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Recently, reader Micheal submitted this impassioned comment on our Stop Worrying. Love Yourself blog piece. Michael finds himself emotionally reeling from a relationship with ‘the one’ that ended three years ago. “I continue to work on me and keep my side of the street clean, but it just doesn’t seem like I will ever be able to love again or love another,” Michael writes. “I feel like I will love her forever. I love her no less than I did 3 years ago. She still haunts my dreams and my waking days and nights.”

Michael –

It’s okay to love the wrong person.

You can be so in love with the wrong person that no one, in your imagination, will ever exceed them. You can be so in love with the wrong person that their loss makes you see the rest of your life as a slump. In fact, you can be so in love with the wrong person that you forgive what makes them wrong, and you can incur a tremendous amount of pain doing it.

I’ll say it again – it’s okay to love the wrong person. Why? Because you might not know that they’re the wrong person until the relationship goes sour. Or until you gain the perspective that only months or years passed can provide. Or, perhaps, until you find the right person.

I’m going to tell you something you already know, Michael. Your ex was the wrong person. You give us many examples in your statement… allow me to emphasize them. This woman led you on, manipulated you, used you and lied to you. She showed a tremendous disregard for your emotions, and most important, did not reciprocate your affection. No matter how great your love for her, she is also these negative things to you. You can’t just dismiss what was bad and dote on what you loved –- it’s all a sum, and what was bad then would only bring you more hurt if you were still together.

Heartbreak, as your statement honestly and eloquently encapsulates it, is the most emotionally difficult thing you can face. Your story illustrates how love works by being full of contradictions: you realize her faults, you still have feelings for her. Your self-esteem is strong, you feel belittled by her leaving you. You want to get past her, you want her back.

You should have no regrets about loving this woman and spending your time with her. But you should not confuse the pain and sadness of finding out your lover is the wrong person with a life sentence. It’s a necessary step in finding out who’s right. And you’re well on your way.

It’s okay to love the wrong person. So forgive yourself.

5 thoughts on “Ask Max

  1. Tina

    In a relationship myself been talking about the future and all this-but now he calls me less often and my messages have not been answered and when i call him all i get is voice-mails or when it does ring it goes to voicemails?

  2. Filomena

    In believing in time with certainty, doesn’t always relay the right answers
    From the questions which were projected, further ahead
    As time are merely the border, and not the guideline of certainty
    After all, the building blocks are the fleeting moments, which they can be viewed,
    Either as evasive or grounding blocks in their full potential
    Thus, facilitating one answer at a time
    Perhaps with certainty!

  3. nora

    i have question n plz anyone reply me….um libra lady n i know an aries guy he likes me at the first sight since 2008 then he tried to get closer but coz i was worry i was move slow then we finally meet since 17 days ago n since that meeting he didn’t call me n i did the same …um confuessing!!


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