Curb the Urge to Cheat

Get Your Wandering Mind Under Control!

California Psychics has covered a lot of topics on cheating over the years, including the signs of infidelity, how to deal with the cheating spouse, and when a marriage can be salvaged. I think temptation is a common problem in long-term relationships, and your best bet is to arm yourself from just about every possible angle. Today, we’re not focusing on the victim, the couple, or the telltale signs, but rather nipping the problem in the bud, which often begins with a happy husband (and an unhappy wife), a stale sex life, and the intense craving for a box of chocolate chip cookies. Allow me to explain:

Profile: The Man

Understanding the profile of the male cheater can be helpful when attempting to curb the urge. Over 50 percent are happy in their current relationship, earn $75,000 a year, and are simply unfulfilled with their sex life. A man may love his wife, but is afraid to approach her with his dissatisfaction. One day an opportunity presents itself, and he chooses to solve his problem using a third party. This party is usually someone that he, and possibly you, already know. Over 60 percent of infidelity in men manifests as as office affair. It rarely involves a stranger (although it can).

The Woman

With women, the situation can be more serious. She is probably not happy, has attempted to fulfill her needs and failed, and she is now looking to verify that her current relationship is over. This is the reason why most women are not just looking for sex, but rather seeking emotional support and connection. If she finds it, the chance of reconciling with her partner diminishes, as her heart now belongs to someone else. The Internet is a dangerous place for these women, as an emotional connection can happen quickly, and she won’t even need to leave the house to find it. Do you feel like your partner doesn’t respect you? Justine ext. 5402 knows what’s in their heart.

An Ounce of Prevention

What is one of the biggest differences between a partner who cheats, and one who is faithful? The answer is cognitive willpower. Studies suggest that while temptation is something we all deal with, those who are able to control their impulses in life, will also be less likely to cheat. This form of willpower is located in the frontal lobe of the brain, and is believed to inhibit unruly desires, delay impulsive responses, and facilitate the thought process in coming up with an alternative plan. Look at it this way: If you are the type of person who is likely to cheat on your diet or speed on the highway, you may also be more susceptible to cheating on your partner.

“Trust is so important in relationships and it can be a deal breaker when trust has been broken.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

If you think that you are a good candidate to cheating, there are several things you can do to curb this urge:

• Talk to your partner about each other’s definition of faithfulness. It’s better to get that out in the open from the very beginning.

• Listen and support your partner. Most affairs have clear red flags that simply go unnoticed due to a lack of communication.

• Have a plan for how you will respond if an opportunity presents itself. Studies suggest that partners are less likely to follow their impulses when they have a plan of action.

• Avoid fantasies about cheating on your partner, as these can leave you ill-prepared to handle the real situation should it arise.

• Maintain an image of your partner whenever you find yourself in a risky situation, as this will serve as a reminder of the loss that could result from your actions.

• High stress can hinder the portion of the brain responsible for keeping you under control, and make it more likely that you will act on an impulse.

• A good night sleep will help improve impulse control, as will avoiding excessive caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.

• Affairs becomes more prevalent during mid-life depression, and a no-sex marriage. Adding a little romance (i.e. date night) can go a long way as a preventative measure.

• Treat any existing medical condition that involves ADD or bipolar disorder, as these are thought to increase the likelihood of infidelity.

• Give your partner reason to trust you. Many affairs are self-fulfilling, meaning that if you have deceived your partner in the past, their lack of faith may become encouragement to cheat again.

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