The Single Life: Here’s How to Date Someone Who’s Divorced

Tips for Dating the Divorced

If you’ve never been married, you may have strong opinions about divorce—and dating someone who’s been through it. You may think: Don’t do it; they’re damaged! Or perhaps: What’s the difference?! There isn’t one. Like most things in life, however, the truth is somewhere in between. Dating a person who’s divorced comes with its own unique set of issues. That doesn’t mean dating them is a bad idea—or a good one. It simply means you shouldn’t enter into the situation blindly.

With that in mind, here are a few things to consider if your potential paramour has “been there” before. Check out these tips for dating the divorced!

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How Long Have They Been Divorced?

If someone has been single for several years, they’re going to be in a different place than if their divorce was finalized last week… or last month… or not at all because they’ve only just separated from their spouse. Someone who hasn’t found his or her new normal may inadvertently drag you through holdover issues from their marriage and that’s not fair to anyone. If you’re constantly being compared to the ex, it means this person is probably not ready for a meaningful relationship with you even though they’re divorced. That’s fine if you just want to have fun, but it’s not fine if you’re looking for your lifetime partner. On that note, you’ll need to know:

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What Do They Really Want?

We all want to find love—eventually. The question is, does your date want to settle down or do they need to have a little fun first now that they’re divorced? Different people in certain situations experience different reactions. Some want to find “the one” right away (not always a wise choice) and others are gun shy (which is understandable, but can be prohibitive). Whatever the case, it’s fair to ask and you need to know before you put your heart on the line. You also may need to accept that this person doesn’t quite know what he or she wants yet. Life after divorce is a rebuilding process. And before you can contemplate whether or not you want to build on the same site, you’ll need to consider:

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What’s the Deal With Their Ex?

Everyone has baggage. But how extensive is this divorced person’s baggage? Is your potential partner over their ex? Do they have children together? If so, you’ll need to accept that his or her ex-spouse is part of the package.  And in a bigger sense, so are the kids (which also means it’s your potential partner’s responsibility to co-parent them). If no little ones are involved, your potential partner’s ex-spouse might not be around for the long haul, however, there are other situations (say they shared a pet or have intertwined business interests) that mean he or she isn’t totally gone either. Know what you’re dealing with so you can decide if you’re okay with everything. If you’re the jealous type, this could drive you crazy!

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What Have They Learned?

Finally, it’s worth asking (or at least taking note) of your partner’s take on their divorce. It’s a painful process—whether they were the one who wanted it or had it thrust upon them and the upheaval is profound. The growth should be as well. In other words, if someone doesn’t see his or her own role in their marriage’s crumbling (which you needn’t know all about in detail) or have things they’d have done differently along the way, they might not have learned the lessons they’d need to succeed in love the next time around—with you.

6 thoughts on “The Single Life: Here’s How to Date Someone Who’s Divorced

  1. Ceri

    My new boyfriend of 7 months left his wife for another woman I met him after the new women split his marriage , he is still going through divorce and I’m the target now . What advice shall I need help

  2. asghar karbalaei

    that is the good lesson for me but when singel people have dating with divorced people i have exprience divorced people have feeling shy because of their divorce and from my idea is difrent because they should not shy and thinking about the pluse point because divorce is one way to continue life without same partner and gave you time to except other people as life partner but should not do some thing to return them back to x life and should not put them in a rest like who is better for divorced people

  3. Ray Mayne

    Thanks. This is a well worded and enlightening article. There are so many things we need to consider about a divorcee and situations we need to avoid or learn how to handle if we knew before.

  4. Starre

    This article confirms why I would never date a divorced man as a never-been-married-no-kids woman. It’s way too much drama and understanding that I would have to handle on my end, and I feel that nightmare isn’t worth it. I’d prefer a man like me…no ex-wife, baby mamma, or kids. Never date a divorced man/ woman with a family if a ready made depressed family is not what you want.

  5. Nikolina

    As a divorcee dating single man (never married), I have to somewhat disagree with your article. Marriage and long term relationship (cohabiting) are practically the same when it comes to emotional, economical and social involvement. But placing “warning” sign over divorcee only is a bit unfair. If you are over 30 and single, you probably have some baggage from the past relationships, but hopefully you are also wiser and smarter for it. Bottom line – if you want to have great relationship, be honest with your partner and yourself about your past, present and future, whatever your marital status is.


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