Are Women More Emotional Than Men?

More Emotional Than Men

 How Emotional Are You?

Are social media and Hollywood correct in thinking that women are more emotional than men? Sure, you may tear up when Titanic or The Notebook are on TV, and you may love kittens and babies and weddings, but does that automatically mean you’re more emotional than the average male? The answer may surprise you.

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Gender at the Movies

Studies suggest that women tend to display the greatest amount of negative emotion when they are shown negative films (dramas and horror), as opposed to men. Conversely, men tend to display the greatest amount of positive emotion when presented with a positively charged film (comedies). Basically, what you get is more crying and screaming with women, and more laughing and tears of joy with men. These studies also suggest that men may not be as attuned to recognizing negative emotion as women are. Why are women so emotional at the movies? It could be due to a maternal instinct, which men don’t have, and that’s why they tend to get less emotional during sad flicks.

Age and Emotion

The emotional gap between men and women becomes more pronounced the older they get. Women report feeling more emotional the older they get while men report feeling less emotional as they age. However, research suggests that men may be more in touch with their emotional side these days than every before. So the question is, is it really about a person’s age or is it more about the generation or culture they grew up in?

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Falling in Love

The average man falls in love faster than the average woman. That’s because women tend to guard their hearts a little more. Men are often the first to say “I love you,” which is why they are more likely to be blindsided when their partner wants to break up.

Recognizing a Failed Relationship

Some surveys suggest that men suffer more during a breakup than women. One reason for this is that women are usually first to recognize a bad relationship or one that isn’t working. Men aren’t as good at recognizing the signs of sadness and pain. So by the time his partner leaves, she’s already had the time to lament the loss, deal with her emotions and is ready to move on. Another reason why men tend to suffer more after a breakup is that they see their partner as perpetually interested. Even if their relationship is going through a rocky patch, most men think it’s a phase and don’t expect it to end in a breakup.

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Relying on a Relationship More

Men report being happiest in a long-term relationship because they enjoy the companionship, support and better health that comes with it. This could mean that men rely more on their relationships than women do and after a breakup, vulnerability sets in for men.

Studies are Flawed

The problem with some scientific studies is that the people participating them aren’t always honest. They fear being judged by others and they have certain social standards to live up to. Thankfully, many studies also monitor physiological changes, including heart rate, pupil dilation and blood pressure. We know that both men and women have similar physiological reactions when shown emotionally charged images, but the research still suggests that men may have slightly stronger physiological reactions to both happy and heart-warming situations, while women are better at recognizing and reacting to sadness and pain.

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When you add up the evidence, it appears that men and women may express slightly more or less emotion depending on the topic, but as a whole we are both very emotional beings. In other words, men and women may have more in common in the emotional department than we were previously led to believe—but does that really surprise you all that much?

3 thoughts on “Are Women More Emotional Than Men?

  1. Marc from the UK

    TO SHARON I know that ladies can hurt more than men! As the song goes the female of the species is more deadly than the male!!

  2. Marc from the UK

    When I ever fell in love it was heart first head after! Not head over heels more heart over head! Roll on may years, it’s reversed, head over heart!

    With age comes wisdom for me! And I no longer feel I have to be in a relationship or else!

    When I fall in love it will be completely in future, no messing about just flow with it :}


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