Change Your Life Through Weird Sex

Kinky Sex Makes the World Go ‘Round

We center almost our entire lives around sex: who we’re having it with (or not), how often, and how. We stake so much of our happiness on it that we spend much of our waking lives trying to make ourselves more attractive in any number of ways—physically, mentally, spiritually and financially—so that we can get it and, if we’re getting it, we can keep getting it. When we’re not getting it, we spend our time seeking substitutes—chocolate, romance novels, porn, fighting, religion, or anything else that fills the need or takes our mind off it. After all, one of the meanings of life is clearly to make more life, so it’s no surprise that we invest so much energy into this one most crucial human activity.

So it goes to reason, if our identities revolve to a large extent around sex, if we change the way we have sex, can we also change our identities?

Hear me out, but look… if you have boring sex, you’re probably a boring person. Why not throw some creativity into the mix? And sure, you can go the whole boring suburban whips/chains/swingers route, but why not throw a chunk of real chaos and creativity in there… Why not take a trip to a different part of town or city, invent a new persona with a new name completely free from your old one, and see what you can get away with? Why not try multiple partners? How about dressing up like ancient Egyptian or Indian gods? Or try Tantra? Why not switch your sexual orientation for a month and see what happens? Or how about seeing if you can become attracted to inanimate objects or plants? Or sex as public performance art? Or sex with people way, way, way, way different from your “type,” who you never could have pictured yourself getting off with in a million years? The idea is to directly challenge your habits, to shake them up, push your limits and see what happens.

When in doubt, pick up a dictionary of sexual fetishes and spend a day by yourself or with your partner going through with a highlighter and underlining anything that looks like fun (and is legal, obviously). Better yet, highlight things that make you flinch or which deeply challenge you. Those carry a far stronger potential of shaking you up out of your old, boring established thinking patterns around sex, and might deeply shake up your personality and old thinking patterns if you put them into practice.

Remember, it’s the 21st century, we have birth control, we’re (I hope) intelligent adults, and there are very few laws or taboos left regulating sexual expression. It’s only been that way for a few decades. It’s time to set the idea that sex is just for procreation or a way to gain security or social status aside, and remember what it actually is: an expression of our deepest human creativity and will to transcendence. (Just remember, always keep everything 110% consensual, practice safe sex and make sure to always respect the feelings and highest good of everybody involved. As Shyla ext. 5431 says… “No abuse… no matter what the excuse.”)

Have at it, and see how much your thinking and outlook on life changes! (And report your experiences here if you dare!)

As Faith ext. 9608 says, “Change is always to be welcomed rather than feared because it leads to the best relationship choices and the greatest freedom.”

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4 thoughts on “Change Your Life Through Weird Sex

  1. Edie

    Someone here may be ignoring something called cause and effect. I would like to suggest reading ” The True Realities of Sex” by Stewart Swedlow. for some enlightenment on the energetic concequences that occur. There are energetic cords and entanglements and imprinting when having sex. You are allowing another person to affect your energies even on acellualr level. Energetically ane metaphysiclaly speaking , there’s much more to it. Be informed, don’t be stupid. Also there are those who believe that you are mixing karma with those whom you exchange body fluids with, choose carefully.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Shake it up…..mix it up……try something new !!!!
    Have a little fun ! Be silly, be mysterious, be adventurous !!!!

    Be anything……but make it different from time to time

    Funny article title …..LOL…..but good advice !


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