Are You Dating a Vampire?

Are You Dating a Vampire?

Is a Relationship Vampire Sucking the Life Out of You?

There may be gremlins and energy vampires hiding in your electrical devices—but these are never as devastating as the ones hiding in your relationships. And while these types of vampires may not drain your body of its life-giving fluids, their goal is nevertheless the same: To feed off of your good nature for their own benefit, no matter who (most likely you) gets hurt in the process. They will suck your time, energy and happiness. But unlike the film versions which can be discovered using a mirror and garlic, a relationship vampire may not be as easy to recognize. In fact, these are the five telltale signs that one may have already latched onto you.

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Your Fight More Than You Love

There are a lot of reasons why couples fight, but when your relationship can be described as a drama more than a love story, there is likely some manipulation at play. Relationship vampires create a wave of turmoil every time they want something, and then release you from their tyranny as soon as they get it. Rather than garlic, your best protective charm is to see these people for who they are—children. And how would you deal with a child who is engaged in a temper tantrum? You would tell them calmly and firmly to settle down. And if they refused? You would remove yourself from the situation and wait until they are ready to talk like a grownup. Don’t give into a relationship vampire’s tantrums. If you do, you will only be encouraging them to do it more often.

Your Glass is Mostly Half Empty

Do you walk around feeling tired and unmotivated? If you’ve ruled out a medical condition, the culprit is likely your vampire love and the parasitic relationship you have with them. They’re a parasite because they take everything from their partner and leave them nothing in return. These partners will help themselves to your best efforts, ideas, love, romance, support, money and food, but they will never replenish what they take—leaving you constantly drained and empty inside.

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You Play the Role of the Victim

If you have seen one vampire/horror film, you have pretty much seen them all. They always involve people doing the exact opposite of what you keep telling yourself you would never do if you were in their shoes. But unfortunately in real life we don’t always follow our own best intuition. Most relationship vampires seek out people who are really good at playing the victim. If you have never told your partner about your own values and boundaries, then you have either found your perfect soulmate or are too afraid to put your own needs first for a change. You can’t expect to avoid relationship vampires if you are too afraid to stand up to them and tell them what you want. If you play the part of the confident and self-assured hero, you will most certainly avoid the worst of these monsters.

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You Have Self-Esteem Issues

The majority of us are hard enough on ourselves. Things can get really bad if you have a partner who is always waiting in line behind your  self-criticism to criticize you even more. Relationship vampires like to leave you weak and defenseless so it will be much easier to take what they want the next time. But a worthy partner is someone who you are drawn to because they make you feel confident and happy. A relationship vampire is someone who makes you feel small, afraid and incapable.

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Your Support Group is Dwindling

There truly is strength in numbers, so you should never offer anyone so much of yourself that is isolates you from the people who care most about you. And do pay attention to what other people are saying about your partner. It may be hard to hear and you may not like what they have to say, but they’re basically whispering a warning to you, the unsuspecting victim, and that warning is “Don’t open that door.”

9 thoughts on “Are You Dating a Vampire?

  1. mary abia

    this guy in my life is a time waster and cant take care of a lady,i want him out of of my pls help me out on this relationship vampire.

  2. Gin1954

    I have had an on again, off again relationship with a vampire for over forty years. He was my high school sweetheart, but by the time we married (twenty years later), he had turned into a vampire. Everything mentioned in your writing describes him…and me. I always was a strong woman, but not where he was concerned. He finally became a prescription drug addict, and yet I tried to help him with that, too (letting him go cold turkey at my home for weeks). We were married in the 90’s for five years. I finally realized he would not be allowed to hurt our baby daughter like he had hurt me, and I divorced him. We’ve been divorced for 16 years. I read the literature on a sociopath, and I truly believe he is one. I asked a psychiatrist if he was a sociopath, and he answered that we would probably never know since he most likely had dual diagnosis, with the drugs and mental health problems. The article about sociopaths said the only way to deal with a sociopath is to run. I have run and am not looking back.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric…..great article, with a supernatural slant to it….

    I don’t * do * vampires, unless they are dashingly handsome and want to bite me in the neck…..LOL

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    ( only kidding )

  4. David

    I was going thru a 6 yr relationship that ended up in divorce when I met a energy vampire at a local dept store. She was the most perfect for the “rebound” relationship because she herself was going thru what she described as a ” lack of interest” relationship. She then opened up herself to me in that I was the perfect man or her because she was reminded by another man in Iowa who reminded her of me. We exchanged phone numbers but it never went any further than a brief coffee at the mall but she took it further by leaving my number at the bedside lamp so her husband could see she wasn’t messing around but looking. He travelled all the time so he was most likely seeing another energy vampire like his wife so it didn’t matter ( poor guy. He must have been broke) . In any case , I was observant of the snare and never called back except for the time she broke down and told me she had MS. I asked myself ” why now?” I felt compelled to offer sympathy but I limited myself to her needs and moved on. Later I found out she divorced her husband and move across town to a better neighborhood ( she always griped how unhappy she was in the old one) and married rich. Moral of my story is when your rebounding be careful of both men or women that drain you on first impressions.

  5. Ivy x5198

    Hugs Eric!!! Thank you. I always really enjoy your articles. This was AMAZING!!! Vampires are for Halloween! Not for sweethearts!!! Namaste and Hugs! I got a few friends that could use this…


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