Are Traditional Relationships a Thing of the Past?

Re-Assessing Monogamy

With cheating scandals and multiple-partner relationships constantly in the headlines, are we perhaps outgrowing the bonds of traditional relationships? Is monogamy a thing of the past? We asked our psychics how they felt about the many changes facing relationships, and got some excellent answers…

Jesse ext. 9027 says:

“The only way to survive these changes is to be open, honest and loving to the one you really love. In order for a marriage to last, it had better consist of two very secure people. It is highly unlikely that, in these lightening fast days, anyone could reasonably imagine dining at the same restaurant for years upon years and eating the same meal. It wouldn’t mean you didn’t enjoy the dish, but you would find yourself curious and then longing for a completely different dine. Sex is simply a different hunger.

“It is, in my opinion, possible to have a monogamous, long-term relationship. However, it will fall into the upper 20% if you make it all the way through life without anyone having a ‘break.’ Just because someone has wandered into a lustful liaison doesn’t mean it has to end the marriage. It does, however, mean that there must be new guidelines created if the marriage is to survive.

“I suggest that the vast majority of people who fall in love and want to get married should instead have a ridiculously expensive party involving a wonderful cake, lots of food and a killer dress. They should celebrate with their nearest and dearest. They should joyously announce that they love one another and for this time of their lives, they are a couple. They should be given gifts and congratulations. Then, everyone goes home and when the couple parts (as, according to the latest statistics more than 60% will) there is no legal anything to cause hatred and pain. Leave the government out of the mix and everyone comes out a winner. This way, expectations are not unreasonable, in fact, they would be honest and clear.”

Kim ext. 5512 says:

“Monogamous relationships are tradition in crisis. One might think that monogamy has outgrown its value, but since much of the behavior that has replaced traditional relationships is often of an addictive nature, one might be able to conclude that perhaps it is people that have outgrown these values in an unhealthy direction. According to some experts in the recovery community sex addiction has reached epidemic levels. In my opinion, when women try to pretend they are free spirits and very open sexually, usually their emotional state of being deteriorates into some form of low self worth.

“Personally as a psychic reader I see a lot of painful relationships and much of that pain is caused by promiscuous behaviors. When I see happy marriages I notice an energy field of connection, a bond between the couple that stays strong and healthy because of traditional values and monogamy. When couples stray outside the marriage sexually, I can see a weakening in their energy field, a weakening similar to those with addiction issues.

“Occasionally, I come across a situation where one might be married to one person and in love with someone else. Not every marriage is a perfect choice to begin with and sometimes meeting someone else even while married need not be a violation to the soul; it pretty much relates to quality of intentions. It helps when a couple, especially if they have children, find the most loving way to deal with the life circumstances and make decisions that are wise instead of just indulgent. Monogamy is the most desired choice because no one seems pleased when they find out that their partner is intimate with another person. Traditional family values seem to raise better children. In today’s world it is a choice. I chose love for many but bond monogamously with one.”

Rowan ext. 5423 says:

“Monogamy itself has become more of a choice than ever. Not a requirement, but a choice made between you and your beloved. If you and your partner want to give an open relationship a shot, here are some basic guidelines:

1. Get solid consent from each other.
2. Decide whether it is an open relationship where both partners are in the know about other people, or if other people are not discussed.
3. Decide the parameters of the open-relationship: Is sex OK? Just kissing? Just dates?
4. Check in about that solid consent once a month.
5. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.
6. Know when/if it is time to stop.

“While it may work for some to experience healthy, non-monogamous relationships, for many, this simply won’t do. We may like the idea, but it just plain hurts too much to imagine your beloved intimately wrapped in the arms of another. If you’re questioning monogamy, maybe it’s time to question the relationship itself. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t found a partner that lasts forever. Relationships are changing, and we are learning to navigate the emotional waters of love and self-love as best we can. Relationships are as varied as flowers in a garden and each will unfold exactly how it’s meant to. The key is to open the rose of your heart and speak your truth.”

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3 thoughts on “Are Traditional Relationships a Thing of the Past?

  1. Stevie Bee

    Monogamy is a thing of the past and multiple friends with benefits is a thing of the present and the future.

  2. Galina

    Monogamy cannot be forced on anyone – it has to be a heart’s choice for it to work. And I think that it will only work when we are totally connected – in mind, body and soul. One of the conditions of such a connection is honest communication and freedom of choice – not only whom we give our heart to, but how tightly we hold on to them. The tighter the grip, the more likely it is that they will leave, or stray. For us to be able to loosen that grip we need to see ourselves as deserving of nothing less than love, trust, respect, and be prepared to trust and give unconditional love to the person we are with. Not to watch their every move. Be prepared to let them go if they wish to do so.

    I believe that sex is a way to satisfy our hunger for love. Sometimes it is just lust which makes us lose ourselves in the heat of the moment, and if a relationship is only based on lust, it may last for a while, but will fizz away when someone more sexually attractive comes onto the scene. Often seeking multiple sex partners is the way to prove to ourselves that we are still desirable.

    Maybe we just need to loosen the grip, and be prepared to let our beloved go… when they want to go. And they would have to agree that we have the same right, and be prepared to let us go too, accepting that they may not be allowed back once they have finished with their experimentation, because we may not be available for them not only sexually, but our heart may not be with them anymore.

  3. Nicole Christian Dove Giordano

    I totally agree with Kim. As much as you can try and pretend to be ok with an open relationship and be free and open sexually, it is usually your self-esteem that suffers, most of the time silently in an effort to make your partner happy. I’ve decided I am not the problem after years of my own self torture dealing men and their pornography addiction and their mindset that is it ok to have sex with/and sexualize others in a relationship with me and if a guy cannot be monogamous in mind and body he is not worthy of my love. I am absolutely disgusted as well with the many, many men in relationships that would try and have an affair with me. Many of their wives/gf’s I’m sure had no idea. I may be alone forever, but I still have my self worth and respect for myself because I will not settle for less than my ideal partner.


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