Create Attraction Through Psychology

Attraction is just as much a circumstance of events as a feeling or emotion. I’m not talking about pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes, but rather putting circumstances in your favor while creating the optimal setting for love to thrive. Sometimes even love needs a helping hand. Let’s look at a few scenarios behind the psychology of attraction.

Where you meet a potential mate on a date can have a great deal to do with your success, based on the overall feel of the environment. One key element to romance is creating a relaxing mood to allow for good conversation. A quiet background is a good setting (picnic, etc.), but the surrounding color also has a lot to do with it. While reds, oranges, and yellows can increase blood pressure and tension (flight or flight response), such colors as blue, green, and brown have a tranquil effect that can boost the desire to create a connection.

While loud background colors may be unsuccessful at fostering romance and compatibility, research suggests it may be a good thing when it comes to clothing. Studies show that the “lady in red” really does signal attractiveness and sexual desirability in most men. Considering the old joke that a wife could go out naked and her husband probably wouldn’t notice, we do know that he would most likely notice the girl in red sitting next to him, but would have no idea why. Unfortunately for guys, these results do not appear to be as dramatic when he is adorned in red.

A 1980 study suggested that fast tempo music may produce a more appropriate setting for eliciting romance. The researchers played a variety of music genres (classical, jazz, rock, etc.) to participants, asking them to rate the attractiveness of various photos of members of the opposite sex. The majority of participants associated increased attractiveness with listening to rock or pop music, as opposed to the more mellow genres (or no music at all).

While relationships based on traumatic (fearful) events maybe short-lived, according to such movies as Speed, most research claims it can be a sure-fire way to create instant chemistry. Why? Because fear can be misinterpreted as sexual attraction. A study of participants who were given a psychology questionnaire while swaying on a tall suspension bridge rated their (opposite sex) researcher as more attractive than when the questions were given on a much lower and more secure bridge. In addition, sweat-inducing (pheromone-producing) activities may also help bolster a woman’s sexual attraction for a man, as long as he possesses a symmetrical face and she is ovulating (scientific study, no kidding).

Not all conversation is deemed pleasant for women, and one such indicator of success is the amount of brain power a guy can devote towards such communication. Studies show that conversing with the opposite sex can be particularly nerve-racking and taxing for men, as compared to women, producing some rather awkward, unwanted topics and/or sentences (foot in mouth). The best way for a guy to shine is to ensure that he can focus most of his mental energy towards listening and speaking properly (unless both parties are fearful for their lives, in which case she probably won’t even notice).

It has been said that a little mystery can be good for a relationship, and this has been proven time and time again in studies. It may be true that disclosing deep secrets is a great way to build intimacy in a close relationship, but this works best when divulged gradually over time. When a date is going well, a woman may be tempted to share a lot more information about herself with a date (past relationships, annoying habits, etc). Research suggests, however, that it is best to allow plenty of mystery to hold his interest and attention during the introductory stages of a relationship.

Just remember that by following these tricks of the attraction trade, you may be able to set off a terrific spark, but it will be up to you to keep the fire smoldering with some good old fashioned communication, passion, and romance.

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