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If you believe that life has purpose and meaning and that it’s not just a bunch of random acts, then you’ll love what numerology can bring to your lifenamely, answers. Your Life Path number  or your birthday number (for both, add the numbers of your full birthday date until you get a single digit) reveal your personal tendencies, your approach to life and shine a light on the specific talents you possess. But what is the significance of your actual birth day?

What You Need to Know

Your actual birth day can also reveal a lot about your personality. For example, if you were born on the 23rd of a month, you would read the explanation of a 2, 3 and 5 (2 + 3). Looking at all of those numbers will give you a complete overview of you.

Let’s say you were born on the 14th of the month. You would look up the explanation of a 1, 4 and 5 (1 + 4). How different is the description of a 14 birthday from a 23 birthday?

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Here is just a taste of what your numbers say about you, your hidden talents and potential careers. Each number corresponds to a birth day in any month:

1 You are a natural-born leader, ambitious and independent. You are an entrepreneur.

2 You are romantic, sensitive, artistic and intuitive. Consider working in physical or mental therapy, or as a mediator.

3 You are creative, artistic and a real showman. You may thrive as an entertainer, public speaker or in the expressive arts.

4 You’re practical, logical, disciplined and honest. Consider building a business.

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5 You are adventurous, yet adaptable. You need travel, freedom and excitement.

6 You are a relationship-oriented, family person. Work in balancing arts, healing and meditation.

7 You are faithful, intuitive and intelligent. The scientific or metaphysical realms are for you.

8 A confident, entrepreneurial leader, your relish a challenge. Consider management or finance.

9 You are social, charming and compassionate. Look for something that is both artistic and healing.

10 You are independent, organized and success-driven. Consider a managerial position.

11 You are intuitive and idealistic. Have you considered working as an adviser or philosophical teacher.

12 You are imaginative, artistic and can think on your feet. Focus on the arts, whether it be writing or acting.

13 You have an eye for detail and love art and nature. You can do anything; just give it your all.

14 You are social, confident and adapt easily. Maybe publishing, writing and communications fit your needs.

15 You are committed, sensitive, generous. Both the business and the art world would benefit from your input. Just choose one!

16 Your intuitive and analytic mind mean you’ll be a good scientist, philosopher or teacher.

17 You’re  an independent, go-getter. Your business and financial sense is a gift to share with others.

18 You are an empathic leader. Doing humanitarian work will make you feel fulfilled.

19 As a determined and idealistic person, you would make a great inventor and creator.

20 You are sensitive and persuasive. You may find success as a behind-the-scenes leader or Vice President.

21 You are social and passionate. Try writing, editing or anything having to do with the arts.

22 You have an inventive and pioneering spirit which makes you a born leader. Just remember to remain confident.

23 You are adaptable, yet adventurous. Try writing, working in sales or anything that requires strong verbal communication.

24 As a loving, sensible and responsible person, you are gifted in healing relationships.

25 You’re logical and analytic. Try teaching the scientific arts.

26 You are confident, daring and ambitious which means you have business and financial talent.

27 You’re open-minded and multi-talented. As a leader, you would excel at almost anything.

28 You’re ambitious and confident; good at getting the ball rolling.

29 You are intuitive, creative and guided. Try spiritual healing, counseling or being a physical healer.

30 You possess creativity, imagination and enthusiasm. you would excel in the arts, writing or acting.

31 You are determined, practical and traditional. You’d be an excellent organizer, manager, or anyone who focuses on functionality.

Of course, these descriptions are brief and don’t encompass the full depth of your individual traits and talents. This is simply a brief overview, focused on the positive. Hopefully these few, simple words will inspire you to explore numerology further, because true happiness comes when you’re living life to its full potential.

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12 thoughts on “Your Birthday Numerology

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  2. LJ

    Dear Nicolas – yes that’s how you’d do it – all of the traits listed under each number are part of your secret makeup. And Clarita, there are several ways to interpret your birthday vs. day of birth, etc. They all tell you different things about yourself. Follow the links in the numerology articles and follow the instruction – you should be able to decipher then on your own, but honestly a numerologist could give you a broader picture that may help you.
    Thanks everyone, I hope that helped.

  3. nicolas

    Wow, so if if I was born on the 25 of the month does this mean I am a 7 ? I would be looking at 2, 5 and 7 ( 2 + 5 )

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