream Your Way to Better Sex

Sexual Fantasies Bring Passion to the Relationship

Daydreaming can be fun and can add more passion to your sex life. It doesn’t always have to be about some random stranger, the cabana boy or the French maid. You may think of daydreaming and fantasizing as something sinful, deceitful or that is has to be about someone outside your commitment or marriage. Believe it or not, fantasizing about your partner can bring your sex life to a whole new level of erotic pleasure. While it may seem out of the ordinary to be sitting, daydreaming and lusting over your spouse, it is more common than you think. If you need some tips on how to daydream, if you have never fantasized about your spouse before or if you want to try a new approach to your sex life, read on. Psychic Teagan ext. 5318 knows what’s lacking in your most intimate relationship and she has the tools to help you remove what blocks you from a more fulfilling sex life.

Visualization is a Key Ingredient to Better Sex

Have you ever heard about the power of visualization? Visualization and placing visual images in your mind about sex with your partner can be a wonderful trick to spice up your sex life. Many people believe that the more we visualize events in our lives, the more we attract them and bring them to fruition. How many times have you heard, “Go to your happy place”? People would think of a beach, swaying palm trees, ocean views and other peaceful places of reflection. How about using your imagination to visualize you and your spouse in all types of sexual positions or acting out an erotic fantasy you have always dreamed of? By visualizing during the day (at work or whenever you please) you will keep that sexual passion alive, not only in your mind but in your bedroom.

Use Sexual Expression and Conversation as Tools

Sit down with your partner and talk about your sex life. Discuss what you really enjoy about it and what you would like to experiment with. Ask your partner to do the same. Use this type of conversation as a tool for daydreaming. Think about how you will act out each sexual desire, the perfect location (spontaneous or not) and what part you want to play in the act. What part will your partner play?

If Needed, Add a Character to the Script

If you feel more comfortable with fantasizing about random strangers, then so be it. It doesn’t mean you are awful, a cheater or deceitful. It is just a fantasy; a fleeting thought. If fantasizing about the pool man or the woman who dry cleans your suits gets you sexually excited, there is no harm in it. If you are in a committed relationship, the only way fantasizing about strangers becomes harmful is if any action is taken to live out the fantasy with that person. If daydreaming is all it is, it is innocent, can spice up your libido and can enhance your sex life with your partner.

The more daydreaming you do in the day, the more sexually active you might be with your partner. Daydreaming isn’t harmful and if you have sexual thoughts all day long about your partner, you and your partner are one lucky couple. If you do fantasize about your partner, tell them about your fantasies that involve them as your main lead and allow passion to consume both of you. Has the passion that once consumed you and your partner turned into lukewarm feelings? Maybe there is something they’re not telling you. Lucy ext. 5353 knows what it is.

6 thoughts on “Daydream Your Way to Better Sex

  1. George

    Speakin from personal experience, i gotta agree with Chrissi here- luckily i was ale to recognize it for what it was and knock it back down ( eventually ) before any real damage with my marriage took hold, but regardless of your theological or personal views i’ll say watch out because either way you could esilly find yourself flirting with disaster.

  2. Linda

    Well if you have a daydream about having sex with the one you love and you tell him about it he might just ask you would you like to talk about it? And then that is when it really gets good because when you start talking about it to him it really gets you hot as well as him and the more you talk about it the hotter you get and one thing leads to another and so on and so
    on so I think the daydreaming is a wonderful thing myself and you can have a lot of pleasure
    from the daydreams if you know how to use them!

  3. Patricia

    That will work only if you aren’t married to a passive agressive man. I have been in a sexless marriage for more than 20 years. I need a miracle or magic.

  4. Chrissi

    I’m not sure about this as I could see a danger here that maybe someone would fantasise about a previous lover one lost to them, not seen in years so they would visualise an ideal version of them at their best, as their partner has let themselves go, as they’d been together years, and was no longer really sexually attractive to them- surely this could lead to trouble as either the partner finds out, – as sex was the only thing that held things together, or worse, they reconnect with the ex, and have an affair


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