Check Please! Dating Disasters

When Dates Go Wrong

Ah, the excitement of a first date… The anticipation… The sexy clothes… The perfect guy or girl… And then…

Crash! Your date does or says something that makes you realize you don’t want to see this person again. In fact, you don’t even want this date to continue any longer.

As uncomfortable as this situation is, it might make you feel better to know that you’re not alone. Many people have found themselves in the awkward position of ending a date before it gets any worse.

It’s In His Kiss

Cindy got as far as the good-night kiss, but then was shocked when her date burped in her mouth.

Not Exactly Available

Kurt had spotted an attractive woman at a friend’s party. They exchanged eye contact and smiles before moving ahead to talking, eating, drinking, and dancing together. He learned that she, too, was a runner, so they arranged a date for a run together. “During our cool-down walk, she asked me if she could talk to me about problems she was having with her lesbian lover,” Kurt recounts. “I don’t remember anything after that!”

A similar surprise happened to Katie, who mentioned to her date that she knows how to do handwriting analysis. He was intrigued and wrote a note on his napkin for her to analyze. The note said: “Is there anything about my handwriting that shows I am married?”

Too Much Information

Melissa went on a date with a man who worked for a landscaping company, and part of his job was to spray trees to get rid of moths. “Whatever chemicals he was spraying had caused him to have bloody diarrhea,” she remembers. “He must have mentioned this close to a dozen times.”

Jennifer also learned way too much about her date than she was prepared for. “We went to see the Sean Penn movie Bad Boys, about a juvenile prison. He told me how realistic it was, since, by the way, that’s where he was last semester.” Adds Jennifer, “Did I mention there was a hatchet on the floor boards of the car?”

Poor Manners

Two women surveyed for this article mentioned that their date loudly smacked his lips while eating.

Another woman described her first date with a man that she met through an online dating website and had spoken to on the phone several times. The first thing he said to her when they met in person was, “You don’t look anything like your photo.”

Brianna was a bit surprised when the man she had met at a party the night before showed up for their date the next night wearing the same clothes that he’d worn to the party. It was also obvious that he hadn’t shaved. But that was just the beginning of the downward slide. Inside the movie theater, he slept through the movie. Then at the end of the movie, he awoke and announced that he needed to go home now. “I got a half-hearted kiss goodbye,” she explains. “We hung out a couple of times afterwards, but that night really ended my dreams of the sorta-nerd girl winning the heart of the cool older boy.”

Where’s the Lesson?

As you can see, Brianna learned a lesson about expectations from her disastrous date. Says Psychic Cameron ext. 5412: “Sometimes we’re looking for our soul mate, and we have an image of who’s supposed to come into our lives, when actually the Universe may have something else for us. Be open and receptive to the person that’s right for you. And then wait for the results. Sometimes, you’d really be surprised at who steps into your life.”

So don’t let the turkeys get you down. “Not all the good ones are taken,” Psychic Giovanna ext. 5214 reminds us. “Manifesting and affirming are two things you should never leave home without.”

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3 thoughts on “Check Please! Dating Disasters

  1. JoleneJensen

    LOL…too funny. Reading this reminded me of some of my “dating” experiences. I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings but I don’t want to be caught in a bad relationship again. Dating experiences like these reaffirm what you do and don’t like, and you don’t HAVE to settle. Some women may like a man burping in their mouth…my dad always said there is a lid for every kettle!

  2. Glenna ext. 5418

    Thanks for these stories! It just goes to show that one of the most important things to take on a date is a sense of humor.


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