Break the Single Cycle

Why You’re Still Single

Psychic Peyton ext. 5312 talked a bout how she helps callers who are wondering why they’re still single. Peyton told me, “They’re asking, ‘Is a man coming into my life?’ And usually it’s not just a yes or no answer. There’s way more to it. That’s why I love to throw some Tarot cards down, because what I will see for that person is usually that you’ve been through bad relationships, and the fear of another one is keeping you from this new person, who I see coming right there at the door. So we look at you, and what you need to do to move forward.”

Psychic connects quickly with her callers. In fact, she enjoys starting the reading without any questions at all. In a recent chat, she said, “I just ask the caller for their name and connect to that. I prefer giving a reading without any questions to start with. That way we can go back and validate what came true.”

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Why Am I Single?

“The simplest thing with that is letting go of the fear and the past of the hurt. People have to look at those past relationships, good or bad, as that they were lessons. And the lessons are often about what they will not accept in the future. Been there, done that, thank you for teaching me that lesson. And it’s also about actually forgiving that relationship or that person, in order to let go of that to move forward.” Let Psychic Peyton ext. 5312 help you understand your life lessons. Try a reading with her today.

Consider some of Peyton’s points if you’ve been unhappily single for too long:

Holding a grudge: “People don’t realize how important forgiveness is. Too many people hang on to negativity. When you don’t forgive, you won’t move forward. Letting go of that past hurt or fear of a new person doing what you had done to you in the past will get you out of that cycle.”

Over-controlling: “When somebody likes to control everything, I can see that in the cards, and I can feel that with their anxiety of why am I by myself? We have to look at that person. What is it about yourself that’s causing you not to trust?”

Imbalance in giving: “So many times when they’re giving so much of themselves, from buying cell phones, to paying car debts, they’re doing so much to buy the relationship. And who’s not going to take advantage of that?”

Change Your Mindset and Manifest an Amazing Relationship

Peyton said, “Once we change our mindset to: ‘I do deserve a great relationship, because I am a good person, and I have love to give’ that’s putting them on a better road to manifesting what they want.” Psychic Peyton ext. 5312 can help you manifest what you want to achieve. Try a psychic reading with her now!

“We are manifesters, all of us. We can manifest what we want. And if we live in fear and dread and doom and gloom, well then that’s where we stay. That’s what we attract. So even though it doesn’t come easy, we have to work at it. You have to think positive and know that good is coming even though you may not see it. By keeping our mindset on that positive, that’s what we will attract. We will attract the like-minded people. We will attract that person that fits your personality. By fearing that’s it’s never gonna happen, guess what? We’re never gonna get what we want. And that’s why it is so important to keep our mindset focused on our desires in a positive way.”

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26 thoughts on “Break the Single Cycle

  1. RS

    Regarding the comment left from RB, you are right and I agree with you. I too have been left to struggle with my ex husband leaving. It is hard to forgive and forget, all you have left is to move on and try and be happy. But you will always carry the hurt and pain that they leave within your heart. But I do hope you can find happiness through all this.

  2. Niña

    how can i know if what i’m doing is manifesting on my goals or merely just putting up an expectation… it’s really hard for me to tell between the two, and from past experiences, putting up expectations will only lead to dissapointment… help…

  3. Shyann

    I had to laugh at the comment TEA made !! Because I think the same way !! LOL
    And it’s sooo true. Often times, men come around to late. I don’t want to wait on
    some jerk decide if he wants to be with me or not, especially after 3 1/2 yrs together !
    I can forgive to a point and then I send a curse on them HAAA Oh well.. KARMA.

  4. truthbeknown


    what can we do if we do forgive but just keep thinking about a past lover? i had different viewpoints from different psychics but what is particularly hard is that when i was in love with her i felt really good about myself. She was very judgemental and i tried to please her but apparently couldn’t. Now, i have found a woman and i’m afraid i’ve been “bitten” by my ex’s judgementallness. In other words, i really adore the woman i’m with for her “childlike” qualities but i also dislike those qualities at times to. She is ADD and can’t remember things, and i feel like this relationship is a parent-child one. I’m wondering if my fears from the past are influencing my current or even future plans. what do you think?

  5. dawn

    why is it when you meet a guy who you really enjoy being with just up and say we can’t do this anymore. Than your mind start to wonder because of what you have done in the past and have the fear that it is happening to you now. It drives me crazy because I love this guy.

  6. jennifer

    hey i have lost my 10yrs long relationship and now i feel exactely the way u have written and i do fear that maybe the other person i fall in love with will do the can i get rid of it

  7. Bt

    I can say that I have finally decied to let go ,however I feel myself attracting men who feel like I owe them something…i am working hard to get where I want to be in my life. It just seems like there is not a good man out there that would be wiling to be there for me without that man feeling like I owe him something.

  8. christine

    This is my story, every man I meet run away. I feel as if everyone is like my ex who treated me like trash. Men get tired. They stop calling and wanting to see me. How do I get past all the hurt?

  9. GW

    Brian Gomes, I say when you are ready for a relationship, go for it. My father died of a 7 year battle with cancer when I was 12. My mom did not date or re-marry until my brother, the youngest of 3, was in 10th grade. It was the biggest mistake she could have made. We complained about everyone of her interests. If the guy gave us space, we said he did not care. If he tried to connect with us we told him to mind his own business. If he tried to give us advice we said your not my father. I wish my mother would have focused a little bit more on her own needs instead of my brother, sister and I. It would have taught us a lot about relationships, something all three of us have trouble with. Your dating others will teach her that yes,you still love her mother but you must also move on. I am sure many arguments over the matter will come up but try to explain that dating others has nothing to do with the love you have for your wife. My mother met someone over 10 years ago and they have a wonderful relationship. When I graduated from nursing school 3 years ago I introduced Bill as my stepfather. He was really touched by the statement but at the age 0f 37 I finally learned that my mother deserved to be happy. Over the last 10 years, I always send Bill Fathers Day cards and gifts and consider him a father figure. My niece and nephews evev call him Papa. When you are ready begin to start new relationships. It will greatlt help you daughter in the long run. Good Luck!!!

  10. Tea

    It is really hard to forgive him. However, i try my best to control myself and my fate. I will not give him the power to destroy my whole life. He is noting. His regret of losing me should be bigger than mine. i and my boy will deserve a better man than him. And one thing that i believe for those who did bad to me will be cursed, they will have to pay back. And i will be even more happy see their bad time come :-D. I will forgive him but his sin never forget him. Thanks Everyone.

  11. Bevy

    I can totally relate to RB..I was married to a man for 4 yrs, we divorced and didnt see each other for 5 yrs (during time I didnt see anyone) then we reunited for almost 3 yrs when he decided to tell me he was sexually attracted to men and had relations with them while we were apart…How do I forgive after sooooo much hurt????

  12. Peyton x5312

    Brian, I am sorry for your loss. I too lost my spouse to cancer a few years back. Grieving is so different for everyone. We are not taught how to grieve or to let our loved ones go. The first year is always the hardest. You have the first of everything without them. Your friends and family don’t talk about it and feel that they don’t want to hurt you. But what they don’t realize is that we want and need to talk about it. You will know when it is time to move forward. I do see you getting married again. As far as your Daughter goes, it would be good to involve her when it come to the matters of the new woman. Also the woman that is coming into your life has to understand that your deceased wife should be talk about and included for your daughters sake. Good luck on your new journey!

  13. Peyton x5312

    Dearest RB. Thank you for your comments! I would like to add some thought on what you have said. I believe we have all suffered some sort of pain in one way or another in our lives when it comes to loving someone. I always say you should never judge anyone unless you have walked in their shoes. I think that most Psychics have suffered enormously in all areas in life. This is why we can understand what our clients have been through. We have walked the walk. Also, When I talk about forgiveness, I need to clarify, We are not forgiving that person for what they have done. Usually what they have done is unforgivable. But we are forgiving them so we can move away from that experience. We can cut the cord and never look back. Forgiveness is not a simple thing. It is something that takes time and courage. Lastly, we have choices and we can choose to close a door so another can open. Blessings to you!

  14. Nico Driessen.

    Peyton is absolutely right, I know from experience that you better believe her and start acting accordingly. In the past I did quite some unpaid work in developing aid, I gave weelchairs out of my own profits and blablabla. Not expecting something, but because I could and it made me feel good to be Mr. Niceguy. I reached a state of loving awareness without yoga or whatever and just enjoyed going with the flow. My company in Sri Lanka was devastated by the tsunami disaster and I lost every material thing I had. I had to start my company from Mama’s garage with no money, a crashing pentium 3 and $540 worth of wallhangers. I sold some to a friend and a friend of a friend, who knew someone who connected on LinkedIn and the orders came so rapidly, it was amaaaaaaaaazing !!!!!!!!!! Peyton is absolutely right, you better take care that you get an account in the database of the Almighty !

  15. Sarah Jane

    How do I manifest for men to stay the heck away from me. All I have wanted since I was about 4 years old. I have tried making myself as unattractive as possible and still cannot get them to stop hitting on me. How do I manifest for them to Leave me alone!!!!!!!
    I am so much happier on my own, not having some wimpering pathetic man trying to suck the life out of me.
    So what are the steps…how do I manifest for them to go away….??????

  16. brian gomes

    hello peyton i have losted my wife due to cancer, and i have a daughter who is 13 years old,
    should i get married and how will my daughter feel, and its the 1st year since her death. so please advise…

    regards, brian..

  17. RB

    I dont think you understand the pain involved when someone hurts another person in love. It is so easy to ask us to forgive the other person but this is not possible when the other person tried to destroy us and left us as broken pieces. I still hurt from that today. I can never forget that. It will not be possible for me to forgive him. But I am trying to move on. I have been doing things to make my own life happy. Its been years but those wounds will always be there. They cannot be erased. We are human beings. We feel things. We are not computers who can delete the memory of such bad people or forgive them. We have feelings. So, just by you saying that we need to forgive the other person, it shows that you dont understand the pain that we go through. Please try to be in the shoes of the person who got hurt. Our brain is not a switch that we can turn on and off and forgive the person who crushed us. Every one who has gone through hurt moves on, makes positive changes to create a happy life for themselves and people do find love again. But when we even think of the person that crushed us , it still hurst forever. That is a normal human feeling and cannot be controlled. One should just let it out….Dont suppress it…release it…If you want to cry, cry it out. A point will come when you wont cry any more and will finally pick up your own life and move on. But for all those people who have been hurt , it will never be possible to forgive that person even after we have moved on and crated a happy life for ourself. I know you all are psychics and great advisor but just try to understand our pain and what we go through instead of just asking us to shut off the pain and forgive the other person. That doesnt help us to move on. At a time of pain and suffering, we need to hear that “We will find love again” …and most people who move on do find love again. But what you are doing here is like giving them an ultimatum by saying that “You better forgive or you will be single forever”. This is just not true. It hurts more…It makes the person feel that the rest of our life is going to be single and in darkness forever. Thats not the message that should be given to a person in pain. A person in pain should be made to realise that there is tru love light ahead and to keep moving. Those pains will always hurt everytime you think of them…even after you have moved on happily in life. Any person who has gone through pain in love will agree with me. I have tried to make life happy and yes at times I am smiling now and living a good life…but whenever I think about him I become crushed again. It is just not possible to forgive someone who left me in broken pieces. What we can do is try not think about it and keep moving to recieve our happiness. But forgetting and forgiving is not possible. Take it from a person who has suffered a lot of pain and has improved. Thank you so much. You are all wonderful psychics who are there for us in our tough times and I thank you for that.

  18. Courtney ext. 5036

    Every relationship is like a snowflake, unique and different. Let go of a relationship where you are not being treated the way you deserve. Then a new healthy relationship will come your way.

  19. -quinn ext.5484

    dear peyton and erica – great article.
    i especially like your point about imbalance –
    you reading process is beautiful.


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