How to Care Less and Love More

There are many times in our lives that we get in our own way. Our fears and stress can block us from accepting what is.

How to Practice Unconditional Love

Nowadays, people waste way too much time sweating the small stuff. It’s time to stop worrying about things that waste your time and energy. Stop caring about things that do not add value to your life and start loving more. Love is what makes the world go ’round, so why not focus more of your time and efforts on offering more of your love to friends and family? Unconditional love is one of the most beautiful things we can offer to those around us. If you need some tips on how to practice unconditional love, say no more. Here is how you can practice unconditional love on a daily basis and spread love to others that are close to you. Do you give unconditional love to someone, but they don’t give it to you in return? Taylor knows what’s blocking them!

Know the Difference: Love vs. Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is respecting, appreciating and loving someone through every event of their lives, good and bad. Many people don’t know what it really means. If you love someone from the depths of your heart and then disappear once the going gets tough or after a fiery argument, then you are not practicing unconditional love. Unconditional love is a love that exists no matter what happens and remains solid and pure through the most difficult times. Unconditional love has no conditions or requirements placed on it. Are you placing to much power on your own insecurities and not letting love be love? Let our team of psychics help you let go of what is not important.

Unconditional Love is About Supporting Growth, Not People Pleasing

If you want to offer a loved one unconditional love, this does not mean pleasing them every second and making sure they are comfortable. Unconditional love is about allowing loved ones to grow at their own pace and supporting them as they learn, make mistakes and develop their own life skills. You don’t have to make someone comfortable when you are practicing unconditional love. Offering support through good and bad times will show the best form of unconditional love.

Love as a Daily Activity, Not Just a Feeling

Put showing love and affection on your to-do list every day. The more you think of love and affection as a daily action the more it will become unconditional. Love is a feeling and feelings do not last. They come and go, and then come again. By practicing actions of love every day, your level of love continues to grow and develop. For example, spend quality time with your kids, write your partner a loving note or call your mom and say “I love you.”

Learn the Art of Forgiveness

Unconditional love is forgiveness. If you can learn to forgive loved ones when they have hurt you in the past, you are learning how to love unconditionally. The art of forgiveness can take some time to learn and it is not an easy practice. Start by forgiving small past hurts and people who have added negativity to your life experience. Forgiveness can be achieved even if you have not received an apology and it can release you from mind, body and spiritual stress. By forgiving others for hurtful events, you can free yourself. Unconditional love is achieved through constant forgiveness. Is the art of forgiveness lost on you? Psychic Julia wants to teach you how to forgive!

Unconditional love is not for everyone and it may take a lifetime before it is felt. Others may feel it in their first relationship, with the birth of their first child, with a new pet or within their family unit. While it’s true people will hurt you in life, you don’t have to waste your time on people that do not matter. Practice unconditional love with your family members and with your partner. Learn to love them through any circumstances and hold on to the bond that brought you together in the first place when life gets extremely tough.

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