Psychic Nathan: Can a Polyamorous Relationship Work?

Can a Polyamorous Relationship Work?

Polyamorous Love: The Changing Face of Relationships

Polyamory is the practice, desire or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. It means “many loves” and it’s a hot topic. Whether you agree with it or not, it’s changing the face of romantic relationships. Is polyamorous love the wave of the future?

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Open Commitment

If a couple is polyamorous, it means that although they have an open relationship, they are fully committed to each other. They are allowed to have sexual relationships with other people and they don’t consider that to be infidelity. This doesn’t mean their partners don’t satisfy them and this doesn’t mean they’re sex addicts. We are all capable of loving more than one person at a time, and some people just choose to do exactly that.

The Ideal Relationship?

A polyamorous relationship is meant to be the ideal relationship because having more than one partner means a person’s every need (sexual, mental and emotional) can be fulfilled at all times. But jealousy, envy and insecurities can throw a wrench in things. So, in order for a polyamorous relationship to be successful, it needs to be based on complete honesty.

Equality, High Trust and Security

Polyamorous relationships are based on equality, high trust and security. Partners need to negotiate the terms of their open relationship and then stick to them. The people they choose to bring into the relationship are also aware of the terms and need to abide by them in order to make the relationship work. Everyone plays their part, follows the rules and is committed.

Masters of Communication

For polyamory to work, good communication must be practiced by all involved. The same is true for monogamous couples and polyamorous couples have a lot to teach monogamous couples about communication. If couples with open relationships can communicate well with all involved, then monogamous couples should have an easier time just communicating with each other!

What Happens Next?

In order for polyamorous relationships to work, the “What happens next?” question needs to be answered. Can this type of relationship work on a long-term basis when it’s human nature to grow and change? It can, if the relationship grows and changes with the people in it.

While a polyamorous relationship may be fairly easy to maintain in the beginning, it does get hard to maintain as time goes on. But just because it gets harder, doesn’t mean it gets impossible. The key to making a long-term polyamorous relationship work is to regularly check in with each partner to make sure they are still okay with the romantic arrangement.

So what do you think about polyamorous relationships? Are you in one or have you been in one? What was it like for you? Would you consider being in a polyamorous relationship? Why or why not? Let me know in the comment section below!

I wish you love and happiness.

Psychic Nathan ext. 5698

67 thoughts on “Psychic Nathan: Can a Polyamorous Relationship Work?

  1. alice

    I think this is terrible. Youre a man and men can do it. Women are wired differently except for a few. We hormonely attach to one partner. For men this is a kop out.

  2. Mark

    Polyamorous relationships are bullshit and I must say that polyamorous relationships are just a bunch of horny people looking for sex because they cannot and never will be satisfied with one partner. They will never gain the level of intimacy and love from that one special person. They just want to fuck around because the first thing you do in a relationship is to get into bed it is sex plain old simple fucking thats all. There is no commitment and there never will be, there is no honesty and there never will be, if he/she wants to be with one person and with another person at the same time, few months down the line he/she will seek out another partner and another and another. what is stopping them from doing that, there is no honesty, commitment, morals or intimacy in a polyamorous relationship, it is just plain old fucking around thats all it is.

  3. melissa

    My character in a RP cast is in one but a)only because the person who plays both guys is same person & b) In all honesty the one character Jack is the main one she truly loves. The other one Charming hasn’t been even the same or right in a long time and Jack acts in some ways more like Charming should but its written in the cast that there has to be a Charming so hands are tied. As for personally, no would never tolerate it!

  4. Sherrell

    You can call it what you want!!! IT IS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! How can you be ‘truly committed’ to some body when you’re ‘intimately sharing yourself with somebody else?” That is BS!!! Call it what it is— whoring around!!! The Bible speaks AGAINST it and THAT SETTLES IT!!!

  5. krishna

    Poly-amorous is the need of the future. It is meant for married couples (soul-mates) wno wish to have fun and experimentation with no intention of starting a family. It will be ideal in the future overpopulated hi-tech world, where one concentrates on career and achievements, instead of spending time on relationships that do not work, with heartbreaks and painful after effects. Of course for the system to work, all involved must be matured and open minded, have high level of trust, have effective communication, and be in the system to have fun. Highly possessive and jealous characters must not involve in this system, which is purely for fun and pleasure & not for breeding. When the urge to start family is strong, it is better to opt out of this system.

  6. SRB

    I honestly prefer a polyamorous relationship. I look at it as a friendship. I do not necessarily get busy with all my friends but they all deliver something different to the table. My friends know that I date. Anyone that wants to get exclusive, I step back and just be cordial with them as a friend. I do not communicate with these men everyday. Time allows them to do them instead of ponder over me. I’ve tried being in a monogamous relationship and was faithful but I wasn’t happy. I needed my other friends to satisfy me in ways my dude wasn’t (not sexually). I’m cool with this type of relationship. The friendship is not forced.

  7. Tom

    People who express what their blind and controlling religious teachings have brainwashed them to believe, need to clear their minds and let their instincts and intuition guide them.
    I have been in an open relationship for 40 years, Sometimes we have another couple (they are hard to find) and sometimes we don’t. Being in an open relationship does not mean you have extra martial sex every day, week or even year. Just means you are open to experiences when you meet like minded people. If they appeal to you sexually and morally ( yes polyamorous’s DO have morals) then you have the freedom to share love with others.

  8. Pari danian

    What a great concept. This the first time I’m hearing the term “polygamous”. I wish it could work for me. My husband would never go for it. I guess this is right up there with achieving world peace or a communist society where all people earn equal income. It works well in theory but human nature won’t allow it. How about a don’t ask don’t tell policy would that work?

  9. Sun

    None of the comments brings up the subject of what Marriage means in the eyes of God. Yes, we should “love” one another, but intimately loving more than one partner? How would you explain from one to another when you get times and dates mixed up? I truly think the ones that involve themselves in a Polyamorous relationship need to be given a bible! And then they need to READ it!!!

  10. Cam

    I believe everyone has a right to practice their own beliefs. Regardless of what type of relationship you are in communication, trust and honesty are major factors… If you can’t make these things work when there are only 2 people involved don’t try and jump to being with 2 or 3 people because you haven’t even mastered the basics. Any relationship is hard work and for the people commenting that something is wrong with the world, nothing is wrong with the world, we’ve simply evolving as individuals and realizing we don’t have to live by the same standards our ancestors did because things are different now… Times are different now… PEOPLE are different now…

    By the way, I’m monogamous and only have 1 partner…

  11. Sandra

    Multiple relationships died out with the old Testament when we were populating the world.
    Get a clue from history and stop endorsing evil ways. Expecting complete honesty from multiple people is a pipe dream. This is a one way ticket to increasing the amount of STD’s among partners. Of course the article is written by a man.

  12. Lisa

    My exhusband wanted this. He cheated with another woman on me for five years before I found out. She and he were ok with this Polyamourus afair. When I found out and didn’t want to be apart of it he found it difficult to let her go. She wouldn’t leave either as she was tired of hiding. He asked me to let him have his cake and eat it to so to speak. Wanting us to all “just get along”. He was out of his mind. First of all, I’m not sharing. If I don’t supply all your needs then you need to find someone who does. Or a few who does in his case. The one asking the others to allow this is highly selfish. the one on the outside of the coming in is “just the other woman, or man” the one not wanting to participate is the one being hurt. This type relationship wheather concentual or not is hurtful and dangerous and is just an excuse to cheat. So NO!

  13. Kathy

    It is interesting that after folks read this article, which explains how all people involved are open and honest with each other, that some comments are made stating this is a practice of ‘cheating’. How can it be cheating if everyone agrees to participate as such? I’m glad that I live in a world where some people believe a relationship should be with a man and woman only; I’m glad that I live in a world where believe a relationship between a ‘man and a man’, a ‘woman and a woman’, and multiple partners as described in this article. Thank you for helping bring awareness. I have loving friends who practice polyamorous and I agree; they have WONDERFUL communication that others could learn from. I also feel they are higher evolved, especially understanding that historically, during the times Jesus walked the Earth, this practice was common…..and going back eons before Jesus the Christ walked the Earth. Thank you for your article.

  14. Matthew

    To me its impossible to keep a lady with more than one partners although single I am now,if I decide to be in one do love immotionally and i will make sure U re satisfied .i hate to share my love

  15. Blue

    All of the close minded “christians” are going to have the same view as they do on anything that is non-christian. The closest I have had to this type of relationship is being with a man and having a girlfriend occasionally. I do know other couples that have these types of relationships and they have been married many many years and are still totally fine with the arrangements they have made. It depends on the views and maturity of the people involved.

  16. Psychic Liam - ext. 9290

    What an excellent and well written article, my brother. I especially enjoyed your observations about communication as a more developed asset in polyamorous arrangements. Indeed, evidence indicates that across the board, alternative relationships rate far superior in the communications department compared to their vanilla, monogamy based counterparts. Well said.
    Don’t worry about the critics, brother. People will always attack what they deem different, or items in opposition to the sugar coated moralistic fairy tale fantasies of their youth. Idealism and sentimentality …. Killers of rational thought. You know, I thought the poster Amun-RA made some excellent historical points as well. Culturally and historically, his observation is quite valid.

  17. nat

    Hi there,

    I think that any learned person could say and should if they are honest that multiple partners has never been a good idea, in thepast and even til this day regardless of what country you live in. Many people chose to live in denial of human nature, because they do not want to deal with it. So, they tell themselves and each other that it is alright. WRONG, honesty, true honesty could never be in a a real relationship of this nature. Unless of course there where no feelings involved. Thanks for the topic thought, truely interesting.

  18. Nathan 5698

    Many Thanks for the comments..!
    In my experience, there is a growing trend to cater for the lifestyle, and callers are of all genres of sexuality. The term is invented, so it happens.
    I give advice to the subject and I remain impartial.
    It is great to see comments on both sides of the thoughts…!

    Nathan ext. 5698.

  19. Sylvia

    I do think this is a new “fashion strike” of our so called “modern” world. Shows like sister wives and my five wives keeping these new point of view sizzling. I also do believe that this won’t last in the long run. There will be new groups of relationship for awhile and perhaps in 10-15 years from now on (if it does take this long) we will hear and read from “Experts” that this kind of “new” relationship won’t or hasn’t survived.
    Yes, it isn’t that all new to begin with but we also shouldn’t forget that all these already existing polyamorous relationships have usually religious backgrounds like the Harem in the Arabic world, or the Islam allows usually 4 women (but only if you can afford them). In the Christian world we have the Fundamental Mormons..
    But I really can’t see it to last in our modern, electronic selfish organized world. Everyone will try hard for awhile but than will probably break out again.
    The article was interesting to read but with all due respect it is a little bit tinted with illusion. Like I said, the facts have to prevail first and that to happen takes time.
    Besides we had this kind of relationship as a trial during the 60’s and 70’s, when the Hippy area was at its peak. Back then it was called “Sexual Revolution”. It didn’t last either.
    I personally don’t care if people live that way, it doesn’t take anything away from my life style. But I certainly won’t commit or agree to live that way. I am emotionally to demanding I guess. I want my guy at my bedside every night and don’t want to schedule intimacy and romance like I schedule my work. Just thinking of it makes me laugh and also shaking my head.
    Yes, we do live in a weird and crazy world. We do have everything, but what we have is not good enough anymore, so new territories must be discovered. Good luck with the experience.

  20. Nathan 5698

    Hello. Many Thanks for the comments..!
    Where clients ask for guidance on this way of life, then I cater and advise. I find that this is a growing trend on all genres of sexuality.
    The term has been invented, so it happens. Love to see more comments on both sides of this thought. It is not necessarily a personal viewpoint.

  21. JCHORD

    Seeds of disorder in the world–
    going one complete circle–assumptions , desires and wants
    are never on firm safe ground–see human evolution for proof.

  22. Imelda

    This is called an open relationship, where parties concerned are well aware of what’s going. I for one believed that there are people whose needs are bigger than others, and needed to be simultaneously satisfied occasionally. It doesn’t mean their capacity for deeper kind of relationship is diminished. We will be lucky if we could find in one person all the things we want and needed. We need to be open minded of the needs of our loved Ones in order to be in a harmonious relationship. Most people will be shocked by my idea, but believe me, I will and can do everything in my capacity to make my partner happy, and hoping he will do the same.

  23. lisa

    many that enter into kind of life style grew up in it, so it works for them and it comes natural, but of you dont have that kind of up bringing then it doesnt work. Some may try to persuade you into it but you end up feeling really confused because even though you enter into it the male usually doesnt wnat you to see anyone else but he can. if all parties can not have the same sexually benefits then only one person gains the benefits, the man, if a womans wants to be in this kind of lifestyle then she show have another man to love when the other man is loving someone else. just saying, its only fair. just my opinion

  24. Michelle

    I’m saddened by how closed minded everyone seems to be about this subject.

    I am Polly. Can I just say first off It’s not about sex! It’s about love, plain and simple. I have so much love to give, I love a lot of people. Some relationships need more intimaticy then others.

    Yes communication is key with everyone involved, and some people I love don’t need to be as intimate, and are not as comfortable with it but they can still receive my love.

    I am not a jealous person, I am secure and confidant in myself. I know I am loved. I’m not jeperidized by others insecuritys.

    The experances I have, I can communicate with my partner and inhance our intimacy and trust, because there is no secrets between each other.

  25. Barbara Bertone

    I tried polyamory several years ago. And I knew some couples it seemed to be working for.
    There were times I felt that it was a high calling to love 2 men and to be totally honest with them. This is not cheating as some have suggested since everyone is on board and it requires a great deal of work to support one another.
    For me, it took too much of my emotional energy. Plus one of the men wasn’t into it as much.
    I decided to end it and it was very painful. But in the end, I learned a great deal about myself and how to fully relate to another. I believe that someday it will be much more supported as we are entering a more complex world. I wish it would have worked because I was at my highest self while in it.

  26. Raquel

    A harmonious person does not need more than one partner unless she/he is just too insecure and needy to get attention from others. There is more to a polygamy relationship than just the fun of sexual activity. Learn from the Mormons and others who are polygamous – their wants and desires to be harmonious do not last because of their own ego. It is all about maturity and responsibility in the relationship.

  27. C.C.

    Hey this starts out fine…until another person comes along and changes the rules. Also, this will only work temporarily because as you get older you will want more out of life, and how do you explain it all to the kids when they come into the relationship. And what about other members of your family. I doubt Grandma or Mother will approve of this type of love relationship. It gets way to complicated and hard to satisfy everyone involved. It’s hard enough to keep one person happy let alone several. Ask anyone who has ever cheated, how old it gets real fast. Then there is the holidays…who do you celebrate with…which lovers family….ha , ha, Good Luck!

  28. Eland

    I had to comment. Very much a close topic. To be polyamorous is just that, in love with more than one. To be open with your commitments about that love. It does not mean to take something away from one but to include another with full knowledge and acceptance of each. It does no mean manage au trios (usually) it means that we love a third (or more) and usually evolves over a period of time. Often, a beloved friend of a spouse or colleague becomes bonded and evolves into a deeper connection. I have seen a home wife and a professional wife, both friends, love and share the same man understanding that each has a niche in each other’s life. One woman wants to provide home and hearth, raise children and lead a domestic life the other wants a professional life and travel and career pressure. All of these people come together to enjoy family life, holidays, etc. but each have complex emotional needs that one person, on their own, struggled to meet. Together, they made a whole, healthy and balanced unit. It should not be about collecting sexual partners but rather falling in love and completing a unit. When it’s right, it just comes together. There is always dialogue and disclosure so “cheating” doesn’t have to happen. How many times do we hear of affairs where the person claims to love their spouse but needed a relationship with another never intending to leave the spouse? It’s almost never as simple as sex. True polyamorous relationships are soul bonding, loving, enriching events that have more than two involved. They will not work if the love and bonding are not real or strong, lust and infatuation will not withstand the level of commitment required. In these socioeconomically trying times it could very well be a more logical and supportive family structure.

  29. Martha

    My opinion very deeper in my heart is that God made a union of a men and a women to love each other and respect each other for eternity until death do us apart and even after death we will be re-united so the love that we shared is so strong that is beyond over all…So for me my answer is no I will walked away there is no way for me at any time…I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you.

  30. cb

    Most women are wired to desire to be with one mate and exclusive (he protects the home, her and the children). Most men are wired to desire variety (spread their seed, visual variety). What ends up happening in this scenario is the woman is not given full attention and respect. Like in other cultures that practice this, it is merely a way to “own” the women (harem, concubine) that they are with and a way that the woman cannot ‘own” the man, or how the male perceives a one on one commitment to be. So this boils down to not having to be responsible and do whatever they like. Maybe some women are ok with this, or they love that man so much (and thereby delude themselves into thinking one day he will change and become exclusive) that they lower their standards and let him make the rules. Another thing to take into account is exclusive committed relationships can reach the deepest intimacy. Whereas I think polyamorous arrangements are shallow and fulfill a sense of ego and selfishness. It is more giving of oneself when there is total commitment and total presence to one love. This doesn’t even begin to touch upon STDs. They human body is not made for multiple sex partners. just my humble opinion.

  31. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    A very interesting article on a timely topic, Nathan.

    While I have not been in a polyamorous relationship myself, I have made an extensive study of alternate lifestyle relationships and the rewards/challenges they present. Your article offers very insightful advice to anyone considering this relationship dynamic.

    As you stated, communication is the key to any successful relationship and especially so in a relationship that includes multiple participants.

    Brightest blessings,
    Seren, Ext 5445

  32. Suzy

    I think this is a good way to loose any kind of standards or moral behavior.
    Like being an animal. Love and commitment is more soul satisfying for piece and happiness.
    Dangerous way to live in the long run. Self respect is priceless and can be lost in this kind of momentary bliss.

  33. Endora Ann Thomas

    Hi Nathan,
    About five years ago I tried a polyamorous relationship. It went fine for a few months until I began seeing someone, who, although I was very clear as to what was happening and that I was not with him exclusively, decided that he wanted more than I was willing to give. He became very jealous and possessive and I decided not to pursue this type of relationship again. It caused far too many problems and took more energy than I was willing to put out. I’m not saying that it doesn’t work for others, but for me, I was brought up to be in a relationship with one person at a time, (my Aquarian nature to be defiant did take over for a while) and I’ve since chosen to stick with one person or no one (as the case is at the moment). I think I chose the polyamorous type of relationship, honestly, because I was tired of having my feelings hurt by the poor choices I’d made in the past. I didn’t and still don’t trust my instincts, hence the being single.
    Thanks for reading

  34. Gee

    I don’t think this type of relationship would work or should I say this non existent relationship…If you have any feelings at all it not possible.

  35. Nancy

    This arrangement would definitely not work for me. If someone asked me to be in a relationship like this I would have to walk away. I would never judge a couple that chose this type of arrangement I’m just saying it would not be for me.

  36. patricia deavereaux


  37. alexander hobart

    10 persons may feed your voracious appitite…but can you reciprocate fully for those 10?? I think NOT…you LOSE

  38. Vicki Williams

    Never in a million years could I entertain a relationship such as this…..I’m a one man woman and expect my guy to be devoted to me…If I think he is spiting his desires and confidences with another I will go ballistic….NOT FOR EVER. If you cannot commit to one woman…MOVE ON.

  39. Amun-Ra

    This kind of relationship maybe new to the western world but this was practiced by ancients in Africa and other parts of the east and still is practiced today. So this isn’t nothing new. The Western world must come up to part with the past…

  40. Lisa

    Very interesting article, Nathan! And definitely a hot topic now. Like anything else in life, I really believe that whether such an arrangement will work depends solely on the people involved – ALL the people involved, as you stated. Human relationships can be awfully fickle, difficult emotional business, but I have known some folks for whom polyamory has been pretty successful. As for me, I realized a long time ago that I am not constitutionally cut out for such an arrangement (well, I’m a classic Scorpio, for one thing!), but my hat’s off to anyone who pulls it off successfully, and with integrity, honesty and compassion. As you expressed very well, it really demands some committed, honest, emotionally-secure and emotionally-intelligent people. But then again, doesn’t EVERY relationship? 🙂 Thanks for some very interesting insights.

  41. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Nathan !!!!

    Very interesting and thought provoking article…..

    You are missed in the forum by the way…..

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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