Boost Your Partner’s Sexual Confidence

Get Them Going in Bed!

A partner with sexual confidence is comfortable with themselves during intimacy. They are interested in trying new things, taking the reins and asking for what they want. The problem is, past awkward moments, poor body image and performance issues have a way of robbing your partner of this natural confidence. What’s a guy or girl to do? Well, you can build it back up using these seven tips:

Know What You’re Up Against

Men and women tend to be self-conscious about different things when it comes to sex. For women, they are most concerned about their body image and whether or not they are sexy and beautiful. Men are more worried about performance issues, including physical and mental ailments.

Foreplay During Your Day-to-Day

Foreplay is a terrible word, so I promise this is the last time I will use it in this article. However, the important point here is that every act of love you perform throughout the day is a moment to instill sexual confidence in your lover. Whether you grab her hand as you’re walking, or hold his arm while watching a movie—these are the moments that remind your partner that you find them just as sexy as when you first met.

Don’t Make Sex a Goal

Behind many cases of performance anxiety is a goal that a couple is trying to achieve, whether it’s your partner’s orgasm, your own or how many paint chips you can knock off their neighbors ceiling. The point is, sex is so much better when it is performed without guilt, shame or expectation. Make sex a fun part of your relationship and your partner’s confidence will rise.

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Settle Awkward Moments Immediately

An awkward moment is bound to cross your relationship eventually if you have been together long enough. Some people choose to ignore it. Others try to make their partner feel better by telling them it’s okay, while a few become irritated, expressing their dissatisfaction with the experience. I can almost guarantee you that no awkward moment ever gets completely forgotten, so it is better to say something sooner, rather than let the moment ruin any future experiences. If you don’t like a sexual position, explain your feelings honestly and compassionately. Your partner will gain confidence knowing exactly what you want in bed.

Make Some Noise

Both sexes, with men in particular, are wired to use sound as a guide to sex. Men enjoy the audio playlist of a lover who is clearly enjoying themselves. If you are not able to make noise yourself, use music as a background. The point is, when it is too quiet during the act, some partner’s fall into a mental play-by-play of everything taking place, and end up talking themselves into performance anxiety.

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Fake Confidence, not Orgasms

Confidence can be transferred from one partner to another. Too often, both partners are suffering from a lack of it, because they can sense an issue, and are unsure of whether they are at fault or not. This can lead to the scenario of nobody taking the reins anymore when it comes to sex. Confidence is a huge turn-on for both women and men, so it you find yourself lacking it, go ahead and fake it until you make it.

Make it Up to Your Partner Tomorrow, Not Today

Resentment is a terrible price to pay for things gone awry in a relationship. Everything from forsaking chores to being selfish can affect the way a couple sees each other in the bedroom. Your partner may already know that it is best to speak their mind before resentment sets in. However, the outcome will depend on how you choose to respond. The common tactic is to immediately make it up with a small gift, night on the town or apology. A heartfelt apology is always good, but to set things right you need to demonstrate that you heard your partner, understood what they’ve asked and are prepared to follow through. The kicker is, according to research, your efforts will be much more welcome if you wait until your partner is in a better mood (like tomorrow).

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